My journey to discovering the hidden truths of the universe

My name is Else Byskov. I am Danish and I have spent the last 20 years studying Martinus´ work. I also have university degrees in Spanish and English philology and I was a teacher for many years. I have always been a searching soul, and in 1995 I came across a book that mentioned Martinus. I was very surprised, because I had never heard of him, but what I found was beyond my wildest imagination. The work had all the answers I had been looking for and then some. As I got deeper and deeper into it, the magnitude of Martinus´ work gradually dawned on me. It is a complete world picture where everything fits. The logic is overwhelming, and it changed my way of visualizing the world. Where before I saw chaos and ruin, I now see a beautiful edifice of reason, logic and love.

hiking in Spain

Me hiking in Spain

Degree books & Scrolls

I have degrees in Spanish & English Philology

Martinus resized

Martinus in his early thirties

I can truly say that Martinus´ work changed my life. It gave me a completely new perspective, but not only that. I became happier, because I could see that there was a meaning with life, that we do not only live once and that we can control our fates when we become knowledgeable about the law of karma. When I learned this, everything changed for me. I attracted new friends and a new lifestyle. I became a vegetarian and much healthier than before. I became so grateful about everything because I could see a larger perspective than before.

Today I am an authority on Martinus´ work. Because I am so totally enthusiastic about it, I have written 5 books about aspects of his work. I have done so in order to make his work accessible to those, who would like to know what it is about, before they start reading his original work. I can also call my books introductions to Martinus´ spiritual science or cosmology.

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