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The Protein Lie

By Else Byskov | Jul 17, 2017

The Protein Lie It is a deeply rooted belief that we humans need a lot of protein to live and it’s this: The protein we need has to come from an animal. This means that we need to eat the flesh of animals to survive and if we don´t, we will perish ourselves. For that Read More …

On Martinus

By Else Byskov | Apr 20, 2017

I just want to write a little bit about who Martinus was, so that it can become clear to more people just how extraordinary his appearance on this planet was. His mere appearance signifies much more than just the birth of another human being. Martinus´ birth and training Martinus was born in the north of Read More …

The Creation of World Peace

By Else Byskov | Mar 6, 2017

Will we ever have peace in the world? Is it at all possible to create a world where everybody is at peace with everybody? How do we create peace? Can we create peace through armament and preparation for war? Many people think we can create peace via armament and the production of more and more Read More …

Where does our consciousness come from?

By Else Byskov | Dec 30, 2016

This explanation of the origin of consciousness is from my book ´The Undiscovered Country – A Non-religious Look at Life after Death´. Chapter Twelve Consciousness The question of what consciousness is has puzzled humankind ever since we realized that we had one, and in this chapter, we shall have a profound look at the intriguing Read More …

What Is Our Aura And How Can It Protect Us?

By Else Byskov | Dec 6, 2016

All living beings have an aura. The aura ´sits´ around our body as an oval electric ´field´, which reaches out 50 – 100 cm. from the body. The aura is in most cases invisible to the human eye, but many people are able to see auras as a shining field around the head. When pictures Read More …

What Is The Best Spiritual Nourishment For You?

By Else Byskov | Nov 2, 2016

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What Is Spirituality And What Does It Mean For You?

By Else Byskov | Nov 2, 2016

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What Is The Greatest Challenge Facing Humankind?

By Else Byskov | Oct 6, 2016

The Law of Karma When we look at the world, there are obviously many challenges, but according to Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic, there is one challenge that is above them all. That challenge is to become knowledgeable about the workings of the law of karma. The law of karma decrees that you reap Read More …

Are We The Victims Of Our Parents’ DNA?

By Else Byskov | Sep 9, 2016

The big promise It was once believed that our DNA code was a thing ´carved in stone´ and that our DNA defined who we are. It was believed that we were the ´victims´ of the genes we carried from our parents. It was also believed that if we could map the human DNA, then we Read More …

Does The Mystery Of Your Phobia Lie In Your Past Life?

By Else Byskov | Aug 8, 2016

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