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Is There An Afterlife?

By Else Byskov | Aug 8, 2016

Do You Believe In An Afterlife? This is a guest blog written by me for the website ‘Live Bold & Bloom’

Will War Ever End?

By Else Byskov | Aug 2, 2016

Maybe some of us thought that the Second World War was the war to end all wars, but that assumption has been proven wrong. Right now, we have wars in many places all over the planet: some small, some big and some we do not even call wars, but terrorist attacks. We also have sporadic Read More …

What Is Carnism?

By Else Byskov | Jul 14, 2016

Carnism is a relatively new concept in line with vegetarianism and veganism. Carnism points out that eating meat is a conscious choice, just as it is a choice not to eat meat. Today many, many people eat meat by default and have not really considered it as a choice. We have been conditioned to believe Read More …

The Most Important List You Will Ever Make

By Else Byskov | Jun 1, 2016

Most of us create lists. They could be shopping lists, packing lists, to do lists etc. However, there is one list whose importance is above them all, and that is the list of things to be grateful for. Now, why is this list so important? It is because it can save you from sadness, depression Read More …

Should we really start eating insects and worms? 5 reasons why I say NO!

By Else Byskov | May 25, 2016

There seems to be a trend towards supporting the idea that we humans should start to eat insects and certain worms or maggots in order to get our protein needs covered in the future. It is becoming obvious that the meat industry is in trouble for a whole number of reasons: the subhuman way the Read More …

What Is The Deeper Meaning Of Sexuality?

By Else Byskov | Apr 7, 2016

When we have sex with a willing partner, we experience what Martinus calls “the highest fire”. The highest fire is in reality an expression of the spirit of God, or what has also been denominated “the holy spirit”. Having sex is the most sublime experience we can have It is the most sublime experience we Read More …

Which Thoughts Should We Think To Stay Healthy?

By Else Byskov | Apr 7, 2016

Our thoughts are the most important factor in our health. With our thoughts, we magnetize the blood, and as the blood circulates in every corner of our body, it is essential to our health, how the blood is magnetized. With negative thoughts, our blood is negatively magnetized, and illnesses of all sorts can arise. The Read More …

Why Do We Have Wars And Miserable Fates?

By Else Byskov | Apr 7, 2016

We have wars and miserable fates because right now we are passing through the darkness of the spiral cycle. We are eternal beings, and we move eternally between the contrasts of light and darkness. In this way, we renew our consciousness and our eternal ability to perceive. We shape our fate in the way we Read More …

Where Are We Coming From And Where Are We Going?

By Else Byskov | Apr 7, 2016

We are eternal beings. Something that is eternal has never begun nor will it ever end. We are each such an eternal being because we are a small quantum of the eternal being of God. Eternity is an inconceivably long time. And what can we do with all that time? Well, the best way to Read More …

How Can We Accelerate Our Own Development?

By Else Byskov | Apr 7, 2016

We are all on an eternal journey through spiritual and physical planes of existence in a universe whose basic tone is love. But because there is love and light, there also has to be darkness. Right now, we are passing through the heart of darkness. The heart of darkness The heart of darkness is a Read More …