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Is Praying Any Good?

By Else Byskov | Apr 7, 2016

Yes, it is! Praying is the best tool we have when we are in trouble. God has a huge ┬┤army┬┤ of angels that hear our prayers, and they will be answered within certain limits. Martinus has a lot to say about praying, and he once said that he could not understand how anybody would dare Read More …

Is Reincarnation More Than A Belief?

By Else Byskov | Apr 7, 2016

Yes, reincarnation is a fundamental principle, and all life forms, be they atoms, molecules, cells, plants, animals and humans – reincarnate. We are all primarily spiritual beings, and we exist eternally in an energy body that operates on a specific wavelength. Our primary home is in the spiritual realms. The spiritual realms are a wonderful Read More …

Is There Life After Death?

By Else Byskov | Apr 7, 2016

Yes, there is absolutely life after death! Death is an illusion. We are eternal beings on an everlasting journey through physical and spiritual realms in a universe that is teeming with life. When we pass over, we enter a light world of thought and we pull everything we are out with us. When we are Read More …