We are all on an eternal journey through spiritual and physical planes of existence in a universe whose basic tone is love. But because there is love and light, there also has to be darkness. Right now, we are passing through the heart of darkness.

The heart of darkness

The heart of darkness is a world where there are wars, unrest, terrorist attacks, starvation, poverty and misery. These characteristics of darkness all have their root in the selfishness that is based on our one-poled state. When we were one-poled beings we were egoistic, greedy, envious, hateful, selfish, jealous and lusting for power.
But today the majority of the population of the world is far advanced in the transformation of their sexual poles towards the double-poled state, where the masculine and the feminine poles will eventually reach a balance point. This inner transformation means that we will leave the egoistic state and become more and more all-loving.

Be the best possible version of yourself

We can help accelerate our own development by working consciously with becoming kinder, more considerate, more compassionate and more all-loving. It may still be some time or incarnations before we emerge as completely all-loving beings, but we can help ourselves by making an effort to become the best possible version of ourselves. When we are about to manifest anger, envy or greed, for instance, it is a good idea to stop and think about how this will affect us, when it comes back to us. We will probably not be happy to get anger, envy and greed back in our own life, but we will, as long as we manifest it. But the moment we have curbed these not-so-developed tendencies, we will see how they disappear from our life because we no longer sow them. Therefore, sow only what you want to reap and in that way you will have accelerated your own development.

You can read more about the transformation of the sexual poles in my book “The Downfall of Marriage – The Great Transformation Within.”

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