We can create a happy fate for ourselves by only sowing what we want to reap. Or put in another way: by only doing to others what we want others to do to us.

Our fate is our life’s mirror

Many people expect to have a happy life irrespective of how they behave towards others. They are quite happy to go out and sow the worst possible seeds, such as stealing, lying, drinking, hurting, harming and even killing, and then they still expect to reap a happy fate. And when they don´t, they get pissed off with life and sow more bad seeds. They don´t realize that their fate is life´s mirror. We get back from the universe what se send out. When we live a happy life, we have sown a good seed, and when we live an unhappy life, we have sown a not-so-good seed. It is quite simple, really. If we are not happy with our life, then all we have to do is sow a different kind of seed.

Sow a different kind of seed

If it is friendships we want, then sow friendships. Simply be a friend. If it is kindness we want, then sow kindness. Be kind to everybody, including strangers. If it is love we want, then sow love. Let your all-loving attitude shine out to everybody, and then it is love that you will reap.

This is called the law of karma and it simply decrees that you reap as you sow. Or put in another way: What we do to others, we do to ourselves.

Stop eating meat

And DO NOT participate in killing, and that includes the killing of animals. When we eat meat, we participate in the killing of animals, because our demand for the meat is the reason why the animal is killed. The easiest way to create a happy fate is to be kind, loving and stop eating meat.

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