Can Spiritual Science help us cope with grief?

Losing a loved one is often a very traumatic experience and many people grieve for years due to the loss. Many may have problems finding their way back to normality and the sunshine regions of the mind. Let us explore how a spiritual outlook on life can help us overcome the sadness. For this blog-post I interviewed a friend who recently lost her husband.

First of all, it can be useful to know that the one who has left us has moved on to the spiritual plane and is now living in the light and love of that plane of existence. Our loved-one has not ceased to exist (as is often the mainstream narrative today), nor has s/he gone to hell to suffer there for eternity (as some religions want us to believe).

When it is our time to leave our physical body what happens is this: our consciousness pulls out of the physical body, which then loses its source of energy or life force. The body can now no longer do anything: it cannot move, talk, smile, breathe etc. We therefore say that it is dead.

But we are NOT identical to our physical body, which is “just” an instrument that we use for our sojourn on the physical plane. The body is NOT who we are.

Who we really are is our consciousness, which is a field of energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and this energy field is what delivers lifeforce to the body. It sits around the body in the shape of our aura, and it holds all the information about who we are in the shape of wave-interference patterns.  This means that we are exactly the same whether we have a physical body or not. Now that we have pulled our consciousness out of the body, we feel lighter and freer, but we are still exactly the same, with the same thoughts, senses, perceptions, characteristics, talents, habits, likes and dislikes etc. This point has been confirmed by thousands of near-death experiencers. They were thrilled to be out of their body and to experience the spiritual world of light, bliss and love.

So, there is really no need to feel sorry for those who have now passed over. They have moved from a very heavy plane of existence to a very light one. They are in the light, free of illness, free of pain and suffering, with no worries about anything,  so there is absolutely no reason to feel sorry for them.

Martinus says that grieving for the “dead” is totally irrelevant, because they are now much better than they were before, especially if they were ill and suffering from pain.

Instead of grieving we should celebrate the life that has now ended and look back with appreciation of the achievements our loved-one made, the mark they put on the world and be happy that they have now accomplished their physical learning experience this time around.

When we grieve extensively this is very detrimental to those who have just passed over. They want to be free of the physical world to be able to enjoy the bliss, beauty and pleasures of the spiritual level, and our grief holds them back. Our grief binds them to the physical plane and prevents their progress through the spiritual realms, so it is not doing them a favour. On the contrary it is a disfavour. We should let them go with all our love and remember that we will meet again. Death is not a final goodbye, but an ´arrivederci´.  Furthermore Martinus says that we always die at the most loving time, and our guardian angels and deceased relatives are there to welcome us home. Of this we should be glad, not sad.

When we grieve, we really do it for ourselves, for the drastic life change that the death implies, for the loneliness we may face, for the possible change in our financial situation, for the help, support and love we have now lost etc. These are factors that we must cope with, and all change can be traumatic and a challenge. But these problems can be solved, and when we pray for support and help in such a situation, this will always be granted. We are supported by our guardian angels from the other side. Of that we can be certain.

My friend Elisabeth will now let us know how having a spiritual outlook on life helped her cope with the death of her husband.

Elisabeth: After studying the spiritual aspects of life for many many years I have become convinced that we are not identical to our physical body, but to our spirit, and this is to me no longer a belief, but a certainty. Our essential self is a field of energy and this energy cannot be destroyed.

Else: How did this conviction help you when your husband died?

Elisabeth: It did because when he died, I was certain the he was now free from the pain the cancer had caused him, he was free from suffering and it was a relief to witness when his spirit left his body. It helped me tremendously to know that his struggle was over. Death is a friend.

Else: But there is still the lack of his physical presence. How did your spiritual outlook help with that?

Elisabeth: Yes, of course I miss his physical presence, but then, when I think about him, I can almost feel his spirit next to me, and this comforts me and helps me cope. It is just a tremendous help to know that he is still alive on the other side.

Else: Does it help you to know that you will meet again?

Elisabeth: Yes, I know we will meet again and that gives me strength. He has not ceased to exist, he is just “out of town”, but we will meet again, certainly. And again, it is simply not possible for me to feel sad for a person who has now gone to the light. Why would I do that? The sadness you feel is for yourself. There is no reason whatsoever to feel sad for the departed person.

Else: Was your husband afraid of dying?

Elisabeth: No, he always told me that he had never been afraid of dying. He took a lot of risks in his life, but he was never afraid of anything. Among my friends and acquaintances I have seen that so many people´s lives are dictated by this fear of death, and once you lose that fear, you are not afraid to live. I have friends that are afraid of so many things, but not my husband. He had some close calls, but that did not affect him. In the end, he really, truly wanted to go. He said: I really want to go, why is it taking so long? Those were his last words and he died very peacefully. I was at his bedside and I saw absolutely nothing to fear, just peace and relief.

I think that as you get older, it is important to face death and think of it as a friend. There is no need to think of death as something morbid, no need to push the thought of death away from you. It is much better to study what we have now learned about death from near-death experiencers, from children who remember past lives, from regression therapy etc. We have so much evidence, so why believe in death? Nobody has ever proved that nothing survives the death of the body.

It is a stubborn dogma that we only live once. It has never been proved, so why believe in it? And to all those who believe that death is something to fear and that we cease to exist I will say: Study the subject, read books written by those who have had a near-death experience, study books about children who remember past lives, study the Michael Newton material about regressions to past lives, study the spiritual science of Martinus. Become someone who knows and who has looked at the evidence for survival. There is much more evidence for survival of the spirit than there is against it. And I am not talking about religion, I am talking about all the evidence we now have that points to the fact that death is an illusion.

Else: Thank you, Elisabeth. I hope this can help a lot of people cope with grief.  

It should be added that we should never underestimate the power of prayer when we are in despair and feel lost. We can always pray for support, guidance and help in situations when we need spiritual strength. Nobody ever prays in vain and it helps even if we don´t believe in it. 

 To learn more about what happens when we die, please read this book:

Life after Death in a Nutshell. What happens when we die?


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