At the point where we find ourselves today we live in ´the zone of the unhappy marriages´ says Martinus. This has to do with the transformation of our sexual poles from one-poled to double-poled. When we were more one-poled than we are today, we were still living in ´the zone of the happy marriages´ and we would be in love with our partner for a whole lifetime. Then we were much more pure males or females than we are today.

The zone of the unhappy marriages

As we live life after life our pure ´maleness´ or ´femaleness´ become less pronounced, and in that way we become less fit for marriage . A happy marriage is based on our being very much male and female, but as this difference is becoming blurred as we evolve, we find that we become less and less fit for marriage. In the ´zone of the happy marriages´ we needed each other on so many levels: physically, mentally, psychologically, sexually and financially, but these needs are eliminated as we become more double-poled.

We are becoming more and more ´whole´

As we become more and more double-poled, we become more and more ´whole´. We become more independent and self-reliant, and we no longer need another person to complement us. When we no longer need each other, we become more freedom seeking at the same time as our ability to manifest universal love grows. We make new friendships outside marriage, we get new interests because also our intelligence grows, and sooner or later the ties of marriage feel too tight. When our marriages are in trouble today, it has to do with the growth of our ability to feel and manifest universal love, which is closely related to our transformation from one-poled to double-poled human beings. As we evolve towards the balance point of the poles, we simply become more and more unfit for marriage.

You can read more about the transformation of the sexual poles in my book “The Downfall of Marriage – The Great Transformation Within.”

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