Yes, there is absolutely no doubt that humankind has a future. There is no doubt because the future of humankind is part of the masterplan of life or God´s plan with the living beings.

See the bigger picture

I know that many people think that humankind has no future, and that we are in the process of eliminating ourselves and destroying the planet. Many people are really depressed about this, but there is no reason to be, once you see the bigger picture. We will not eliminate ourselves and destroy the planet. It is not going to happen, because Providence will interfere long before that. The planet and we are parts of God´s body, and we are as eternal as God is. Our existence and that of the planet are vital prerequisites for the eternal existence of God ´himself´.

The planetary kingdom

It may look bad right now with wars, terrorist attacks and miserable fates, but as we live life after life, we shed our selfish and egoistic nature and gradually emerge as real, all-loving human beings. We do that because when we have reaped the painful harvest of what we have done to others, we change our behaviour. Each dark and miserable fate we experience will help mould us into more compassionate and all-loving beings, and when enough people have reached the state where they are all-loving, unselfish and compassionate, then wars will gradually come to an end, and a new peaceful world will emerge from the ruins of the old. We will then live to serve each other, peace will rule the planet and the planetary kingdom will have become a reality. Then there will be “one herd and one shepherd”, as it says in the Bible.

You can read more about this process in my book ‘The Beginning Is Near’. You can download two chapters from the book from this site today.

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