Martinus has written a booklet about what we should eat. It is called ´The Ideal Food´. In this book, Martinus very clearly points out what we should eat at our present level of development. We are now well advanced in our evolution towards becoming all-loving human beings, and in tune with our development, our dietary needs change.

Today we need a refined diet with no meat

When we were hunters and gatherers, we were much more robust, and a diet with meat was suitable to us. But not anymore. Today we are much more refined beings, and our mentality has moved away from the killing principle towards becoming kinder, more intellectual and compassionate beings. This means that we need to eat a more refined diet without meat. Meat is muscle fibre and its digestion takes a toll on our body. Our body loses life force when it has to digest the meat. At our present level it is really very unsuitable and quite a health risk. We should therefore eat a vegetarian/ vegan diet of roots (potatoes, carrots, celery, beetroots etc.), leaves (lettuce, kale, spinach, Swiss chard, leeks etc.), bulbs (onions, cabbages), fruits (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers etc.), nuts, rice, pulses and cereals. We should also eat ripe fruit such as apples, pears, mangos, plums, bananas, oranges, persimmon, melons etc.

Ripe fruit digests itself

The ripe fruit is especially beneficial for our digestion, as it practically digests itself. Its digestion makes no demands on our body and it is conducive to good health.

Vegetarians and vegans are far more healthy than meat eaters

Today there is a very wide range of vegetables and vegetarian / vegan products available, so there is absolutely no need to burden our body with the digestion of meat and at the same time support the killing of other living beings and a meat production that has gone completely astray.
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