Four scientific enigmas that reincarnation solves

We have reached the point in time when we can with certainty say that the idea of reincarnation is much more than a religious belief. Now we have the evidence, the underlying theory and the logical basis for saying that we do not only live once. We have cracked one of the nuts in the basket with the mysteries of life. But not only that: reincarnation solves 4 scientific enigmas, that our materialistic sciences cannot crack. Let us have a look at those.

  1. The enigma of the constant of the physical body

It is a fact that the average lifespan of our cells is approximately 3 months. Then they die and are replaced by new cells. This was for many years accepted for most cells in the body, but not for the brain cells. The brain cells were believed to be an exception and it was accepted scientific gospel that our brain cells were not replaced and that we consequently had the same brain cells all through life. Some of them died, but they were not replaced by new ones.

Now, why was this such an important point to cling to? Because if our brain cells were also replaced by new, then where was the constant of the physical body? There had to be a constant somewhere, a place where our memories, sense of self, personality etc. are stored. Because if all cells in our body are replaced on a constant basis, then we simply have a new body every time all the physical cells have been replaced by new ones. Then, after say, a year, all the physical matter of our body has been replaced by new physical matter and there is not a single cell present now that was present in the body a year ago. After a year we are alive in a new physical body, but we are still the same person and we still have our memories from childhood, youth etc. How could science explain this if the braincells were not the same all through life?  Well, they could not… so better not talk about it…. But it is a fact that today scientific research shows that also our brain cells are replaced all through life.

However, the point is that who we are, our I and sense of self is not of a physical nature. It is a spiritual reality, consisting of spiritual matter, and not something that we can find as a physical type of matter even if we dig forever in the body. Our spirit is identical to our consciousness and spirit / consciousness exists in the body in the shape of energy or electromagnetic radiation. Our consciousness is a field of energy that sits around the physical body in the shape of our aura. Our consciousness holds all the information about the person we are: it holds our ´I´ or sense of self. It consists of the totality of our thoughts, our memories, our level of intelligence, our character traits and personality, our abilities, habits, tastes and tendencies, our likes and dislikes, what we can accept and are willing to do, what we can find it in our hearts to do to others, what we dare or are afraid of, our possible phobias, our emotions and patterns of reaction, our morals, the basis for our behavior, all our experiences, all the knowledge that we have accumulated and our talents. All this information, accumulated over many lives, sits as an energy field around our body and it is identical to our consciousness.

In other words: the constant of our physical body is our spirit / consciousness. This spirit /consciousness reincarnates on a daily basis into the everchanging physical matter of our body. Reincarnation is not something that only takes place between lives, but it takes place continuously. With this understanding we have no problem accepting the fact that also our brain cells are under a constant process of replacement, because the constant of our body is our consciousness. This means that we are NOT identical to our physical body. Who we really are is the field of energy of our consciousness. This field pulls out when the physical body dies, and it moves on. It does not cease to exist.

  1. The enigma of conception and embryo-genesis

How a child can arise from two sex cells has puzzled science from day one. How can the egg cell and the sperm cell create a body? Ok, they carry chromosomes and genes, but is that enough to create a new fully functioning body consisting of trillions of well-organized cells at birth? It is an enigma.

Some years ago, it became clear from research at the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, that information is added to the zygote (the fertilized egg) in the course of the process of embryogenesis. This added information is quite a mystery to science, because where does it come from? Now, information is not something that we can hold in our hand and it is not of a physical nature. Information is a spiritual ´thing´. But how can we operate with a spiritual ´thing´ if we believe that only physical matter exists? But here science has to accept the idea of something other than physical matter. What a mystery!

However, reincarnation explains this mystery without a flinch. As soon as the two sex cells have found each other, the incoming spirit joins the party. The enigmatic added information is delivered by the incoming spirit who, in his/her energy field, holds all the information about how an embryo is created. In the consciousness of the incoming soul lies all the information needed to orchestrate the creation of a new body. After cell division, suddenly the cells migrate to form three layers: the ectoderm, the mesoderm and the endoderm layers. From the three layers the cells now differentiate into the 200+ different cells types that a human body consists of. The embryo/foetus develops into a multi-billion cell structure, organized in the most appropriate, logical and well-functioning way.  How is this at all possible if there is no organizer and no ´architect´ behind this highly complex process?

How could a baby be created without an organizing principle? Somebody has to tell the cells how to develop, where to migrate to, what type of cell to become and what function to undertake. No wonder that this miracle has remained a mystery to humankind for a long time.

The incoming soul has been to the physical plane in a physical body innumerable times before and in its consciousness, it holds all the accumulated knowledge, as an automatic function, about how a body is created. And with the genetic material placed at its disposal by the parents, it picks and chooses, and it creates a new body completely in its own favour. It creates a body that fits the level of development it has reached during its many journeys to the physical plane, so that it can continue its learning process from exactly the place where it had to ´give up´ the last time it ´died´.

  1. The enigma of consciousness

Nobody doubts that a baby has a consciousness as soon as it has been born, as it is clearly conscious from day one. It can do a lot of things as well, and it is becoming clear that a baby is not the ´tabula rasa´ that it has been believed to be. It can do a lot of things: taste, smell, hear, cry, smile, see etc… How would that be possible, if it had no prior experience with hearing, smelling, seeing etc.?

However, science has not been able to explain the mystery of consciousness. It is believed that consciousness arises by the ´rubbing together´ of the brain and the nervous system. It is believed to sit in the brain, indeed science believes that we ARE our brain. But this has never been proved… indeed, science has never been able to prove that consciousness is generated in the brain.

But reincarnation explains that we are identical to our consciousness and that this field of energy is something that we build up over a long series of incarnations. Our consciousness is a work of art in progress and not something that simply arises out of physical matter. Over a long series of lives, we build our consciousness to the level it has today, and this has to do with accumulation of experiences, reaping of knowledge, evolution of intelligence, learning through suffering, development of compassion and all the things we learn each time we pay a visit to the physical plane. On our journey of evolution from primitive to more advanced beings we build our consciousness and none of the things we have learned are lost. We store everything we learn in our consciousness and we take all of it with us into our next incarnation. There we add new skills, new learning and new experiences. In this way we are all undergoing a process of evolution towards perfection.

  1. The enigma of our talents

By the mainstream narrative we are told that we inherit our talents from our parents or ancestors. That is it and there is no other explanation. However, then how about the talents we have that none of our parents or grandparents have? How can the mainstream narrative explain why we have those? Well, they can´t and they prefer not to talk about it.

But reincarnation explains how we can have talents that are different from those of our parents, because the spiritual science of Martinus points out that our talents have not just come out of the blue, but that we only have them because we have worked hard to get them. A talent is a result of practice. We know that we have to practice to become good at anything. If we have no cooking skills, then we know we can become good cooks when we practice. We know we can learn to play the piano if we practice, speak Spanish if we practice, play golf if we practice etc. Everything we practice is stored in our consciousness and we take the level of perfection that we have reached with us into our next life.

It is the law of attraction that sees to it that we are attracted to parents whose joint pool of talents resembles our own to some extent. But there will never be a complete match. Because we are all totally unique, with very different skills, a child will often exhibit talents that none of the parents have.

Only reincarnation can explain our talents and today it is fun to watch YouTube with all those child prodigies that play the piano like virtuosos. They have learned in former lives and it takes several incarnations of daily practice to reach the level of perfection that some of these children exhibit.

These four enigmas have only been touched upon briefly in this article, so please read our book ´Reincarnation in a Nutshell  – Why reincarnation is real´ to get a deeper explanation.

Here is a link to the book:

You can wave good bye to the one-life theory. It has never been proved! All life forms reincarnate… humans included. Enjoy!

There is a 5th enigma and that is how children can be born with illnesses. We will answer this question in our next book in the Spiritual nutshell series: Fate and Karma in a Nutshell.

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