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Death Is
An Illusion

The Begin-
ning is Near

The Art of Attraction

The Undiscovered Country

The Downfall of Marriage

Audio – MP3

The Ideal Food

Our Health & Our Thoughts

Our Planet

Audio – Podcasts

The Enlightened Campfire: Harmonious Times to Come – with Else Byskov

Else Byskov & Emmitt Muckles – The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast

 Your 20-Minute Podcast with David Brower – Else Byskov Interview

The Martinus Cosmology Podcast:
Episode 12: The Downfall of Marriage

Kosmologipodden: Avsnitt 60: Äktenskapets nedgång.

Mature Preneurs Talk with Diana Todd-Banks & Else Byskov

Queens Stand Up – The Illusion of Death

Talk Franc – With Else Byskov

PDF Articles

The One Life Theory Sucks

The Purpose of Life

What Is The Difference Between Religion & Martinus’ Spiritual Science

Videos – Interviews


For a comprehensive overview of all the
many videos Else has participated in over the years,
visit New Spiritual Science’s own YouTube Channel
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from all around the internet.

Sit back and enjoy many hours of learning,
enlightening information and insight.

Else was interviewed by Luisa from Passion Harvest, Australia

It is an interview that presents the main points of Martinus´ spiritual science in a straightforward way.
It quickly had over 1000 views. Do watch it ….

Is This Proof of Reincarnation in a Nutshell?

Daniel Wagner from Unframe of Mind (from Nashville, Tennessee) interviewed Else for the second time – this time about her book: Reincarnation in a Nutshell. It is a fun and deep conversation about profound questions – from Daniel himself and his audience. Do watch it…

What Happens When we Die Spiritually?

Daniel Wagner from Unframe of Mind interview Else.
We discuss what happens when you die spiritually and challenge those notions… respectfully, of course!

Author show interview – Else Byskov

Tapping into the Energy of Spiritual Science

Francesca talks with Else Byskov

Wendy Zammit – Martinus

Paranormal Soup – with Else Byskov

Michael Vara – Is Reincarnation real?

TLBTV: The Truth Will Set You Free

Videos – Introduction material

The Greatest Challenge Facing Humankind


What Happens When We Die?




Martinus’ Cosmology – An Introduction

The Life-Changing Cosmology

Useful Links

    – My website about Martinus and the evidence for life after death in 4 languages
    – My website presenting my spiritual books in Danish, German and Spanish, plus my hiking books and hiking routes related to the books
    – The official website of the Martinus Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark. The site is in 20 languages and gives a complete overview of which Martinus texts have been translated into which languages. There is an online bookshop, and you can search in the work and read most of it online.

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