This month I am happy to announce that one of my readers has written a post about what finding the Martinus material has meant to him. Please read how Winston Finlay experienced a shift in his life….

Why Martinus has helped my personal growth and development transform from chaos to order

By Winston Finlay

I thought I was beat

I think it is important to consider how and why people lead their lives as they do.

As I grew up through my teens-university-adulthood-marriage-divorce-marriage-divorce, the BIG questions continued to reverberate in the background of my mind but ‘living my life’ always had the priority. It seemed to be what everyone else was doing so it must be the answer. Some were living successful lives, exciting lives, mundane lives, devoted-to-family lives, boring lives, travelling lives, charitable lives, carefree lives, irresponsible lives, dedicated lives, vindictive and poisonous lives. The list is endless because life can be anything you want it to be. A Chinese takeaway menu does my head in because of the variety on offer! Little wonder ‘life’ has presented me with a few headaches!

Eventually, in January 2010, I put my hands up and admitted “I’m beat. I can’t cope with this life anymore.” In mid-January 2010 I gave up alcohol and announced myself as a recovering alcoholic. About 3 years later I also admitted I was a compulsive gambler. The time really had come to get the answers to those BIG questions. The rollercoaster of life simply hadn’t delivered peace within myself……..and I somehow knew that ‘inner peace’ was exactly what I yearned for.

I finally took responsibility for my life

My visits to counselling actually began back in 2003/2004 after my employer put me on ‘sick-leave’ to address my problems. It took me 6 years from there to finally take responsibility for what was happening in my life. To a degree, at least. The counselling and 2 rehab stays forced me to look inward, survey the carnage and try to find a way forward, away from the suicidal intrusions which frequently entered my mind. I began to surf the web after getting my first home computer in 2012. Prior to that I began reading books from the local library. I simply had to figure out what it meant to be a human being, why my life had turned out the way it had.

The BIG questions were now my PRIORITY. The DETAIL of life had delivered many experiences and lessons to me, but I was still unable to piece it all together, have it make sense to me. I was still alive and pondered on that. Many more worthy lives have ‘ended’ during my stay here on planet Earth. Why am I still here? Why do so many young children die before they get to look at life and ask questions about life? Wars, weather and climate tragedies, freak travel accidents and diseases all claim lives by the thousands and sometimes millions. Millions! Yet here I am. One life which has ‘avoided’ that fate so far.

Anyway, as a reader of Else´s blog, I’m sure you have also asked yourself many profound questions, so I will continue on to explain how the work of Martinus, directed to me by Else through her books and blog-posts, has struck the right chord with me and put together all the pieces of ‘my’ life into something that now makes sense and gives me absolute clarity.

My ditty

You know how you sometimes hum a little tune to yourself as you meander through the supermarket aisles or in the corridor at work or just milling around at home? Well, I have one now about an outlook on life. I use it often now when the detail of life is ‘testing’ my balance.

“Who am I ?
Where am I ?
Why am I here ?
What is my purpose……
……….without any fear ? ”
(repeat, repeat, repeat..)

It really does help me to re-align to the Big Picture (BP) during the times when I become aware that I have ‘got lost’ in the detail of life.

The daily rigours and events of life can very swiftly overpower our balance and perspective. For me personally, my wee ditty serves as an effective tool to immediately ‘remember’ my BP and restore calm! Do you have one? Please share if you do!

When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears

I mentioned how I began to surf the web back in 2012, searching for answers to my BIG questions. That journey has taken me through hundreds of self-help and personal development sites! Crikey, it is a massive industry, isn’t it?

I won’t list all of the sites (that would be rude to Else!) but each of them have their own merits and downsides. It was through this exploration that I followed a link in an email. It featured a guest blog-post titled “Is there an Afterlife?”.

As you can guess, that ‘guest’ was Else Byskov! That was in early August 2016 and it has proved to be THE BEST LINK I EVER FOLLOWED!  It is amazing how ‘things’ show up and writing this now reminds me of that and the awesome powers at work every day in our lives

A greater plan

I had always been intrigued and puzzled by the one-life theory and whether or not” A Greater Plan” existed at all! Suffice to say that I have always believed that any argument about the origin of life CANNOT avoid a CREATOR and therefore A HIGHER POWER beyond our current level of understanding. But how do we access knowledge and wisdom about the “Greater Plan”? Well, that link I followed back in August 2016 led me to the inspirations of Else Byskov and created a paradigm shift in my life, providing a framework and understanding I now call my “BP”.

My early encounters with AA as a recovering alcoholic impressed upon me the need to “surrender to a higher power”. At first, I resisted because I couldn’t see how the Christian God I had been taught about as a child had helped me to lead a “good life”. My BIG questions had never found answers and I came to believe religion was nothing more than brain-washing to control the masses. If I rejected religion, then I also had to reject God. The latter was a HUGE MISTAKE…..but necessary for my evolution/development!

So, could the wisdom from Martinus shown to me via Else deliver a “higher power” that I could unequivocally, unconditionally surrender to? ABSOLUTELY! What is revealed is, quite simply, extra-ordinary.
It began with “Death is an Illusion”.

You can read more about Martinus in my books. See:

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