The One-life Theory

Today the mainstream narrative is that we only live one life and that believing otherwise is naïve and unscientific, indeed that you have to be deeply religious to believe that we live more than once. The funny thing is that the one-life theory has never been proved, so why do so many still cling to the idea? It is probably because they believe that science has all the answers and because science has never come up with an answer to the questions: what happens when we die, is there an afterlife, do we return again to the earth plane? then they think that we only live once.

This assumption is flawed for various reasons, one being that our sciences have their feet deeply planted in physical matter and they were never meant to deal with questions of a spiritual nature, nor are they equipped to do so. Our sciences measure, weigh and study physical matter and that is their mission. Their measuring tools are not designed to deal with spiritual matter.

Another reason is that they think we are identical to our physical body. When the physical body dies, they think that nothing survives. Again, this is due to their lacking information about a type of matter that cannot be seen and weighed and only measured to a certain degree: spiritual matter.

Spiritual Matter

Spiritual matter is not unknown to science, only they call it electromagnetic radiation and they have not made the connection that this type of matter is actually what survives the death of the physical body. Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy, and a person who is alive has a field of energy sitting around his body. This field of energy is often referred to as our aura. Many people can see auras and the presence of the electric field can be measured by the life monitoring devices used at hospitals. It is a well-known fact that when a body dies, a flat line appears on the screen, and that means that there is no more energy present in and around the body. This actually means that the field of energy has left the body. But a field of energy does not cease to exist just because it is no longer connected to a physical body. We know from the first law of thermodynamics that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so the field does not just dissolve, when it pulls out of the body. It goes somewhere.

The Law of Attraction 

Everything has vibration. A physical object, a colour, a taste…all have vibration. So does the field of energy that surrounds the body. When it pulls out, it is attracted to a wavelength in empty space (which is not empty at all, but full of energy) that corresponds to its own wavelength. The law of attraction decrees that similar wavelength attract each other, and dissimilar wavelengths repel each other, so when the field pulls out, it is automatically attracted to a similar wavelength out there.

What is in the Field?

The field of energy is identical to our consciousness and this means that our consciousness survives the death of the physical body. Electromagnetic radiation holds both energy and information and this means that the field holds all the information about the person we are. Our consciousness holds our ´I´ or sense of self and the whole of our personality. It holds our talents and habits, our likes and dislikes, our level of moral and ethics, our level of intelligence and what we can find it in our hearts to do to others. Everything we have become during our many many lives of earth is stored in our fate element, which forms a part of our consciousness, and we take our fate element with us into our next life. Nothing of what we have learned is lost, and for each life we live, we add experiences and wisdom to our fate element. This actually means that we become wiser, more moral and more compassionate for each life we live, because we reap as we sow.

The Law of Karma

In our fate element we also keep a record of what we have done to others. And because the law of karma decrees that we reap as we sow, we will all, without exception, reap what we have done to others. This means that what we do to others will become our own fate one day. This means that the universe is ruled by the finest justice. Everything that happens to us is a result of something we have sown in this or previous lives. And karma is not a punishment, but a loving instruction, and the good news is, that if we are unhappy with our fate, then we can change it and thus sow a better and kinder seed. This will come back to us one day, so it is a good idea to only sow what we want to reap.

A meaningful life?

So, with these two concepts in place, we can now see the outline of a world view that differs greatly from the mainstream narrative. Suddenly we see that death is an illusion and that we can shape our fate through what we sow. We now see that the strictest justice rules the universe and that dying is nothing to worry about, because it is not the end of life. We will be reunited with our loved-ones both on the other side, when we pass over, and in future lives because bonds of love cannot be broken.

Once we have taken the idea in that life is not something that we can lose, and that our journey is one of progress, so that for each life we live, we become wiser, nobler, more moral and ethical, better and more beautiful, there is every reason to enjoy this magnificent journey. Also, if we are suffering, we will know that this is just a phase, where we reap what we have sown, and that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and our sufferings will transform us into compassionate and all-loving beings.

We now see that where life once was illogical, unjust and unloving, it is now logical, just and loving. With this panorama before our eyes, it is difficult to remain sad and pessimistic. This worldview will make us see the bigger picture, and once we see it, we will be full of awe and gratitude to be alive, because we are eternal beings on an endless journey through physical and spiritual realms in a universe where the basic tone is love.

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