How does reincarnation take place?

Reincarnation is much more than a religious concept or a mere belief. It is a fact that all life-forms reincarnate, and that means that death is an illusion. The death of the physical body does not mean the extinction of our “I” or self, it merely means the end of the functioning of a physical body. But as we are NOT identical to that body, the core of who we are, our “I” or consciousness, survives every time we lose a physical body.

One of the obstacles for replacing doubt with certainty is a lack of understanding how reincarnation takes place. How do we get our soul/ spirit back into a physical body?

The following is an extract from the book: “Reincarnation in a Nutshell. Why reincarnation is a fact”, written by me and Maria McMahon.

So, how do we get our spirit package back into a physical body? This process has been explained meticulously by Martinus.

Again, as in the case of how we are placed in the spiritual realms when we pass over, the process of reincarnation into a new physical body is determined by the law of attraction. It is the wavelength of our spirit that decides where we go, because like wavelengths attract like wavelengths.

It happens like this: In the spiritual world there are various realms, and we shall look at those later, but here we can state that all reincarnation takes place from the realm or kingdom of bliss, as Martinus calls it.

Once our spirit reaches the kingdom of bliss it has spent a considerable time on the spiritual plane and it is mentally ready to go back to the physical level to get on with its development. It wants to reincarnate. It is eager to go back into a physical body and recommence a life in physical matter, so that it can get on with its evolution.

In its spiritual body, our I emanates a specific wavelength, defined by the person it has become through its evolutionary journey, by the type of thoughts it thinks and how far it has evolved towards becoming an all-loving being.

The Intercourse or Act of Copulation

We all know that the act that produces a baby is intercourse. We know that it is a highly desirable activity and one that a lot of us are eager to participate in. But do we also know why the act can be so incredibly satisfying, arguably the most satisfying activity we can undertake here on the physical plane? Not everybody knows that around the act of intercourse there is an important spiritual aura or area. When two people are attracted to each other and fall in love, they get in contact with the very spirit of God, by Martinus referred to as The Highest Fire. When we are in love, the highest fire rushes through our whole being and we feel electrified and elated. Being in love is better than anything. And it is better than anything because during that phase we are in contact with the highest fire or the very spirit of God. It is as close to the divine level as we can come here at this stage of evolution. No wonder we are all quite interested in having sex.

Sexuality constitutes the core of the divine principle of creation and that is why it is so powerful. When we are under its spell, we are eager to feel the incredible rush of being lifted above the trivial earthly plane and up to a place where we can feel closer to the divine. The act of intercourse has been adorned with this divine aura so that we will gladly engage in sex. This is so for various reasons, the main one being that there are many spirits on the spiritual plane that are eager to reincarnate, and they can only do that on the wings of the all-pervasive power of the sexual principle.  And no, having sex is not a sin. Whoever had that idea is completely ignorant about this sublime activity.

Because of the power of the sexual principle, we have a large number of couples engaged in the activity of making love on the physical plane. During the act, each of those couples emanates a specific joint wavelength. Because of their love-making an aura of divine presence has been added to their normal wavelength due to the power of the highest fire.

The Meaning of Orgasm

Under normal conditions physical beings cannot reach a wavelength high and fine enough to reach a spirit seeking reincarnation from the spiritual level. But during intercourse and especially during orgasm, the physical beings reach a very fine and high vibration. This high and fine vibration is built up gradually during the intercourse and it culminates in the orgasm. During orgasm the beings emit a vibration that is high and strong enough to reach a discarnate spirit on the spiritual level. This spiritual being will then be attracted to a specific lovemaking couple, who will then become its new parents. The wavelengths of the spiritual being seeking reincarnation and the lovemaking couple have to have enough similarities in order to be able to attract each other. For that reason, the spirit will be attracted to parents of his own species that match his own mental and evolutionary level to a large degree. The law of attraction sees to it that the spirit and the parents fit on a series of parameters and it is the ´job´ of the orgasm to bring the vibration of the physical couple up to a lever high enough to reach a discarnate being seeking reincarnation on the spiritual plane.

This is the ideal scenario. But it is a well-known fact that fertilization can also take place in cases of rape or artificial insemination. Let us just briefly have a look at those two aspects.

Martinus says that the most important criterion for fertilization to take place is that the egg and the sperm cell unite. In the sperm cell there is a large amount of spiritual energy, enough for it to be able, in certain cases, to attract a spiritual being on its own.

In cases of rape it is fortunately so that the likelihood of conception is smaller than during lovemaking between willing partners, because the woman is being forced and is doing what she can to dissociate herself from the act. Unfortunately conception can still take place during rape because the primary criterion has been fulfilled.

Fertilization can even take place through artificial insemination, where there is no act of lovemaking at all. Again, this is possible because the principal criterion of the two cells uniting can be fulfilled. And, even after freezing, the sperm cell will hold enough spiritual attraction power to attract a discarnate being. However, Martinus points out that a child conceived through artificial insemination will be born with a deficit: he or she will have difficulties conceiving and will have a limited ability to produce offspring. This is due to the fact that an important spiritual element is lacking in the process: the highest fire. The highest fire is conducive to fertilization taking place in the optimal way.

Interestingly, this aspect has been confirmed by a study made by a research team from the National Hospital Department of Growth and Reproduction (Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen) and the University of Southern Denmark. The research team examined the sperm quality in a group of 1925 conscripts, of which 47 were conceived with some kind of medical help. In these 47 young men the sperm count was significantly lower than in the rest. On average, they had a sperm concentration (number of sperm cells per milliliter of semen) which was 46% lower than the rest of the group, and their sperm count (amount of sperm in a single dose of semen) was 45 % lower. Their testicles were also slightly smaller than those of the other conscripts. The young men who had been conceived artificially were simply not as fertile as those who had been conceived in the normal way.

 Do we choose our parents?

So, do we choose our new parents? Yes and no. It is not as if we are handed a catalogue of potential parents and can choose from that. But we choose our parents on the basis of the person we have become, because like wavelengths attract like wavelengths. The vibration and wavelength of our consciousness / spirit define who will become our next parents, simply because we will be attracted to a love-making couple whose joint wavelength has a certain match to our own. This means that we will be born to parents who ´resemble´ us in certain aspects, such as morals, tendencies, intelligence, interests, talents etc. It is, as mentioned, the law of attraction that is at work here, so the attraction to the ´right´ parents happens automatically due to the attraction identical wavelengths have on each other.

Symbol no. 34

We are going to look at one of Martinus´ symbols, no. 34, that illustrates what happens during conception. The three round figures with the triangles in the middle symbolise living beings, in this case a man, a woman and a discarnate being ready for reincarnation. The orange circle at the bottom, left hand corner symbolizes the man of the sexual act, the orange circle at the right symbolizes the woman of the act and the indigo coloured circle at the top symbolizes the discarnate spirit seeking reincarnation. The large yellow field that goes out from each of the sexual partners symbolizes their vibration during the act of intercourse. The grey-yellow area symbolizes that contact has been made between a discarnate being and the two physical beings due to their similarity in vibration. During the culmination of the act of copulation, symbolized by the flames between the two partners, some tread-like figures go out from the lovers and reach up to the discarnate being, where they envelop that being and pull him / her in towards the fertilized egg in the womb. This can be seen on the symbol via the treads circling the female on the right of the symbol.

Once the discarnate being has ´joined the party´ or been pulled in, the creation of a new physical being begins.

Here you can see the symbol together with the obligatory explanation from the Martinus Institute.

A Summary Explanation of Symbol No. 34 – The Act of Copulation or God’s Spirit in the Darkness (obligatory official explanation of the Martinus Institute)

The symbol symbolises the major principles that work together in the act of copulation. Martinus describes how the spirit of God directly pervading all living beings is the very highest principle of the experience of life. The beings must go through darkness in order to gain the ability to personally experience knowledge, beauty, love and bliss. But no being is left alone during this experience of darkness. Through built-in special organs in the organism it has the possibility to experience tangibly in the middle of darkness a ray of light from God’s eternal ocean of light or abundance of love. This divine ray from God’s eternal ocean of light is the beings’ highest leading and guiding force in their primitive state and their experience of darkness. Here they experience in glimpses life’s very highest feeling of pleasure in the form of the “highest fire” in the act of copulation. The act of copulation is a stimulus that promotes zest for life at the same time as it provides the organic opportunity for the beings to be born anew in physical matter.

The main details of the symbol:

  • The round figure at the bottom left symbolises a male being, and the figure at the bottom right symbolises a female being.
  • The large yellow rays that emanate from these beings symbolise that they are engaged in the act of copulation or intercourse.
  • The round figure at the top symbolises a discarnate being that is living in the kingdom of bliss. The yellowish grey section around the being of bliss symbolises an atmosphere that is a mixture of the aura of the being of bliss and the copulatory aura of the physical beings. This atmosphere brings about the connection or contact of the being of bliss with the creation of the embryo in the womb.
  • The cruciform figure, which is partly made up of rays and is situated between the two copulatory beings, symbolises the climax of the act of copulation.
  • Originating in the rays emanating from this figure there is an indigo-coloured thread-like figure that goes up around the being of bliss at the top. It connects this being with the female being and animates the embryonic material in the womb. And thus, begins the creation of a new physical organism.


When the egg has been fertilized with the sperm cell from the man, the process of embryogenesis begins. But it only begins when a discarnate being has added its spirit package to the process. Without this addition, no embryogenesis. The spirit of a discarnate being has to join the fertilized egg in the womb, but in order for the spirit to ´land´ with the right parents, there must be a considerable match in wavelength. It is absolutely no chance whom we are born to. The wavelengths must match.

The Talent Mass

There has to be a certain amount of identical talent mass for the discarnate spirit and the physical parents to become attracted to each other. For that reason, very warlike spirits will reincarnate with warlike parents and peaceful spirits will reincarnate with peaceful parents. There must be a certain common mass of talents in order for attraction to take place. However, the match will never be 100%. There will always be character traits and talents in a child that none of the parents have.  This is mainly due to the fact that each individual has so many talents that a total match is impossible.

There will be talents in a child that none of the parents have because we do not, as is now the general way of seeing things, inherit our talents from our parents. We cannot, through inheritance, receive talents that we ourselves have not developed or indeed worked hard to get. When we have a talent, it is because we have practiced and worked hard to get that talent during our former lives on the physical plane. We do not get anything for free via the genes of our parents. We shall look at this aspect later.

When we ´land´ with a specific pair of parents it is because there is a certain match between our wavelength and their wavelength. In this way we can say that we ´choose´ our parents through the person we have become. It is the joint characteristics of our I or consciousness, together with the accumulated bank of experiences laid down in our fate element, that decides whom we are born to. This process takes place automatically due to the working of the law of attraction. We are ´simply´ attracted to those with the greatest match in wavelength.

The Third Party of Conception

In order for a discarnate being to incarnate into a new physical body it needs a small amount of physical matter to get the process started. This small amount of physical matter is found in the sperm and egg cells. As soon as the sperm cell enters the egg, the discarnate being ´joins the party´ and takes over the whole process of embryogenesis. The two physical cells cannot do it on their own. They do not have the know-how. All the knowledge of how to create a physical body lies embedded in the spirit package and fate element of the incoming soul. The incoming soul has been to the physical plane many times before, and it has a lot of practice in how to create a physical body. It has its fate element full of talents for bodily creation. These talents are embedded in the fate element as an automatic function, just like the many automatic functions we have such as heartbeat, digestion, breathing, our ability to walk etc. An automatic function is something we can do without our brain and will being involved. It is something we have done so many times that a talent kernel has taken over the function, so that we do not actively have to think about it.

The incoming soul now puts these talents to work and it will create a new physical body entirely in its own favour, which means just as it fits its own purpose. This means that it will pick and choose in the genetic material put at its disposal by the parents. It will activate the genes it likes and deactivate the ones that it does not like. Like a director it will orchestrate cell division, the creation of organs and the whole of the embryogenesis. It will, as just mentioned, do it in its own favour, and this means it will create a body the way it wants it, depending on its pool of talents and taking its point of departure from where it let off the last time it died. Each time we reincarnate we start our physical life at the level of development we had reached the last time we died. We simply continue our physical journey and none of the things we learned in our previous lives are lost. The incoming soul is fully aware of this and it will create a body that fits the level of evolution it has reached.

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