How is life on the other side?

About a year ago Maria McMahon and I published our 3rd book in the Spiritual Nutshell Series titled: Life After Death in a Nutshell, and after a few months on the English-speaking market, it was published in Danish.  In Denmark the book became a best-seller, much to our delight.

This 5-star review from Eve on Amazon explains the value of the book:

5.0 out of 5 stars The Perfect Book that will Change your Perception of Life and Death Forever!

Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2021

Life after Death in a Nutshell: What happens when we die? is spectacular read! In this book, the authors share thrilling aspects of death; reincarnation; Near Death Experiences (NDEs); Out of Body Experiences (OBEs); and After Death Communication (ADC), to mention but a few. I absolutely loved how the authors give a comprehensive account of Martinus’ teachings and present them in a simplified manner with evidence to facilitate the reader’s understanding of such philosophies. As someone who had experienced NDE, OBE, and ADC, I made instant connections with Martinus’ worldview, and was in absolute awe of the accuracy of his teachings. In particular, I found all the information related to grieving, ‘talent kernels’, and the aforementioned spiritual aspects extremely relatable to my own experiences. As a highly spiritual person with profound knowledge about reincarnation, the soul, NDE, and many other spiritual aspects, I found this book to be one of the best, most comprehensive, and most credible sources about death and all its related aspects. It includes crucial information that everyone should know. This book will instantly change your perception of life and death, and fill you with a sense of awe and inspiration. I highly recommend this book to everyone!
Dr Eve A. Kheir
Author, From Death to Prosperity: Deciphering the Language of Manifestation

Now, here I would like to share extracts from the first two chapters of the book, so that you can prepare to want to read it. It will forever change your outlook on life and make you realize what I have been saying for two decades now: Death is an Illusion.  But not only that: a great adventure awaits us in the higher realms. It is really something to look forward to.


Welcome to the third book in the Spiritual Nutshell Series. We are really excited about this book because it reveals a lot of insight about the spiritual world – insight that is mostly unknown. It is an insight that explains one of the great mysteries of the spiritual world: why do our spirits or souls experience different scenarios on the other side? What causes this difference? You will find the answer in this book.

If you have read our two previous books in the Spiritual Nutshell Series you will know that we are writing them to explain key spiritual concepts in an easy and straightforward way. “Reincarnation in a Nutshell. Why Reincarnation is Real” is the first book in the series and it looks deeply into the concept of reincarnation and explains why reincarnation is so much more than just a religious construct. The book presents the evidence, the logic and the necessity of reincarnation, and how reincarnation takes place.

The second book, “Fate and Karma in a Nutshell. How to understand your fate and change it for the better” explains how we create our fate via our behaviour towards other living beings, and it presents a full revelation of the workings of the law of karma.

Both books are based on the idea that we are eternal beings and that death is an illusion. This is not just an idle claim but it is supported by research and evidence in both books.

Now, when death is an illusion and reincarnation is factual, then life after death is equally factual, and life after death is the subject of this book. We are going to look at many aspects of life after death: what survives the death of the physical body, where do we go, why don´t we all go to the same place, how do we spend our sojourn there, is there a purgatory, hell and paradise, who do we meet, how long are we there, what is there to experience, where is the spiritual world placed, what is it like up there and how do we get back to the physical plane?

As in the previous Spiritual Nutshell books, our insight into the afterlife is based on the spiritual science of Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic, who lived from 1890 to 1981, mostly in Copenhagen. Martinus´ work is so amazing and mind-blowing that we really feel it it should be known to more people. It holds the key to a full understanding of the mystery of life and death. It is totally unique.

At the age of 30 Martinus experienced an expansion of his consciousness during meditation and he achieved cosmic consciousness. He was then able to see into the spiritual realm that exists before and beyond the physical world and where everything has its origin. It was on the basis of this insight that he was able to write his spiritual science, comprising over 10,000 pages and 100 symbols of profound wisdom.  This body of work is the most complete revelation of the workings of spiritual reality ever to have been disclosed to humankind. It is a true cornucopia of spiritual insight, an inexhaustible source of wisdom and we are so privileged to have access to it. Actually, everybody on the planet has access to Martinus´ work, as it belongs to all of humankind. But because it is not yet very well known, we are doing what we can to make this treasure better known to those who are searching for answers to life´s big questions.

Because the thing is: we are not supposed to go on living in ignorance about the spiritual reality and the spiritual level of existence. One of the aims of Martinus´ extensive work is to reveal the details of the spiritual level and to substantiate the necessity of this level: the spiritual level is the primary level of existence and it is always spirit first.  Everything physical was a construct in spiritual matter or thought matter before it became a physical manifestation. It is always mind over matter or thought first, as you will see in this book.

Until we include the spiritual level into our perception of the world, we only have half a world picture. And half a world picture will not do, if we want to understand the mystery of life and death. Because, when we think that only the physical world exists and that we can actually die, then we have based our lives on a false assumption. Then we are ignorant about the very basis of life, because in reality the world consists of two levels: the spiritual level and the physical level. The spiritual level has priority over the physical level and everything physical existed in spiritual matter or thought first.

Right now we are experiencing a spiritual awakening all over the planet and this awakening is, according to Martinus, the result of a new world impulse that has its origin in the centre of the galaxy and whose purpose it is to take humanity out of its ignorance about everything spiritual. The aim is that we must come to realize that we are more than our physical bodies and that we are on an eternal journey as tiny quanta of the universal source or God. Explaining this to humanity is no small task, and the process of us all grasping it will take a few centuries, but it started 100 years ago (on March 24th, 1921), when Martinus experienced his spiritual awakening and achieved cosmic consciousness. It was based on his cosmic consciousness that Martinus was able to write his work of profound spiritual insight – an insight that was and is completely logical and intelligent – an insight that fulfils the spiritual needs of modern Man, living in advanced societies with a scientific outlook. The work of Martinus is to become the basis for a merger of science and spirituality in the centuries to come.

Martinus left his huge work of spiritual insight for us to study, and obviously studying it takes a long time. Fortunately, large parts of his work have been translated into 20 plus languages and it can be read online at the website. So, it is being made accessible to more and more people, but in its totality it can still only be read in Danish. I (Else Byskov) am Danish and I have studied Martinus´ work since 1995. With our Spiritual Nutshell Series it is our aim to make central aspects of Martinus´ work accessible to those who are looking for answers without having to read the whole work. We do, however, hope that our books will become appetizers for a deeper study of Martinus´ own work –  a large part of which is now available in English.

What Martinus reveals is knowledge that is, for the major part, inaccessible to scientific research. It is inaccessible because it belongs to a reality that science cannot reach, or can only reach sporadically. With his cosmic consciousness Martinus could look into this unknown world and reveal its secrets and the laws that govern it. Because, just as there are well-known natural laws that govern the reactions of physical matter, there are natural laws that govern the reactions of spiritual matter or energy.

What you are about to read is a totally unique revelation of the spiritual world and the home it constitutes for us in our non-physical state, when we have left our physical body. Our passage from the physical to the spiritual realm is a homecoming, because our real, essential, and eternal existence is in spiritual matter or energy. We are first and foremost spiritual beings. Our physical existence is only secondary. We always have our spiritual body, which is identical to our consciousness, which is a field of energy. This field of energy holds our “I” or sense of self, and we are the same whether this field is attached to a physical body or not. Our existence does not depend on a physical body, but on a spiritual body: the energy field of our consciousness.

       1. Introduction

When people go somewhere, for instance on vacation, they usually take time to find out what the places they are going to visit are like, what there is to see, how the surroundings are, what the hotels are like, the food, the sights etc. Usually, the travellers are eager to know as much as possible about their destination before they set out.

The undiscovered country

However, this curiosity does not seem to apply when we are talking about the great journey we will all venture out on when we leave the physical plane. Most people seem quite uninterested in gathering information about this journey, probably for at least three reasons:

  1. They do not think that they will be going on a journey, because they firmly believe that it is lights out forever when they ´die´.
  2. They think that it is impossible to know anything about the journey and that the place will forever be shrouded in mystery.
  3. They may have heard stories about a day of reckoning, about purgatory or hell, and they are so afraid to look into this, that they push it away from their minds and prefer not to know anything about it.

These attitudes seem like a paradox, because, like it or not, we all know that we are going on this journey sooner or later. It therefore seems like a good idea to gather information about this undiscovered country before we venture out, so that we can be prepared for what awaits us.

Today there is so much evidence out there, from near-death experiencers, from information gathered from people in hypnosis who  were able to go back to their life between lives, from Martinus and  Eastern religions, that it seems like a pity to just go unprepared.

All the material reflects one common experience: it is great to die. It is a wonderful experience to leave the heavy physical body and go on a visit to the light and beautiful spiritual world. All fear of dying is in fact unjustified, because there is nothing to fear. Furthermore, dying is not a novel ´thing´ for us, as we have all died millions of times before. Dying is like going home, because our primary existence is, as already mentioned, in the spiritual realm.

Behind the physical body the real and actual living being exists in spiritual matter, which is a type of energy. This means that we are first and foremost spiritual beings. We always have our spiritual body, which is who we really are. Our spiritual body is a field of energy and because energy cannot be created or destroyed, this energy body is eternal. From time to time, we have a physical body in addition to our spiritual body, and that is when we are reincarnated on a physical planet like the Earth. In the universe there are trillions of planets just like the Earth, and we have not all reincarnated here before, but we may have had previous incarnations on other planets of the infinite universe, where life is teeming everywhere.

If you belong to those who believe that you can actually die and that you will cease to exist when the physical body is no longer serviceable, then you are in for a huge, pleasant surprise when you pass over. When you discover that you are `dead´ but still alive, and that you can still see, hear, feel, smell and experience, then you will discover that you have arrived in a world that is much more wonderful and beautiful than the one you have just left. And you will probably be a little bit annoyed with yourself that you did not prepare for this journey as you would for any other journey to a new destination.

This is one of the reasons we have written this book: to prepare the reader for the journey to the ´hereafter´ and reveal the tricks that are useful to know when you arrive. They will be revealed in this book as will all other details we have been able to find about this amazing plane of existence: life after death, or indeed, and more accurately: life after life or life between lives. Or even more accurately: the primary world, the world before and beyond the physical world. The world where everything has its origin.

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