Yes, there is. I have to explain it like this: There is a spiritual world that consists of energy on a whole range of different wavelengths. This spiritual world is the primary world. The physical world is the secondary world. We live eternally in our spiritual body in a light and wonderful world of thought. We are placed in this world according to the wavelength that our own spiritual body operates on. The wavelength is defined by the content of our thoughts, and it is the law of attraction that sees to it that we go to the wavelength that is similar to our own thoughts, because energies on the same wavelength attract each other.

Heaven is a positive thought sphere

When we pass over, we are placed in the spiritual world according to the most developed part of our psyche or thought sphere. If our thoughts are filled with gratitude and contentment, we will go directly to a wavelength where these thoughts prevail, and that is a very wonderful place to be.

Hell is a negative thought sphere

If, on the other hand, we are pissed off, angry, full of resentment and fear, then we will go a wavelength where these thoughts prevail. That is not a nice place, and it can be perceived as a kind of hell – especially if we are afraid of dying and envisage a type of hell with a devil and a trident, then that is where we will be taken in the first place and that is a kind of hell.

So it depends very much on the content of our thought sphere where we go to. If we focus on a heavenly place, then that is where we go, and if we focus on fear, anger and a hellish place, then that is where we go.

And if we don´t believe in anything and think that there is no afterlife, we could go to a very grey and nondescript place.

Please watch the video ‘What Happens When We Die?’ under Free Resources on this website. There you can see how to get out of hell or the grey, nondescript place.

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