Is There Life After Death?

Yes, there is absolutely life after death! Death is an illusion. We are eternal beings on an everlasting journey through physical and spiritual realms in a universe that is teeming with life. When we pass over, we enter a light world of thought and we pull everything we are out with us. When we are ´dead´ we are exactly the same as we were, when we still had our physical body, only lighter. When we ´pull out´ we will experience a wonderful feeling of freedom, especially if our physical instrument had become old, worn or ill.

When we think thoughts of gratitude and love

We will enter the spiritual world on a wavelength that corresponds to the most developed part of our psyche. It is the law of attraction that makes us go to a wavelength that is similar to our own, because similar wavelengths attract each other. If our psyche or thought sphere is full of gratitude and love, we will go to a wavelength where these thoughts prevail, and that is a wonderful place to be.

When we think thoughts of anger and hatred

If, on the other hand, we are pissed off, angry, disappointed, or afraid, we will go to wavelengths where these thought spheres predominate. And they may not be so nice. They can be considered as a kind of hell.

Get a ´ticket´ to a good seat up there

Because of that there is every reason to work on improving the contents of our thought sphere while we are still here in our physical body. The content of our thought sphere is our ´ticket´ to a good or not-so-good seat up there.
Death is in general a wonderful experience and all we have to do to convince ourselves about it, is to look at what Martinus says or read some of the many testimonies from people who have experienced dying, the so-called near-death experiencers. They all describe how wonderful it is on the other side.

Please see the video under Free Resources on this website entitled: What Happens When We Die?

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  1. This blog is just the tip of the wisdom carried by Else Byskov through the teachings of Martinus and Else’s own life experience. The certainty of an afterlife only became ‘real’ to me when I began to read and understand Else’s blog posts. The enthusiasm of this particular post serves to illustrate how convinced Else is of many reincarnations and her work is intriguing. Have an open mind to this work and I’m sure ‘life’ will become a different story for you. It certainly has for me, right down to being able to completely change my view of my life experience to date. Everything has such a different meaning now…..just by accepting that we do indeed have many lives to ‘get our act together’ and are not constrained to trying to achieve it all in one short life. Our ‘ticket’ is not a single one-stop pass. It is an ‘open ticket’ to explore, learn, develop and know what life really ‘is all about’ over many incarnations. The story I was told about my cousin ‘seeing’ her father wave goodbye to her just after he had passed, is now 100% believable !

    1. I was putting in my email address to get the MP3 downloads and for some strange reason it said I need a different address. It’s my only address. I got your mail on it. I had to double check it. It was entered correctly. My name is Pamela. is the email. Could you please send the mp3’s to me. I am very interested. I need a change. I won’t go into a sob story but I can tell you it’s a doozy. I feel drawn to this. Thank you.

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