“What???” you may now say. Is the world not full of losers and unhappy people, people who live in suffering and misery? Yes, it is, and it is true that there are many unhappy fates. Obviously, I would not deny that.  When we look at the world, it does not look too pretty.

But what we must realize sooner or later is that our present stage is just a phase. It is a snapshot and not a final destination. But the real point here is not the present stage of the world, but the fact that the one-life theory is a hoax. The one-life theory has never been proved, but still the majority of people alive right now on the planet cling to it. They will swear by it and claim that they love that theory. They are, as they say, quite all right with it. We only live once, and so be it. They are scared of death and do not want to hear about the fact that it is an illusion.

We are not our body

The death that so many people fear does not exist. What does exist is that the body we inhabit stops functioning at a certain point, but we ARE NOT our body. This is a totally crucial point. We are NOT identical to this organism of flesh and blood that we are inhabiting at the moment. Our body is an instrument for our consciousness forces and those forces consist of energy. Energy cannot disappear or dissolve and as our consciousness is a field of energy that holds our I, spirit or soul we are exactly the same, whether we have a physical body or not.

Our most important identity is as spiritual beings. We always have our spiritual body, which is a field of energy. From time to time, when we are reincarnated in physical matter, we also have a physical body in addition to our spiritual body. Without our spirit the physical body would not be alive. The spirit holds our life force, consciousness and I.

I have written extensively about life after death in my book “The Undiscovered Country – A non-religious look at life after death”, so in case you don´t believe me, please read the book. You will be surprised about the amount of evidence that exists for the survival of consciousness.

The plan

Let´s get back to why life is a game you cannot lose. You cannot lose because there is a plan with our existence. A plan? You may now say. Whose plan? Well, there is a divine plan with our existence and all living beings are quanta of God. The universe is God´s body and it is eternal. Because we are quanta of God, we are also eternal. We are on an eternal journey through spiritual and physical realms. We always have our spiritual body and when we visit the physical plane we have a physical body in addition to our spiritual body.

In our physical body we can experience a lot of things on the physical plane. We can experience both sad and happy fates. The universal principle that rules our fates is the law of karma. This law decrees that we reap as we sow. The universe has been so ingeniously organized that what we send out, we get back in the same shape as we sent it out. If we have lied and cheated, if we have stolen, hurt others and even killed, then we will get the same back from the universe and it will become our fate

Words don´t teach

A fate in which we are lied to, stolen from, hurt and eventually killed is obviously not a pleasant fate. But we only experience such a fate in order to learn to stop lying, stealing, hurting and killing. Even though we have heard it a thousand times: you must not steal, hurt, kill etc. it doesn´t really help a lot, because words don´t teach. We only really learn things when we feel them on our own body. When things hurt, then we learn. When we suffer, then we learn.

A soldier who has lived through the horrors of war will, when he is reborn, be completely ´vaccinated´ against war. He will not participate in another war, and even though he cannot actively remember the details of his suffering, a strong echo of the horrors he lived through will have been filed in his supraconsciousness and he will know that he is unable to go to war again.

The right perspective

It is through our sufferings that we really learn. And Martinus clearly points out that nobody suffers more than any other when we look at things in the right perspective. The right perspective does, of course, include an infinite number of lives. Nobody can understand his or her fate seen in a one-life perspective.  This point is important, because when we look at two different fates, a happy one and un unhappy one, then we cannot understand why one person lives in peace and prosperity, and another person lives in war and misery. Life is very unjust we then say, but it is not. What we are seeing is different fates, different reapings of seeds that the person has sown.

The real, all-loving human being

We are all on our way to becoming real, all-loving human beings, but not everybody has come equally far in this journey. Some are almost there and are kind, compassionate and loving towards others. Some have not come that far and will be egoistic, greedy, self-important and rude. Others have no problems with killing other living beings and they go hunting, go to war or become terrorists. These are just 3 examples of people who are standing on different steps on the ladder of evolution. In order to reach the point when we become real, all-loving human beings, we all have to go through the same amount of experience and suffering.  In the great scheme of things nobody gets to suffer more than anybody else.  We all have to go through the same to become the same: a real compassionate, all-loving human being who cannot hurt, maim or kill, but who can only radiate tolerance, understanding and love.  .

Each life is a step in the right direction

We can compare our journey through life with a song… a long song indeed. Each life is just a note in this song. We are all in the process of composing a beautiful song. But we cannot understand this if we only look at one note. Then it makes no sense at all.

For each life we live, we add experiences, knowledge, wisdom and talents to our consciousness and this means that each life is a step in a learning process. When we ´die´ we pass over to the spiritual plane and we rest there for a while. When we are ready to reincarnate, we then simply continue our development from where it stopped the last time we died. For each life we live, we become a better, wiser, more talented and more beautiful version of ourselves. No experience is lost or in vain. Everything we experience adds to our completion as a human being. The sad and painful fates will in general teach us more profound and lasting lessons than happy fates, and all the mistakes we cannot avoid making, will teach us valuable lessons.

So, there is no ´getting it wrong´, there are no wasted times or fruitless experiences. Life is a game you cannot lose, because the aim is to become real, all-loving human beings. We are all on our way to becoming such a finished human being – no exceptions. We just have to look at things in the larger perspective and that is what Martinus shows us.

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