Don´t we know it: we are so caught up in our everyday lives that we simply forget to see the wonder of the world and our own existence. So, let us take a guided tour of some of the most awesome wonders that we can witness every day:

Our Spacecraft

We are the passengers on a globe that orbits a sun at a stunning pace: 30 km. per second! Think about that! It is faster than any speed obtained on Earth, faster than we can even fathom. And not only that: at the same time as the Earth rushes through space it also spins around its own axis at 1600 km. an hour. So, as passengers on this space ship we are rushing and spinning at amazing speeds and still, we feel as if we are not moving at all. This illusion is due to the fact that the movement is constant – we do not feel any acceleration or deceleration.  So, we have a completely constant speed not wavering even a millisecond! When we think we are sitting at home at our desk, not going anywhere, we are in fact moving through space at breath-taking speeds. Oh, the illusion and wonder.

We can witness the speed of the spin of the Earth when we watch a sunrise or a sunset. As the sun approaches the horizon, it can disappear so fast that it can be gone in just a few minutes. And for course, we can also follow the route of the sun across the sky during the day. In this way we can witness the spin of the planet. Has this precision been created by chance?


If we take an excursion from our busy everyday lives and go into nature, we see more amazing features of life. In nature, everything rests in harmony and everything is recycled. The seeds of the plants come to life and sprout green stalks and leaves that can grow into all sorts of plants: plants that we can eat, plants that we can use to build houses, plants that can give our fields shelter and provide shade, plants that can feed our domestic animals and plants that we can use to create clothes, shoes, medicines, furniture, books, curtains etc. But not only that: in nature nothing goes to waste, everything is reused and recycled. When the leaves wither, they are reabsorbed by the earth and will be converted into new soil for new plants to grow in. Can this perfect balance really have come into existence by chance?

The waste products from the metabolism of animals and humans is so composed that it forms the ideal manure for the plants to grow and flourish. Smart, isn´t it? Chance?

And then the plants have flowers. Flowers are the most sublime and beautiful creations that we can think of and we all stand in awe when we look at a colourful flower and smell its fantastic perfume. How come the plants have the ability to create this sublime display of beauty for the eyes and the nose? Are the flowers chance creations? Can chance and random mutations create this beauty?

Our Bodies

Then there is our own bodies: we inhabit bodies whose workings are a mystery to even the most advanced scientists: what makes the heart beat, the blood flow, the neurons communicate, the eyes see, the ears hear, the brain work, how do we keep a healthy body and what makes it sick? Where does consciousness come from, not to mention our I and sense of self? Chance? No, it is way too smart and intelligent for chance to have created anything this perfect via random mutations and selection over time.

No, when we really begin to consider the wonder of existence we begin to see the outline of a plan. A plan for the existence, not only of us, the human beings, but a complete plan for everything.

The Plan

Does such a plan really exist? Yes, it absolutely does and Martinus, the Danish 20th century mystic, has explained everything about this plan in his ground-breaking work, called Spiritual Science or The Third Testament. His work reveals the master plan of life, why we are here and what the aim of our existence is. It is a work so complete and awe-inspiring that it ought to be much better known.

Let me make a short outline of this divine plan: we are alive in a conscious living universe, which is eternal. It has no beginning and no ending, because if it did, it would not be eternal. We and all other living beings are as eternal as the universe and we are all on a never-ending journey through physical and spiritual levels of existence in a universe where the basic tone is love. The universe is God´s body and it is permeated by ´his´ thoughts or consciousness. Everything in it has been created by the most sublime intelligence – that of God. The universe is alive and it has been constructed so that we have life forms inside life forms as far as the eye can see and even further.  We are alive on the surface of another living being, the Earth, which is alive inside another living being, the solar system, which is alive inside another living being, the galaxy etc. And inside our bodies there are trillions of living beings such as organs, cells, molecules, atoms etc. There is life inside life everywhere and the universe is teeming with it. No, we are not alone in the Universe because not even the smallest corner of God´s body is dead. Life, not death rules supreme.

Death Is an Illusion

What we think of as death is the biggest illusion that exists. A complete death meaning the extinction of our consciousness would be unthinkable in a living conscious universe. When we shed our physical body, our consciousness or I moves on to the spiritual plane where it will rest for a while until it is again time for us to reincarnate into a new physical body. It is through reincarnation that life is ´blown´ into physical matter and all life forms reincarnate: planets, humans, animals, plants, insects, organs, cells, atoms etc.


You may now ask why the world is in such a mess if we are eternally alive in a universe where the basic tone is love. Why all the war, the misery, the famine, the poverty, the unhappy fates and the natural disasters? Why can´t we live eternally in bliss and happiness? The answer is simple: in order for the universe to be able to exist eternally, it has to have a structure that will allow an eternal existence. Such a structure can only be based on the concept of contrast. If we were to eternally experience the same, then the universe would have to end when all the trillions and trillions of living beings had experienced the same. Because there is light, there has to be darkness, because there is white, there has to black, because there is good, there has to be evil, because there is hunger, there has to be satiation and because there is love, there has to hatred. We cannot experience eternally without contrast. God cannot paint a picture with only the colour white; ´he´ needs all the colours of the spectrum to create a universe where there will always be new things to experience.

Our Eternal Journey

Darkness with misery, war, death and injury may not be pleasant to experience, but  it is as important for our eternal ability to perceive as light is. Martinus calls the light ´the pleasant good´ and the darkness ´the unpleasant good´. We cannot have one without the other. Both light and darkness are blessings seen in a wider perspective.

Right now we have reached the point on our eternal journey where we are about to exit the era of darkness. We, as the eternal living beings that we are, have lived through the stone age, the iron age, the bronze age, the middle ages with all the darkness, toil, sweat and misery that these dark ages involved with their primitivism and ignorance. But we are approaching the light and in 3000 years we will have reached the point when the planet will be inhabited by real human beings who only live to serve others and where universal love rules our societies.

Man in the Image and Likeness of God

Because we reap as we sow, we will, for each life we live, be transformed by our sufferings into real human beings who can only do good, or into ´man in the image and likeness of God´. This is the plan. But there are many more plans and much more wonder to contemplate in a universe ruled and created by God´s consciousness.  The universe is a much more magical place than most people realize. Nothing in it has come into existence by chance. Let us focus on the miracle and wonder of it all and see the darkness for what it is: a necessary contrast to the light.

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