Materialization and dematerialization

We live in a world where we are surrounded by materialized stuff. What does it mean that something is materialized? It means that it has become a physical thing that we can see, smell and touch, such as a table, a car, a pen etc.

But in which way can we say that it has become materialized? We can say it because it is now a physical thing that started as an immaterial thought. Everything was a non-physical thought before it became a physical item. This means that we are surrounded by materialized things that started as a thought.

This is valid for all man-made things: a chair was a thought in somebody´s head before it was created in physical matter. The same goes for all other man-made things: they were created in thought before they became physical items.

The thought that gives rise to the item is in most cases based on a need, lack or desire. Someone thought about a chair because they had a need for something to sit on, when they were not working, walking or sleeping. The same goes for a bed, a table, a car, a house, an aeroplane, a computer, a cell phone, a pair of shoes etc. Everything that we now take for granted started as a thought. There is no exception to this.

In this way we can say that, in our modern world, we are surrounded by materialized thoughts.  A big city is in reality a huge result of millions of materialized thoughts.

Slow materializations

It takes a long time to materialize thoughts in physical matter. In the case of the big city we are talking about thousands of years.

Also the natural world: the trees, rivers, mountains, flowers, vegetables, animals, lakes, oceans, forests etc. are materialized thoughts. They are the result of thoughts in somebody´s head.

Who can that somebody be? Because we cannot see that somebody, we erroneously believe that the things we see in Nature have created themselves. But nothing can create itself, and the principle is the same at all levels: It is always thought first.

This means that we have to write a higher being into the equation, because a thought has to belong to a living being. A thought will always be a part of somebody´s consciousness.

Seen in a larger perspective it means that we are alive in a conscious universe, ruled by a higher being, which we can call God. If we don’t like the word God, we can call this higher being something else, but the point is that a superior intelligence has been at work. The natural world is this superior being´s  materialized thoughts, and it took millions of years to materialize the physical world we are now living in.

Let me just underline that I am not talking about the Christian God, or Allah or any god belonging to our religions. I am talking about the superior being or the cosmic God.

We are on an evolutionary journey from primitive to enlightened

Martinus points out again and again that at our present stage of evolution we are unfinished human beings, on our way to becoming finished human beings that can only emanate unconditional love. We are unfinished as long as we are still predominantly selfish and can lie, steal, cheat, hurt, harm and kill. A finished human being can only express universal love, it is totally altruistic and lives to serve others.

This evolutionary journey spans thousands of physical lives, and for each life we live, we gather experiences, we learn and evolve. In this way we progress towards the real human stage in each new physical incarnation. Eventually, we will all emerge as real, finished human beings that can only manifest unconditional love. We then become enlightened beings with cosmic consciousness.

When we reach this highly evolved stage, a huge change takes place in our ability to materialize and dematerialize. As finished human beings with cosmic consciousness, we will have achieved the ability to materialize and dematerialize physical matter in an instant.

 Instant materializations

Once we become so evolved that we cannot hurt, harm and kill, the ability to materialize physical matter instantly is within our reach. This means that we can, while we are on the spiritual plane between physical lives (alive in our spirit body/ consciousness / soul) when needed, materialize a physical body on the physical plane, for instance to help beings in need on that plane. It is especially guardian angels that make use of this ability.

Our guardian angels watch over us from the spiritual plane all the time, and when they see that we need help or are in danger, they can materialize a physical body and come to our aid.

Let me mention some cases of materializations:

When Jesus appeared before his disciples after he had been crucified, he did so in a materialized body. All enlightened beings can materialize a body in a matter of seconds, and then dematerialise it again just as quickly, once they have accomplished what they needed to do on the physical plane. Jesus wanted to let his disciples know that he was not dead in spite of the death of his body. Showing this to his disciples was a large part of his mission.

A friend of mine told me a story about how she once witnessed an accident in a street in London. The victim was seriously hurt and suddenly, out of the blue, there was a person kneeling beside the victim and telling the bystanders what to do. When the situation was under control, the helper had suddenly disappeared and nobody had seen where he went.

Another friend of mine was lost in a street in a suburb of Marbella. Suddenly a man appeared and told her which direction to take. She looked in that direction and when she turned around to thank him, he had disappeared.

I have experienced magical help from the other side myself. One night I was driving alone in my car on an empty road to reach my mother´s house, where my young son was being looked after. It had started to snow before I set out, but now the snow had intensified, and the road was becoming increasingly icy and dangerous to drive on. Suddenly my car slipped and I was stuck in a snowdrift. I had hardly had time to realise the seriousness of my situation before a car pulled up behind me and four strong men stepped out of the car. They each took hold of a corner of my car and lifted it out of the snow. I wanted to step out and thank them, but they had already disappeared.

These instances of help from materialized spiritual beings are much more common that we think, and a lot of books have been published about angelic appearances. They are  wonderful reads.


Other examples of instant materializations are the UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) that have been spotted on various occasions, especially by airplane pilots. A US congressional hearing took place in July 2023 in order to make information about the many UFO sightings available to the general public. Although these sightings and close encounters had been known for decades,  time was finally deemed right to let the public learn about them.

Martinus says: “The absolute natural and perfect access for advanced living beings to experience visits to alien worlds, globes and suns is a cosmic experience. It can therefore usually only be experienced spiritually when the beings are free of their physical body. Consequently, they belong on the spiritual plane, where beings are liberated from the barriers of the physical organism’s obstacles, distances, time and space. This is why spiritual beings can reveal themselves to beings on the physical plane whenever and wherever the object of revelation may be. They then appear in a temporarily physically visible body. This body is a materialized body and can be dematerialized as quickly as it was materialized. If the flying saucers and their origin are not absolutely physical and native to the earthly, physical plane, they can only be spiritual beings in temporary physical materializations. Then they do not come from outer space, but reveal themselves directly from the spiritual or cosmic plane. Then they may well be spiritual beings who are somehow associated with the spiritual planes of Mars and Venus, even though the physical planes of these worlds would not be suitable for habitation by physical humans or other highly evolved physical beings.” (Martinus: Answer to a question about Flying Saucers, 1966, article ID: M 3039, my underlining added).

Martinus confirms here that spiritual beings can reveal themselves in a temporary physical body when they chose to. He adds that the UFOs do not come from outer space, but belong to our own solar system and they appear to us in materialized bodies in materialized vehicles, that they can just as quickly dematerialise again.

This explains how the UFOs can disappear as if by magic, as has been observed on many occasions. As only highly evolved beings have the ability to materialize and dematerialize physical matter, we have nothing to fear from these extraterrestrials. They probably just show themselves to us so that we can see the high technological level that can be achieved. And to tell us that we are absolutely not alone in space.

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