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Death Is An Illusion - A Logical Explanation Based on Martinus' Worldview

“Death is an Illusion” is an introduction to the work of the Danish mystic Martinus (1890-1981). When he was 30, Martinus had a profound spiritual experience, which enabled him to have insight into the spiritual world that exists beyond the physical world. Martinus had achieved cosmic consciousness and he spent the next 60 years of his life revealing a complete world picture comprising both the physical and the spiritual worlds.
This world picture is completely logical and it appeals to our intellect. Martinus hands us a key to understanding the world in which we live, from where we are coming and to where we are going. He reveals the structure of life with its micro, meso and macro cosmos. He shows us how to create a happy fate through an insight into the workings of the law of karma, he offers a logical explanation to the origin of life, he explains why there is no death and why reincarnation is a fact, why our traditional family patterns are in dissolution and why homosexuality is on the rise. It explains our connection to the creative force that we call God. The work of Martinus offers a basis for a merger of spirituality and science.
“Death Is an Illusion” is an easy-to-read book full of spiritual wisdom. It gives the reader an unprecedented insight into the “machine room” of life and will leave him or her wiser, happier and more awake.
If you have a large spiritual appetite, then you should read “Death Is an Illusion”
“Why believe when you can know?”
“See the bigger picture!”

Undiscovered reduced

The Undiscovered Country: A Non-religious Look at Life after Death

This book presents the evidence for life after death in a straightforward and non-religious way. It explains why there simply has to be a level of existence beyond the physical to where we go when we pass over.

‘Death is an illusion’ and this book tell you why. The book takes a good look at the evidence for post-mortem survival: the near death experience, children that remember past lives, after-death communication, regression therapy, the afterlife experiments and deathbed visions. The conclusion is clear: the one life theory cannot be proved: there is so much more...
Lose all fear of death – it does not exist”

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The Art of Attraction – New Aspects of the Law of Attraction

Finally, happiness is within your reach! The Law of Attraction is the most powerful natural law of the universe and it is active in your life whether you know it or not. Now may be the time to become familiar with this natural law so that you can make it an ally in the shaping of your life and fate.

"The Art of Attraction" explains how the law works and it gives you the necessary tools to bring health, joy, fulfilment, and happiness into your life. This is a book that can truly change your life. The book also reveals aspects of the law of attraction that very few people have ever heard about - not even those behind "The Secret"
“Become a powerful attractor of happiness, health and wealth”

The Beginning

The Beginning is Near – New Perspectives on Life

“The Beginning Is Near” invites the reader to view life from a new perspective where the present state of the world is seen as a preparation for better and more harmonious times to come. Based on the fascinating revelations of Martinus, the Danish 20th century visionary, the book exposes that we are on our way towards a peaceful and amiable coexistence where mutual respect, love and understanding will be predominant.

The book argues that our development will inevitable take us to a world where there will be no more war, terrorism, social injustice or poverty. This change will come about as a result of our reaping of experience over many incarnations. As we live life after life our humanitarianism grows, and we will become better and better at expressing universal love, thus creating a beautiful place to live for all living beings. The book is full of optimism and reveals the logic of the present state of the world. In ten short chapters, it points towards a much brighter future, where a spiritual outlook on life and the idea of reincarnation will be central to our understanding of existence.
“Step out onto the leading edge of thought”

The Downfall - New Version

The Downfall of Marriage - The Great Transformation of Our Sexual & Marital Relations

Based on the fascinating revelations of Martinus about our changing sexual poles, this book explains what is happening to us on a deep organic level, making us more and more unfit for marriage. The divorce rates are soaring and many people go around blaming themselves that they cannot make their relationships work. But actually, we cannot help it, if we are more and more unfit for marriage, because the reason lies with our changing sexual poles.

As we live life after life, we gradually leave the one-poled state, where we were a hundred percent men or women, and move towards the doubled poled state, where our feminine and masculine poles will be balanced. As this process evolves, we become more and more whole and self-contained, and it becomes more and more difficult to fit into the garment of marriage, which we have outgrown. ´The Downfall of Marriage´ offers a logical explanation to why divorce rates are soaring and it explains the rise of homosexuality. It also points the way towards a new sexuality.
“Enjoy the new freedom of being single”

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Key Life Lessons from Martinus

This book contains the key life lessons that I have learned from my decades´ long study of Martinus´ spiritual science. Martinus work is an inexhaustible source of spiritual insight and finding it changed my life. In this collection of the key life lessons, I share the most important things that the Martinus material has taught me. The impact on my personal life from studying Martinus has been overwhelming, and with this small book, I hope that others may find as much insight, pleasure and joy as I have. It is my sincere wish that the wisdom of Martinus may reach a wider audience, because the world needs to become acquainted with it.  This small book is an appetizer. Enjoy!