Today I got a question on Quora about the golden rules of life, and this made me start thinking. This is the result I came up with and, as you know, what I write is based on the wisdom expressed in Martinus´ spiritual science.

1. Only sow what you would like to reap

Our fate is ruled by the law of karma which decrees that we reap as we sow. Or put in another way: What we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves. This means that when we are angry, impolite, hateful, judgmental, mean, inconsiderate or stingy, then these aspects will come back to us as our fate. They do because there is no straight line in the universe, so every action we send out will come back to us. It also means that when we are kind, considerate, generous, compassionate and loving, these aspects will also come back to us and we will experience that life smiles at us.

In this connection it should be mentioned that karma sown in one life may take a long time before it comes back, so it may only come back to you in a later incarnation. So, to secure good karma in your next life, sow it now!

2. Be grateful

Living in gratitude is the absolutely best way to create a good life for ourselves. It is, because the law of karma always brings the same back to us as we send out. When we send an attitude of gratitude into the universe, we will get back more things to be grateful for. You can start with small things to be grateful for: a smile from a passer-by, a bed to sleep in, a cup of coffee, a hot meal, a helping hand etc. Gradually you can move up the gratitude scale but one thing is certain: the struggle ends where the gratitude begins.

3. Be tolerant

Understand that you cannot expect the same behavior from everybody, because not everybody has lived through the same life-experiences in this or former lives, and they are not all equally wise, insightful, moral, educated or peaceful. Some may treat you badly, but then remember that they know no better. Just turn the other cheek and bless them. Always avoid a confrontation and back out of a potentially violent situation when necessary.

4. Erase the concept of enemies from your consciousness

Do not have enemies. Do not cultivate enmity with anybody. Understand that enmity only leads to conflict, war, fear, revenge, misery, unhappy fates and loss of lives. Do not go there. If you have enemies, then start sending them kind thoughts, send them blessings and forgive whatever they may have done to you. Only friendship can erase enmity.  Remember that your enemies are humans just like you, and they make mistakes, just like you. They may want you to be friends, but do not dare take the first step. But you can do that and even if you find it hard to begin with, practice and more practice always brings the desired result. When you can sow forgiveness then it will come back to you, and you yourself will be forgiven for what you have done to others.

5. Do not gossip, denigrate or talk behind people´s backs

It is unkind to gossip and tell tales about other people. But this is something a lot of people do and love doing. This tendency probably goes back to former lives when there was less going on and less to talk about, so a bad habit has been sown long ago among most of us. But this is something that we can work on eliminating. And remember: denigrating others says nothing about them, only about you.

Do a good spring clean of your consciousness and rid it of negative thinking, judgmental thinking, critical thinking and know that this process will enhance your joy of life and happiness. Do not carry unnecessary dark luggage around in your thought sphere. Throw it overboard.

6. Be 100% honest in all aspects of life

 Be a lover of the truth. Never tell a lie and always be 100% honest. Never steal, cheat or pretend to be something that you are not. Never deceive, bear false witness or distort the truth. This may not be easy, but think about how you can be honest in all aspects of life and then practice. Dishonesty will come back to you and you will be told lies and cheated on. So do not go there!

Also be honest about yourself: admit if you have made a mistake and never blame others, because you are the ONLY one responsible for your life. Say sorry if you have let others down, made fun of them or made a mistake. We all make mistakes, but denying them and blaming circumstances or others show great mental and spiritual immaturity. Own your mistakes, learn from them and forgive yourself. You acted as you did because you did not know any better. But now you do, so learn and move on. Do not dwell on the mistakes of the past and NEVER let them rule your life.

7. Respect all life forms and stop participating in killing via your diet

 All living beings on this planet have as much right to be here as we do. We have no right to abuse other living beings, to lock them up in small sties and eat them once they have become fat enough. This attitude is very primitive and shows a total lack of empathy with other living beings. It may have been necessary in the past to live by devouring the flesh of animals, but it is not anymore. Today we have a huge choice of plant-based food to eat and this type of food does not involve killing animals. Now we know that when we were told that we HAD to have animal protein to live, we were told a huge lie. There is no such need whatsoever. Our need for protein has been greatly exaggerated and on a daily basis 30-40 grammes of protein is all we need and the best protein comes from plants.

It is NOT a necessity for us to eat animals. On the contrary the eating of animals is extremely detrimental to our health, because it puts a strain on our digestive system on a daily basis. In order to digest what we eat, our body has to overpower the vibration of the food with its own vibration. This is no problem whatsoever when we live on a plant-based diet. But as meat is muscle fibre, the vibration of meat is practically on level with our own vibration and our body has to muster a high level of energy to digest it. When we eat meat 2 or 3 times a day, we put our body on overwork day in and day out. In the long run this undermines the health of the body and gradually the body becomes ill. Arthritis, rheumatism, digestive problems, sleep disturbances, lack of energy, boils, cancers, circulatory problems, blood clots and blocked arteries are all a result of eating meat. If you are on a diet of meat, you not only participate in killing animals, you also slowly but surely kill yourself.

Plants are also living beings, but they are our natural source of food at our present level of evolution and of two evils, we should always choose the lesser evil. Plants do not have an advanced nervous system as the animals do, and they cannot feel pain or fear. The digestion of plants makes no demands on our digestive system and vegetarians are without doubt much healthier and less ill than meat eaters. Go plant based and see how your health improves in less than a month.

We are alive on a living, breathing, conscious planet and because the Earth is a living being, we should certainly respect it. If the Earth were not alive, we could not live here, and if we want to know what a dead planet looks like, we can look at the moon. No life forms can live there, because the moon is a planet corpse.

We must learn to respect the planet much more than we do today and put a stop to our present level of pollution. Do not carelessly discard rubbish, and place what you no longer use in a recycle bin to be properly disposed of. Only use what you need and do not squander the natural resources. We are all dependent on the resources of the Earth for our survival, so let us economize with them and remember there is enough for everybody if we share. Go green whenever it is possible, waste not, and respect the huge living being on which we live.

Abstain from all types of killings, do not be selfish and greedy and know that all the good deeds you do will come back to you as good karma.

8. Give rather than take. Be a joy and blessing for others

 Help wherever you can. Be a comforter for the needy, a sower of hope for the hopeless, a server of hot meals for the hungry and homeless, a shoulder to cry on, a giver of your  own abundance, a sharer of       knowledge and wisdom, a  spreader of joy and blessing for others. Always think about how and where you can help and work on improving your skills in serving others. Spread light, love and hope wherever you go and be as the sun, which shines its light on everybody: the good, the bad and the average. Be like the sun.

 9. Be humble but know that you are important to the whole

Humility is the key to the gates of wisdom and nobody obtains enlightenment or cosmic consciousness when s/he goes around believing that they are better than others due to social position, riches, high office or a glamorous life. All that counts is our ability to love all living beings and be of service.

We are all parts of the living universe or God, and even though we are only tiny quanta, we are important to the whole. Each of us has a small role to play in the bigger picture and we are all needed to complete the whole. Nobody is superfluous and nobody is lost or forgotten by the higher being.

The universe is an eternal living being and as we are parts of it, we are also eternal. Death is an illusion and this is not the only physical life we live. As we move through eternity, we move in cycles that spiral upwards. In each cycle we must experience both light and darkness and we unfold and enfold eternally between these two extremes.

The universe is a totally magical place and life is teeming everywhere in this huge living being. Be humble.

Note: The above are suggestions to work on and you may not immediately be able to do all these 9 things, but start with the ones that resonate most with you and aim to keep trying to better yourself, because in doing so, you raise the vibration of the planet. We all benefit from a planetary rise in vibration and even though you may think that your contribution is too small to count, it is NOT so. Every drop in the ocean counts!

In my opinion there is nothing more important right now than the realization that this is not the only life we live, that death is an illusion and reincarnation a fact. To convince yourself about reincarnation and how it takes place please read this insightful book:

You can also read this book that presents the evidence for the survival of consciousness and the underlying logic:

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