On UFOs and space travels

A question that is more relevant now than ever is if UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist and if space travel has a future.

In this blog-post I would like to present what Martinus has said about the subject. He was asked many times about “flying saucers” which was what UFOs were called in the 1960s. He was also asked if humans could live on the Moon and other planets. Martinus was reluctant to talk about the subject because, as he said, it was completely outside his mission to do so. However, in order to accommodate the many people who had asked, in 1966 he wrote a short answer, which I will paraphrase here.

We are NOT identical to our physical body

Who we really are is our spirit or consciousness, which is a field of energy, that cannot be destroyed. This field survives every time we lose a physical body, i.e. when we die. Once we have released our spirit from the physical shell, we can travel to other worlds in the cosmos. This means that visits to other planets can take place when we are not incarnated in flesh and blood, as we are now. Such travels are, thus, a cosmic non-physical experience and they belong to a sphere that lies beyond all physical obstacles, time and distances. When we are discarnate between physical incarnations we can indeed travel to and visit other planets and worlds, and this has been confirmed by research carried out by the late Michael Newton of the Newton Institute (1).

In very rare cases a physical being can, at will, release its spirit from the physical body and go on ´astral travels´ and afterwards return to the body again. This has been related on many occasions and is termed “out-of-body experiences” (2).

Materialization and dematerialization

When we are discarnate we can, in certain situations, materialize a physical body and dematerialize it again quickly once we have accomplished what we came to the physical plane to do. This is the case when we get unexpected help from our guardian angels. They appear and disappear again very quickly, which means that they can materialize a physical body, carry out the needed help and dematerialize the body again in a matter of minutes. This is an ability that we only achieve once we become very highly evolved, totally all-loving and can do no harm to others. I wrote a blog-post about our guardian angels just recently, so please read that if you haven’t already: http://newspiritualscience.com/our-guardian-angels/

In the universe there are two planes of existence: the physical plane and the spiritual plane.  Only two. So, when we can observe unidentified flying objects from the surface of the Earth that can suddenly appear and then disappear, it is exactly the same thing that happens as in the case of our guardian angels: it is spiritual beings that materialize a “flying saucer” and dematerialize it again very quickly.

Who are the beings that man the UFOs?

The beings that visit the Earth are spiritual beings that have materialized a space ship that can be seen from Earth. Martinus says: “They may well be spiritual beings who are somehow attached to the spiritual planes of Mars and Venus, even if the physical plane of these worlds would not be suitable for the habitation of physical humans or other highly developed physical beings.” (Martinus: Letter no. 18, from 1966, M3039).

This means that even though both Mars and Venus are unfit for physical human habitation, there are spiritual beings attached to them and they dwell in the aura of those planets. From there (or from the spiritual plane in general, which is identical to what we erroneously call empty space) they can materialize themselves and their vehicles close to the Earth plane. They may do this just because they can or to see what we are up to.

Do the extra-terrestrials pose a danger or threat to us?

No, they do not! They do not, because once they have reached the point in evolution at which they attain the ability to materialize and dematerialize physical matter, they have become so advanced in their ability to manifest universal love, that the thought of harming others is unthinkable.

Why do they visit us then? Well, there can be various reasons: they may be curious to find out what we are up to and how a human body works, as in reported cases of abductions. They may want us to be aware of their existence, they may want to warn us about our maltreatment of the Earth, they may want to show us their superior technology to let us know what is possible, or simply to let us know that we are not alone in the universe. There may be various reasons for their appearance, but they simply cannot harm other living beings due to their high level of humanitarianism and ability to manifest universal love. They pose no danger to us whatsoever. If anything, they come to help us, not to harm us.

We are not alone in the vast universe

The universe is one huge, unimaginably vast living unit and it is teeming with life. There is life in both spiritual and physical form all over the universe, and the idea that the Earth should be the only planet with life on it is absurd, given the enormity of space. Martinus puts it like this: “To believe that the universe is nothing but an infinite ocean of the chance play of dead forces and to believe that from this chance play the bit of micro life which the earthly humanity constitutes  – that is the inhabitants on the speck of dust in the universe, which we call the Earth – should be the only and highest existing life is a gigantic, cosmic derailment of logical thinking. It is to live in death instead of in life”. (Livets Bog VI, paragraph 2350).

Space travels as physical beings

Our ability to travel as physical beings to other planets is very limited to say the least. Martinus says: “The earth’s nearest neighbouring sun is four light-years away from the earth, which means that it is at a distance of approx. 37.843.200.000.000 km. Even if humans could reach a speed of 30.000 km per hour, it will take 144.000 years to cross this gigantic distance.” (Ibid).

He goes on to say that even if we could travel 3 times as fast as mentioned, it would still be totally impossible to cross this gigantic distance in physical form.

The limitations of the physical body

Our physical body has been constructed to live on this planet. The planet provides air, water, food, light etc. in such amounts that our needs can be met. Our body is also dependent on the gravity of this planet for its functioning. It has not been construed to live in a weightless state, where there is no up and down. This is a well-known fact from our experience with space stations, where the astronauts live for months in the weightless state: bones and muscles deteriorate, loss of blood plasma takes place, the redistribution of the body´s liquids goes awry and this causes congestions in both the head and the legs, renal function accelerates causing renal stones, the sensors of the skin stop working, mental abilities deteriorate due to the modified sensorial input and the inner ear with its balancing abilities responds inappropriately due to the weightlessness.

The optimal  functioning of our body can only take place in conditions similar to those on Earth.

Can we live on the Moon or Mars?

Man has already been to the Moon and this was a gigantic endeavour that cost billions of dollars.

But the Moon is totally unsuitable as habitat for humans for various reasons: There is no air to breathe, water to drink or plants to eat. When we go there, we have to bring these vital ingredients from Earth. Once they have been consumed, there will be nothing to live on and no air to breathe. Also, the day on the Moon is 14 earth-days long and the night is the same. As there is no atmosphere on the Moon, the Sun emanates its deadly heat directly on the surface, and there is no shade anywhere. No human can sustain such heat. And likewise, during the 14-days-long night the cold of the universe will be so extreme, that a human would perish. The same goes for both Venus and Mars: they are not suitable as habitat for physical humans: Venus is too close to the sun and Mars too far away. The Earth is a paradise compared to those planets. All endeavours to make them habitable will eventually fail, so basically they are just a waste of money. Money that could undoubtedly be better spent solving problems here on Earth.

Our present cosmic ignorance

It is our present cosmic ignorance that has given rise to the idea that we should travel to other planets. Most of us still think that we are only alive when we have a physical body, but that is not so. We are always alive in our spiritual body / energy field/ consciousness, and as the spiritual world is all around the physical planets of the universe, and as this world is the primary world and our real home, why would we struggle to transport our temporary physical body to other worlds, where it is not fit to live?

Our cosmic ignorance together with the one-life theory has clouded our vision, making us think that we have to colonize space. Nothing could be further from the truth or a more far-fetched idea.

Should we not colonize other planets in case the Earth may perish?

No! The Earth is not going to perish because it is a very advanced living, breathing, conscious, intelligent being, the most advanced planet in this part of the Milky Way galaxy. Martinus says that the Earth is so advanced that it is far beyond any danger of perishing. It has outlived all its dark karma and no harm can come to it at its present advanced stage.

The Earth is, as a living being, so advanced that it will achieve cosmic consciousness within the next 2-3000 years. This is, in Earth time, just around the corner, maybe ´15 minutes´ for the Earth. When this happens, peace, prosperity for all and a harmonious co-existence will rule the Earth.

Right now climatic adjustments are taking place and the Earth is struggling to get rid of the last traces of its primitive mental traits. Such a crisis always precedes the achievement of cosmic consciousness. This crisis causes disruptions on the surface of the planet as we see with floods, wildfires, pandemics, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. But these events do not herald a final Armageddon. They are the pains of birth of a new world culture and the downfall of the old world culture of extreme materialism based on egoism.

Even though climate change is measurable, it is not solely caused by us humans. It is the Earth that decides its climate. Not us. But it is important that we learn to treat this advanced living being with respect and stop polluting our own home. The greed-driven exploitation of the natural resources has to stop and it has to stop now! With the disruptions mentioned above the Earth is showing us that we have to change our ways. Now!

The corona pandemic is telling us that we must stop the unethical and cruel production of meat and stop eating animals. Now! Have a look at this anagram: coronavirus = carnivorous.

But once we change our ways and once those who kill others and exploit the resources of the planet solely for their own benefit get the karma back over their next incarnations from their unwise and selfish actions, they too will learn to only sow what they would like to reap and then, over the cause of the next 2000 years, a new world culture of respect, compassion, mutual help and universal love will gradually quench the present materialistic gospel of egoism. And then, this new world culture will reign the planet and world peace will prevail. A very bright future awaits us. To learn more please read my blog-post: A Deeply optimistic Worldview here:


Let us concentrate on making this planet a better place for all those who live here

Spending trillions of dollars on sending humans into space is a total waste of money. A waste founded in cosmic ignorance and megalomania. Let us rather concentrate our efforts on making this planet a pleasant place to live for all living beings with no wars, no slaughter houses, no poverty and starvation, no inequality, a just distribution of the Earth´s resources and peace and prosperity for all.

Note 1: See for instance: Newton, Michael, Ph.D., Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. Link to the Newton Institute: https://www.newtoninstitute.org/

Note 2: See for instance: Robert Monroe: Far Journeys.

To learn more about the Earth as a living being, please read: The Beginning is Near: https://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Near-New-Perspectives-Life/dp/1523724048


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