Our current crisis seen in a cosmic perspective

 The following text is an extract from my latest book: “The Earth, the Universe and God in a Cosmic Perspective. The True Theory of everything Based on the Spiritual Science of Martinus”.

This extract from the book is very relevant for an understanding of our current situation with wars, climate change, a growing population and also of our future.

 The size of the population of the Earth

The population of the planet is growing, and this is a concern for many people. Will there be room enough for us all? How can we feed all those people in the future?

On November 15th, 2022, the world population passed 8 billion people. Birthrates are growing much more than death rates. What are we going to do?

First of all we should understand that the size of the population of the planet is not up to us. It is the Earth being that decides how many people should reincarnate in its body.

Martinus puts it like this:

“What has fallen to mankind’s lot to regulate of the number of living beings on the earth is in reality but insignificant beside the true regulating factor – the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth – since this is the direct promoting factor in the Earth’s ability to attract and repel, this constituting in turn, according to cosmic analyses, the basis for the Earth’s astronomical position and thereby for its climate. Consequently, the spiritual atmosphere becomes decisive for all nutrition and possibilities for existence, and thereby for the number of living beings on the planet as well”. (Martinus: The ideal food, chapter 7, my underlining added).

We do in no way decide or regulate the size of the population of the planet. The true regulating factor is the climate of the planet, which again determines how much food it can produce for its micro-beings. Another important factor is the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth. This again means the number of micro-beings that the planet needs as brain-cells. We should never worry about the planet being over-populated. The Earth has exactly the right number of micro-beings it needs at any time.

The possibilities for growth are huge on the Earth at the moment

Right now the Earth is a very attractive place to reincarnate on, because the possibilities for growth are huge, due to the already mentioned mental crisis of the planet. Due to the mental ‘spring cleaning’ that the Earth is undertaking there is a great opportunity for many beings to get their dark karma over with. When you reincarnate into a war zone, you can get rid of a lot of dark karma that is awaiting in your karmic ´bank account´,  and this is a very welcome opportunity for many. Also, the technological development is going forward at an unheard-of pace, so the planet offers a lot of opportunities for growth on intellectual, technical, scientific, artistic, spiritual and emotional levels at the moment. This means that a lot of discarnate beings are queuing up to reincarnate here. A physical life on this planet is in high demand right now, so this is another reason for the population growth.

Martinus has the following interesting observation about the accelerated development we are living in:

An explosive development

The human beings on Earth have entered a colossal, accelerated, in fact an explosive, development in which more is taking place in ten years than previously took place in centuries. It is true that some human beings view the present circumstances as if things went in the opposite direction, towards the downfall of mankind. But that is absolutely not the case. What we are experiencing is the downfall of a culture, that is to say its death pangs, but it is at the same time the birth of a new culture and thereby its birth pangs. That is the reason why there is so much suffering and pain, and so many difficulties. (Martinus: Mankind and the Earth on their Way towards Cosmic Initiation, article, my underlining added).

The unrest and wars we are experiencing at the moment express the downfall of an old culture and the rise of a new one. It is death pangs and birth pains at the same time. It is the death pangs of a culture characterized by the killing principle and the birth pains of a technical-scientific culture characterized by higher knowledge and spiritual insight, peace, prosperity, harmony and universal love. Such a major change does not go unnoticed by the micro-beings, so we are living in a time of global upheaval, but it is not the end. Far from it. A new dawn is shining on the horizon, and its light will very soon overshadow the darkness of the old culture.

The Earth is protected by spiritual forces

In spite of the wars, unrest, terrorism, global warming, pollution and pandemics, the Earth is not in any kind of danger of destruction. The planet is so far advanced in its progress towards its achievement of cosmic consciousness that it is beyond any type of danger of destruction. It cannot be hit by a meteor or asteroid, it cannot be destroyed by a major atomic war, and it cannot perish in any other way. The Earth is protected by cosmic forces due to the proximity of its cosmic consciousness.

What we are witnessing right now are what Jesus referred to as “the last hour” in 1 John, 2:18 18  “Little children, it is the last hour. As you have heard that the Antichrist will come, even now there are many Antichrists. By this we know that it is the last hour”.

But those troublesome times are not “the last”. They are the downfall and a new birth of two opposing cultures. The promised land is appearing in the horizon, and this is something that we can all look forward to in our future incarnations. It is on the crossroad between two giant principles that we are living right now, and no one will avoid the consequences.

Those who have peace in their hearts have nothing to fear from wars, because they are protected by their karma. But the global financial consequences will affect us all. These times of upheaval have huge lessons for all of us, so we must observe and learn and not despair and cry.

Martinus underlines that it is important to keep ourselves on an even keel, if disaster strikes. We should try to muster all our mental forces to get through the dark times in a calm and balanced way and not despair. The more we can keep our emotional and mental equilibrium, the better for ourselves and the planet as a whole. The darkest hour is always just before the dawn, and the dawn will come soon. We can already see the first faint signs of the aurora on the horizon.

We should be happy that so many people are reincarnating on the planet at the moment, because the more beings there are that can get their dark karma over with, the better do the prospects for the future look for all of us. And via the insight of Martinus we know that our future is bright and beautiful, once the last vestiges of the darkness have been overcome.

Global hunger

But how can we feed a growing population? Does the Earth have enough resources to feed us all. Yes, it has, and Martinus says that the Earth has room for many more people than those who are here now, providing we stop letting around 36% of the arable land be used for the production of feed for animals.

Fact box (Wikipedia): Twenty-six percent of the Planet’s ice-free land is used for livestock grazing and 33 percent of croplands are used for livestock feed production.

Just 55 percent of the world’s crop calories are actually eaten directly by people. Another 36 percent is used for animal feed. And the remaining 9 percent goes toward biofuels and other industrial uses.

Eating meat belongs to a stage that many people alive today have outgrown. The eating of meat is suitable for wild predators such as tigers, lions, polar bears, crocodiles, snakes and the like, and to the extent that we humans stand above those predators in evolution, meat is unsuitable for us as food. The eating of meat is suitable for animals whose digestive system is designed for the digestion of this very rough type of food and ours is not.

As we evolve away from the animal stage, our mentality becomes more and more refined and humane, and our mentality creates our body. So, a refined and humane mentality creates a refined and humane body. And to such a body meat is unsuitable due to its coarseness as nutrition and the killing principle it involves. We have to kill another living being to get the meat, and this thought is unbearable to very humane and all-loving humans. The more humane we become, the more our digestion becomes refined, and at our present stage meat is simply unsuitable for humans as food due to its high vibration.

Everything has vibration

Meat is muscle fibre from small and large animals, and when we introduce it into our body, we give our digestive system a huge job. The vibration of our own body must overcome the vibration of the meat, and as the two are on more or less the same vibrational level, our body must muster all its force in order to break down the meat. For that reason we often feel very tired after eating meat and have to go and lie down on the sofa.

When we have eaten meat several times a day for 40 or 50 years, we have put our digestive system on overwork for as long, and this constant strain will, sooner or later, undermine the general health of our body.

Humans who live on a plant-based diet are way healthier that meat eaters, solely because they do not put a strain on their digestive system on a daily basis. Plants are the natural food for us at our present stage, and the vibration of plants is so low that it is easy for our own body to overpower it. Most vegetarians and vegans never put their digestive system on overwork, and consequently they do not undermine their health. They remain free from diseases well into old age, and they do not suffer from the same degenerative illnesses that meat eaters do. Research supports the findings that vegetarians are at a lower risk for health biomarkers and that people on a plant-based diet live longer, are less prone to depressions and accidents and have less fear of death.

How not to die

Eating meat is responsible for most deadly diseases that people are suffering from in the Western world, such as cancers, arthritis, heart diseases, diabetes, circulatory diseases, digestive problems, sleep disorders, rheumatism, overweight and depressions. (source: Michael Greger: How not to die – please see the bibliography).

Apart from that, the production of meat pollutes the environment to a high degree, it depletes the water resources, it adds to methane gas being released into the atmosphere (from the burps of the big mammals we eat), it leads to over-fishing of the oceans and it demonstrates an attitude of disrespect for the lives of the animals that end up on our menus.

There is no valid argument for eating meat other than you like the taste. It is bad for your health and for the environment, it depletes the Earth´s resources, it is unethical and cruel, and bad for your karma.

But as we evolve, more and more people will wake up to the reality of what it takes to produce a steak – the suffering and miserable living conditions it implies – and more and more people will turn to a plant-based diet. This trend is already obvious all over the planet, and it will grow and keep growing until there are no more meat eaters left. This may take a couple of centuries, but it will happen without fail.

How not to create dark karma

Taking the life of another living being in order to get something to eat is completely unnecessary, because there are thousands of vegetables, grains, pulses, cereals, nuts, seeds and fruits for us to eat. Eating plants has no repercussions on our karma, but eating meat does. It is true that plants are also living beings, but they do not have evolved nervous systems as the animals we like to eat have. Plants cannot suffer when they are harvested – they are too low on the ladder of evolution to have evolved feelings, such as animals do. In this connection it should be mentioned that it is does not matter if we do not kill the animals ourselves. Our consumption of meat makes us accomplices in the killing of the animal, so no meat eater is free from the karmic repercussions of the killing. When we eat meat we will reap the suffering involved in the meat production.

When we do not sow suffering, we have no suffering to reap, so to avoid our own suffering in the future, the safe choice is to go plant-based. And of two evils, we should always choose the lesser evil.

Please see https://nutritionfacts.org/ for references to research confirming the health-enhancing effects of eating a plant-based diet.

So, feeding a growing number of people will not be a problem once we become so mentally mature that we can no longer find it in our hearts to participate in killing living beings with a developed nervous system for food. And then, a just and even distribution of the food the planet can produce will eliminate global hunger forever.

Please read the book to learn what the future of humanity and the Earth will bring. This future is not, as many people think, grim and disastrous but bright and beautiful once we outgrow our current use of the killing principle.

 The book is on Amazon and here you have a link:


 The book has had 5 star reviews only, and here is one of them:

 john wright

5,0 of 5 stars Profound insights. An invaluable book for all spiritual seekers.

Reviewed in  Canadá on 7 of octubre de 2023

This is a great book-a must read for seekers of truth about the meaning of life and the nature of God. What makes the book so valuable is that the author masterfully summarizes the complex and voluminous teachings of the great Danish mystic Martinus in a single easy to read and readily comprehensible book .I have read all of the books of Martinus which have been translated to English and while being full of profound and original material they comprise thousands of pages covering a lot of information that is not easy to neatly summarize. However, Else Byskov has done a brilliant job of summation and interpretation and that’s what makes this book so valuable. The last two chapters in particular “God” and “The True Theory of Everything” are particularly great-just filled with deep insights and profound wisdom. This is a book to be treasured and referred to again and again.



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