Death is an illusion. What we think of as death is no death at all, it is just the process of discarding an old worn instrument: our physical body. We are NOT identical to that body, because behind the physical organism the real living being exists. The real living being is the field of energy of which our consciousness consists. This is who we really are. This means that we are as alive without a physical body as we are with it, and we will feel just the same as we did before, only lighter. Now that we no longer have the heavy physical body to manage, we will feel free and relieved, especially if the body was ill or old.

So, now we have pulled out and then what? Well, we are now a field of pure energy and energy is put in motion by the law of attraction, which decrees that energies on similar wavelengths attract each other and energies on dissimilar wavelengths repel each other. Or put more simply: like attracts like.

As I said, our energy field is identical to our consciousness. Our consciousness is who we really are. In this world everything has vibration, so our consciousness also has a specific vibration that it operates on. Vibrations create waves on different wavelengths.

This means that our consciousness operates on a specific wavelength. The wavelength of peoples´ consciousnesses are very different because it is defined by the type of thoughts we think. Thoughts are small bundles of energy and different thoughts operate on different wavelengths. The thoughts of a very angry and hateful person will create a wavelength that is very different from that of a kind and loving person.

This simply means that it is our predominant thoughts that decide where we go in the spiritual realm. The hateful person will go to one place, and the loving person will go to another place.  This is ruled by the law of attraction and there is no moral judgement in it. It is simply how the law of attraction works.

Our destination in the spiritual world is defined by the wavelength of our consciousness

So, it is important to understand that our predominant thoughts define where we go in the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is a light world of thoughts, so similar thoughts spheres attract each other. Let us look at an example: If you like to read and study, and you have spent your physical life as a teacher or scholar, then you will, when you pull out of your physical body, be attracted to a world of learning and study where you will meet like-minded beings. Meeting like-minded beings is a characteristic of the spiritual world due to the law of attraction. If you are a learned teacher, there is no way that you can end up among cannibals, terrorists or beings whose mind-set is very different from your own. This is simply not possible due to the strict workings of the law of attraction.

A thief and robber will end up on a wavelength inhabited by other thieves and robbers. S/he will be among like-minded beings, like it or not. A suicide bomber will go to a wavelength inhabited by other suicide bombers, like it or not, and the artist will go to a wavelength where art and creative talents abound.

In a world of thoughts there is no heavy physical matter to overcome. There is only direct transference of thoughts, and this means that in a split second whatever we think about will materialize before us in spiritual matter or thought matter.

On the spiritual plane there is no time and space as we are used to here on the physical plane. Everything happens in the eternal NOW. All happenings have been stripped of the time delay we know from Earth. On Earth we have wishes and plans, and it takes a lot of planning and preparations to make our wishes come true, so that we can live our dreams. But on the spiritual plane everything is instant. As soon as we think of a desired scenario, it materializes before our eyes.

There are many destinations

In the spiritual world there are as many destinations as there are possible thought spheres or fields of consciousness. This huge number of destinations in the spiritual world is, according to Martinus, what Jesus refers to when he says: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions”.

The number of mansions or possible destinations in the spiritual world is very very great. This means that there is no way that a killer and a saint can arrive at the same wavelength or ´mansion´ in the spiritual world, because the law of attraction is always in operation and it is a very inflexible law: it can ONLY take a field of energy on a specific wavelength to a destination that is similar in vibration to itself. The law of attraction cannot fail, because then the whole universe would be in disarray – and it is NOT.

The law of attraction can only take the suicide bomber to a wavelength where other suicide bombers dwell. And it can only take the saint to a destination where other saints dwell. It cannot make mistakes or blunders and take the suicide bomber to where the saints dwell and vice versa. That is impossible in a universe that is ruled by laws and where “even the hairs on your head are numbered”. This last quote was expressed by Jesus to let his disciples know how strict the laws of the universe are.

So, as we can all imagine, there are millions of destinations that we can go to depending on the contents of our thoughts.

Religious destinations

The contents of our consciousness have been shaped for thousands of years by our beliefs and religions. The Vikings had an unshakeable faith in the old Nordic gods like Odin and Thor, and they were convinced that they would go to Valhalla when they died. Indeed, it was only when they died in battle that they would be allowed into Valhalla, so dying in battle was the very best thing. And because a lot of people believed in Valhalla, their joint thought matter, depicting a huge hall with tables where large amounts of meat and mead were served by Valkyries, created such a wavelength. And all those who died believing they would go to Valhalla, actually did. Valhalla was a creation in thought matter made by all those who believed in it, and so it became a spiritual reality. Consequently, those who believed in it were attracted to that wavelengths and had an experience of Valhalla.

The same goes for all other religious scenarios: the joint thought matter of the believers creates a wavelength and those whose consciousness is on the same wavelength,  will go there. So, the native American Indian will go to the eternal hunting fields, the Christian will see Christ and become a part of the great while flock that waves palm branches and are placed at God´s right hand, the Buddhists will see Buddha, the Muslims will see Muhammed and Allah etc.

If you are not religious and have no idea about life after death, then you may experience mostly greyness and a void. But that is only to begin with. There is much more to come.

Your destination is simply determined by the wavelength of your thought matter and the law of attraction.

Improving the content of your thoughts

To a large extent the contents of our thoughts are something we can decide ourselves. If we are angry and irritable, we can decide to be less so and practice being more tolerant and kind. If we are jealous and envious, we can decide to work on this and practice being more permissive and flexible. If we are dishonest and prone to lying, we can decide to be more truthful and sincere. There is always room for improvement for all of us, and the more we are able to weed out our less mature sides, the better will our destination be in the spiritual world. There is no moral judgement in this, it is solely based on the functioning of the law of attraction.

Let me repeat this: the law of attraction is no moral judge. It is a natural law that functions in an automatic way. Just as the law of attraction (or law of gravity) does not judge the moral standard of a person that jumps from a tall building, it does not judge the contents of the consciousness of the person who has just died. There is no moral judgement in the fact that the suicide bomber is pulled to a place where other suicide bombers are and the saint to a place where other saints are. It is simply how the law of attraction works.

This is useful to know because taking stock of the predominant thoughts in your consciousness can give you a good indication of what your destination in the spiritual world will be. If you are predominantly a very jealous and envious person, then your destination will be one where jealousy and envy predominate. It is probably not a very nice place to be.

If your predominant thoughts are kind, friendly and positive towards other living beings, then the law of attraction will take you to a wavelength, where similar thoughts of likeminded beings prevail. It will be a lovely place to be.

This is very useful to know while you are still on the physical plane and still have the opportunity to work on your mix of thoughts. Many people think that they cannot control their thoughts, but that is a huge misconception. We can all decide what to think and we have the ability to weed out negative thinking and replace it with positive thinking. This may not seem very easy at first, but the more we practice, the better we become, and it really is a question of focusing on desirable thoughts and excluding undesirable thoughts.

If you think about a war-torn city with people screaming and trying to flee, then that is not a pleasant thought and you may want to shout NO to it. But shouting no does not make the thought go away. The only way to make it go away is to replace it with a very positive thought: a palm clad sandy beach on a tropical island where everybody is happy. You can simply work on replacing all negative thoughts in your mind with positive ones. The better you are at this, the better will your destination in the spiritual world be.

The more negative, dissatisfied, and judgmental thoughts that we can weed out of our consciousness, the better is it, not only for our daily life here on Earth, but also for our destination in the spiritual world. There are only advantages to gain from a good mental spring cleaning.

The above forms part of our (Else Byskov and Maria McMahon) latest Nutshell book: Life after death in a Nutshell- What happens when we die. The book was published in March 2021 and it presents a full description of the spiritual realms and the research that confirms it. Prepare to want to read the book. Here is a link to it:


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