Yes, it is! Praying is the best tool we have when we are in trouble. God has a huge ´army´ of angels that hear our prayers, and they will be answered within certain limits. Martinus has a lot to say about praying, and he once said that he could not understand how anybody would dare to not pray.

Praying is a ´hotline´ to the divine

It is the best and easiest way to be in contact with the divine level of existence, and when we are in trouble, help will be sent to us. Angels can materialize quickly and take shape as humans. As soon as they have helped, they dematerialize and disappear. This phenomenon has been observed in numerous cases and books have been published about angelic help.

Silly prayers

Martinus says that all our prayers will be heard, but not all will be fulfilled. Most prayers related to our everyday needs will be fulfilled, if it is not in contradiction to our karma. Silly prayers will not be fulfilled. What is a silly prayer? It could be egoistic prayers like “please give me an expensive fur coat” or praying for our son to become a genius if he is not, or praying for the course of the Earth around the Sun to change. Those are silly prayers.

Unselfish prayers

Martinus says that all prayers “in the name of Jesus” will be fulfilled. And what does that mean? “In the name of Jesus” means with the attitude of Jesus, which again means that it is unselfish and consequently in contact with the will of God.
So, a prayer can be expressed in two ways: either in the name of Jesus or in the name of selfishness. If we pray in the name of selfishness, we may pray that harm and suffering come to others. The first kind of prayer will be fulfilled whereas the second will not.
Martinus strongly advocated praying. It is an easy way to be in contact with the divine consciousness, and if we pay attention, we can observe, how we get our answers. So pray!!!

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