Today the mainstream narrative tells us that we only live one life, but that claim is only an assumption as nobody has ever been able to prove that nothing survives the death of the physical body. Before, beyond and behind the physical body our real body – a body of energy or electromagnetic radiation – exists in the shape of the energy field that surrounds all living beings. This field is identical to our consciousness / aura and it is who we really are. The physical body is ´just´ an instrument that the energy field or spirt / soul uses for its experience of the physical world.

We are cosmic travelers

Our energy field / spirit / soul is an indestructible entity and it is on an eternal journey through spiritual and physical realms of existence in the eternal universe. We are cosmic travelers and in a certain part of our cosmic journey there is a period of time when we reincarnate in physical bodies.

Such a period of time is the present and right now we are somewhere on our evolutionary journey in physical matter. This journey started already in the mineral kingdom and took us through the plant and animal kingdoms to the place where we find ourselves today as cultural human beings.

The aim of our journey

The aim of our journey is to become real, finished human beings that can only manifest universal love, beings that love all other living beings unconditionally.

We are all somewhere on this evolutionary journey, but we have not reached the goal yet. Some have come quite close to the goal and are kind, helpful, compassionate and loving beings and some have not come as far and are still dominated by a more primitive mentality and are selfish, mean, intolerant, hurtful, greedy persons who do not shy away from cheating, harming or killing other living beings.  But no matter where we find ourselves on this ladder of evolution, we will all reach the high goal of becoming real, finished human beings one day.

The pedagogic tool of our journey

On our journey there is a pedagogic tool that is instrumental in recreating us from primitive to all-loving beings and that is the law of karma. This law decrees that we reap as we sow or put in another way: what we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves.

So, because we come from the animal kingdom where our mentality was predominated by our instinct of self-preservation, we are still influenced by a need to be egoistic in order to ensure our own survival long after we have become human beings.  But egoism and self-centeredness will, over a series of incarnations, decrease in our mentality due to the reaping we do of the unloving seeds we have sown as primitive humans in the shape of unloving actions towards others. When the seeds we have sown come back to us as our fate (and they will, because that is how the law of karma works) we will experience in our own bodies how we once treated others and this will be an experience of suffering and misery.

The great gift of suffering

But suffering and misery carry with them a great gift: it awakens our ability to feel compassion for others. This awakening compassion will with time recreate us from hurtful, cold, insensitive  beings to kind, helpful, warm and loving beings. This process takes a series of incarnations, but each time we reincarnate we take the essence of the lessons learnt with us into our next life and in this way our ability to express universal love grows for each life we live. We ´simply´ become wiser, more understanding, more compassionate and loving for each life we live.

Our changed mentality gives rise to more advanced bodies

As our mentality changes, our physical bodies will follow suit because it is the energy field of our consciousness that creates the physical body. To a primitive, selfish body corresponds a body of an animal and to a more advanced and loving body corresponds a human body. As our mentality changes from egoistic and greedy to kind and loving our physical bodies will become finer and more and more beautiful.

Our ancestors were us

In the history books we can read how humans have evolved over millions of years from apes via primitive humans to the more or less evolved humans we are today, and we think that those ancestors were somebody else. But they were not, they were us. We have lived through all the stages of human evolution ourselves, and as our societies also evolved and human population spread all over the globe, more and more souls reincarnated from other planets in order to help populate the Earth.

The end of human suffering

The end of human suffering will come about when we stop sowing suffering for others. As long as we can still find it in our hearts to be cruel and insensitive to the suffering of others (animals as well as humans) and continue to sow more suffering for them, we ourselves will continue to suffer. But the moment we stop sowing this suffering, our own suffering will end.

A peaceful world

When we reach the goal of becoming real, finished human beings that can only express universal love, a society defined by peace, equality, harmonious co-existence and respect for all life forms will become a reality on this planet. Our evolutionary journey will, without fail, take us there and such a society will arise in 2-3000 years on Earth.

But in no less than 2-300 years the last war will be fought here and from then on the development towards a peaceful world will gather speed. In tune with our ability to eliminate the more selfish, greedy and intolerant sides to our nature, the better will our collective future look. But our long-term future is bright and beautiful because our evolutionary journey can only go forwards and on this journey we are helped by the most effective pedagogic tool ever invented: the law of karma.

When we reap the selfish seeds of our own egoistic sowing there is one and only one outcome: we will learn from our mistakes and grow in humanitarianism and compassion until this process has recreated us from wild beasts in the jungle to all-loving humane and humanitarian real human beings.

To find out how reincarnation takes place you can read our book: Else Byskov and Maria McMahon: “Reincarnation in a Nutshell. Why reincarnation is real”.

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