“Reincarnation in a Nutshell – Why Reincarnation Is Real”
A book by Else Byskov and Maria McMahon based on the spiritual science of Martinus

All Life-forms reincarnate

Reincarnation is much more than just a religious belief and all life-forms reincarnate from atoms, via molecules, cells, organs, plants, and animals, to humans. It is via reincarnation that life is ´blown´ into physical matter and if there were no reincarnation, there would be no life anywhere on the physical plane.

In the book we present the reasoning, the logic and the evidence for reincarnation and we call the book ‘your exit key from the one-life theory’. Once you have read the book, you will no longer doubt whether reincarnation is real, because not only do we present the evidence, but we also explain how reincarnation takes place and how the energy field of the incoming spirit is a prerequisite for the creation of a new body in the womb. You will know that death is an illusion and that one life is just a single note in a song revealing the mystery of life.

The Mainstream Narrative

Today it is the mainstream narrative that we only live once, but this theory has never been proved and it is founded on the myth that we are identical to our physical body. But we are not identical to our physical body, but to our consciousness. Our consciousness is a field of energy and this field survives the death of the physical body because energy cannot be destroyed. In the energy field of the consciousness lies all the information about the person we are, and when this field pulls out of the physical body, we will feel exactly the same as we did, when we were still in the body. We are NOT our body, but our consciousness. For each life we live, we add to the information held in the field, and this means that we evolve and become wiser and more moral for each life we live. In this way we are all subject to a process of perfection…

Prepare to Want a Copy

In the book you can read where this process of perfection leads, where we are coming from, where we are going and why it makes no sense at all to only live one life…
So, prepare to want a copy of Reincarnation in a Nutshell….
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