Yes, reincarnation is a fundamental principle, and all life forms, be they atoms, molecules, cells, plants, animals and humans – reincarnate. We are all primarily spiritual beings, and we exist eternally in an energy body that operates on a specific wavelength. Our primary home is in the spiritual realms. The spiritual realms are a wonderful world of thought and it is where we rest blissfully.

We must experience contrast

But we cannot eternally ‘just’ live in bliss; we must experience contrast, because if we did not, we would eventually lose our ability to perceive. Imagine if we were eternally to just look at a white piece of canvas. Then we would go nuts. So, we need contrast to maintain our ability to perceive, and in order to experience the needed contrast we must go to the physical plane, where there is a whole different scene for us to experience. We thus reincarnate in a physical body on a physical planet, as do all life forms. It is through reincarnation that the breath of life is blown into physical matter. No physical matter can be alive without a spirit or a soul. Life itself is our spirit, and when this spirit incarnates, physical beings comes to life. Life is spirit.

When we are reborn we continue our development from where we were the last time we died

We reincarnate according to eternal laws and we all do it constantly. When we die, we enter the spiritual world on a wavelength that corresponds to our own, and after a rest, which will normally take the same amount of years as we lived on the physical plane, we then reincarnate in a new physical body. We create this new physical body completely in our own favour, using the genetic material put at our disposal by our parents. When we are born, we continue our development from the stage we were at the last time we died.

Please see the video under Free Resources on this website entitled: Reincarnation

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