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Death Is An Illusion

Death Is An Illusion 2 Chapters

The Beginning Is near

The Beginning Is Near 2 Chapters

The Art of Attraction

The Art of Attraction 2 Chapters

The Undiscovered Country

The Undiscovered Country 2 Chapters

The Downfall of Marriage

Downfall of Marriage 2 Chapters


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The Ideal Food

The Ideal Food

Our Health & Our Thoughts

Our Health

Our Planet

Our Planet Who Decides The Climate copy


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The One Life Theory Sucks

One life theory

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life

What Is The Difference Between Religion & Martinus' Spiritual Science

The difference


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Harmonious Times to Come "The Beginning is Near: New Perspectives on Life" by Else Byskov - with Mimi South

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The Greatest Challenge Facing Humankind


What Happens When We Die?




Martinus' Cosmology - An Introduction

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Some useful links to other related websites – my website about Martinus and the evidence for life after death in 4 languages – my website presenting my spiritual books in Danish, German and Spanish plus my hiking books and hiking routes related to the books – the official website of the Martinus Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark. The site is in 20 languages and gives a complete overview of which Martinus texts have been translated into which languages. There is an online bookshop, and you can search in the work and read most of it online.