There seems to be a trend towards supporting the idea that we humans should start to eat insects and certain worms or maggots in order to get our protein needs covered in the future. It is becoming obvious that the meat industry is in trouble for a whole number of reasons: the subhuman way the animals are treated, the amounts of drugs the animals are given to not become ill, the health risks of meat consumption and the whole ethical question about why we should have other large living beings locked up in small pens only to slaughter them once they have become fat.
Then the idea has occurred to somebody that instead of big animals, we could eat small animals such as insects. They are quicker to breed and are full of protein. But is that really a good idea and a logical choice?

Why Eat Insects?

I must admit that I feel strongly about this, and I find it the most absurd and illogical thing to do.
Ok, I don´t mind if people want to eat insects. It is their choice but why do it? Here are 5 reasons why I think it is not a good idea:

    1. We do not need all that protein. A vegetarian or vegan diet can cover our needs for protein without any problems. I do not know where the protein hype comes from, but it is not founded in any research or factual circumstances. If you are a vegan, you might have to supplement your diet with B 12 vitamin, but that is all. No human being needs more than 30-40 gr. of protein per day, and that can easily be covered via a plant-based diet. There is no need for all that protein, and the hype was probably instigated by the meat industry.
    2. An overload of protein is very unhealthy for our body, because it puts an unnecessary strain on the digestion. In the long run too much protein undermines the health of the body, and meat consumption is the real cause of many illnesses such as heart and circulation diseases, obesity, cancer, diabetis and most digestive problems. The consumption of meat is a health risk just as smoking is.
    3. Insects might have been eaten by humans, when we were much less evolved than we are today. If we go back ten thousand years, we might find that insects (sugar ants, for instance) and fat, white maggots were eaten by emerging humans, because other sources of food were scarce. But going back to a stage that we have evolved away from seems like returning to the stone-age. Eating insects and maggots would have been fine when there was no other choice. But now? When we have thousands of different foods to chose from, then who in his or her right mind would chose to eat an ant? Or a maggot? It is returning to a very primitive stage of evolution.
    4. If you eat an insect you have to eat everything: head, eyes, mouth, organs, digestive tract with anus and everything in it. Bon appetite!
    5. Instead of taking one life (when, for example, you kill a cow) you chose to take 20, 30 or 40 lives. Is that better? More humane? More evolved?

To me the idea is sickening, illogical and absurd. Please, somebody, give me one good reason why I should crunch a fried grasshopper between my teeth?

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