The winners of the Bigelow essay competition on the survival of consciousness have now been revealed and I would like to congratulate them all. It is exciting that so many serious researchers have presented credible evidence for the survival of human consciousness after death.

The list can be seen here:

The naming of the winners is a momentous step in our understanding of death and consciousness, and hopefully it heralds a paradigm shift in our understanding of death or indeed, the lack of it. Death is an illusion, the biggest illusion that exists, and the more evidence we get that supports this idea, the more progress will we make in our understanding of what life is, because this will force us to rethink our identity and whole existence.

A quick look at the list of winners tells us that most of them are medical doctors and Ph.Ds. They are people who have studied the subject of consciousness at universities, hospitals  and various institutions for paranormal and psychical research, and have come to the conclusion that death is not what it has been made out to be for the last centuries. There is much more to us humans than just this physical body and NOW is the time when we have to start realizing this. How absolutely amazing it is! It heralds a new beginning at which our limited one-life theory will be put to the test – and it will fail this test.

Research from “below” – the physical level

As I am writing this, the winning essays have not yet been published at the Bigelow website, but they will be within a week or so. As I said, the winners are researchers that have been scrutinizing the question of the survival of human consciousness from the viewpoint of our materialistic sciences. They have, so to speak, been researching the question from “below”, from the Earth plane, from the physical level. But research from this level is unable to give us any information about our own immortal identity just as they can give us no information about morals and right behaviour, about justice and our fate.

Knowledge from “above” – the metaphysical level

As you may know, I myself participated in the contest but I was not among the winners. This may be because my essay reveals knowledge from “above”, from the metaphysical level of existence, and this level cannot be accessed via research from “below” and it is thus not considered “real” science. What it is, however, is spiritual science – a science about the spiritual level and what this level can tell us about the nature of consciousness and its identity to who we really are. Spiritual science is a new concept, so no wonder that it has not yet been included in what is considered “real science”. But with time it will be, once it becomes clear that the “big questions” that humankind has been asking for centuries cannot be answered from “below”. We need this information to be downloaded to us from “above”, from the divine level of existence, or indeed from a person with extraordinary insight into the nature of the spiritual or metaphysical level. Such a person was Martinus (1890 – 1981), the Danish modern mystic and intuitive.

Martinus achieved cosmic consciousness at the age of 30 and he was thus able to reveal a complete holistic spiritual science that explains the mystery of life on 10,000 pages of extraordinary metaphysical insight. Martinus´ work is the greatest revelation of spiritual insight ever disclosed to humankind. It is impossible to exaggerate its scope and importance.

Now, when I say the words: Martinus, a Danish mystic, most people have already stopped listening and filed this information under: fantasy, religion, voodoo, a cult, nonsense etc. But it is none of these. In fact it is a work that will forever remove our ignorance about everything spiritual and will make us knowledgeable about the spiritual level of existence, which is the primary level where everything has its origin. The work of Martinus heralds a new world culture where doubt and ignorance will be replaced with knowledge, wisdom and insight.

I do understand if you are sceptical when you hear this, as I was myself when I encountered the Martinus material in 1995. But my scepticism evaporated like raindrops on a hot stove when I started to read the material: It was pervaded by logic, intelligence and love. It appealed to my intellect like nothing I had ever read before and I was immediately so enthusiastic about it that I wrote my first book: “Death is an Illusion. A Logical Explanation based on Martinus´ Worldview”. The book was published in 2002 and it is a general introduction to Martinus´ spiritual science. But not only that: my intense and decades long study of Martinus´ work has given me, in a small way, cosmic consciousness on a theoretical level, I have, so to speak, become one with it, which is an amazing state to be in.

The answers to the ´big questions´

Now, research from below, from earthly science, will not be able to answer the big questions that I shall list below. It will not,  because these answers belong to a level of insight that is not readily attainable from the Earth level. Earthly research occupies itself with things that can be weighed, measured and observed. But the metaphysical level consists of matter that cannot be exposed to the methods used to research physical matter. Physical matter and spiritual matter are two vastly different ´things´ and the latter cannot be researched with the same instruments that we use, when we study physical matter. The two belong to two different levels of existence that are characterized by different densities. The physical world is a dense and heavy world and the spiritual world is a light world of thought.

In order to achieve insight into the spiritual world, we need somebody with cosmic consciousness to tell us how this world works and what it holds, so that we can finally get answers to the following questions:

The list of questions that cannot be answered from “below”

Why are we here?

Where are we coming from and where are we going?

What is the meaning of life?

Does our life have a purpose?

Who are we really?

Do we only live one life?

Do we have a soul?

What controls our fate?

Can we change our fate?

Is karma real?

Why do humans have different fates?

How can we create happiness?

Why do we have wars and terrorism?

Why is there so much unrest and evil in the world?

How can we create world peace?

What is the goal of our evolution?

What is the fate of humankind?

What is energy?

What is the universe?

Are we alone in the universe?

Are UFOs real?

Can we travel to other planets?

Can we colonize space?

How did the universe arise?

Do we have free will?

How do we create good and lasting health?

Who decides the climate?

Why do we have pandemics?

Is there a God?

Is there a Providence?

What happens when we die?

Is there a Heaven and Hell?

Are angels real?

Are ghosts real?

Is reincarnation a fact?

What does our short-term and long-term future look like?

Is the Earth alive?

Is it possible to sin?

Why is homosexuality on the rise?

Why are divorce rates soaring?

Why should we abstain from killing other living beings?

Is suicide a good idea?

Do we have a cosmic responsibility?

Are we eternal beings?

What is life?

Do things happen by chance?

Is it true that we are all one?

Do animals have souls?

This list may not be exhaustive, but I can in all truthfulness say that all these questions, each and every one of them, have been answered in the Martinus material. It is a cornucopia of spiritual wisdom and I invite everybody with just the least interest in finding logical answers to these questions to dig into the material. You will find answers to some of the questions in my blog-posts on this website and in my 10 books about aspects of Martinus´ spiritual science.

Also, if anyone would like to interview me, I will answer all those questions in great detail for you.

The unavoidable consequence of the Bigelow contest

Obviously, when it has now been established beyond reasonable doubt that death is not the end of life (the 29 winners of the Bigelow contest all confirm this) then the next logical step is to ask the questions that I have listed above.

Most people may say that we will never find those answers, but they are wrong. The answers are there in the Martinus material and all we have to do is study it.

The spiritual science of Martinus is a complete revelation from above of the solution to the mystery of life, and it was downloaded to us from the divine level of existence at precisely the time when we were ready for these new revelations, i.e. when our intelligence had developed sufficiently to make our belief in the traditional religions waver. This belief begins to waver when we expose the religious dogmas to intelligent analyses – when we begin to crave logical answers and not just postulates. Such a time is now, when we live in modern, technological societies with a scientific outlook. Now we want proper answers that can withstand a logical, intelligent scrutiny. This is what Martinus offers us: logical explanations that appeal to our intellects – not postulates of faith but real, factual  knowledge.

Martinus presents a whole world picture including both the physical and the spiritual levels of existence. Without both, we only have half a world picture and we cannot come to any definite conclusion about life, death and the mystery of both with half a world picture.

I have published my contribution to the Bigelow essay contest in a small book (115 pages) on Amazon. My book includes both research from below and revelations from above.

You can access the book on Amazon on the link below:





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