The colour purple

In these times, it is easy to become discouraged and sad when looking at the world with wars, armament, global warming, earthquakes, violent weather, pollution, oppression, lawlessness, school shootings, terrorism, missile attacks and power struggles.

Keep yourself on an “even keel”

In this context, Martinus writes that when we are faced with a dramatic world situation, it is important that we keep ourselves on an “even keel”. What does this mean? It means that we don’t get carried away in the maelstrom, but keep our heads above water and focus on living our lives as normally as possible and focusing on the positive aspects of life.

A few years ago, the British spiritual monthly magazine “Kindred Spirit” published a quote inspired by Alice Walker’s world-famous book “The Colour Purple”, which reads: “I think that God gets a little annoyed when we pass by the colour purple in nature without noticing it”.

Now we know from Martinus that God doesn’t get annoyed or offended, because he is not capable of that, but it may still be a good idea to take up the point that it is important to remember to see the beauty in life.

Today we are carpet-bombed with all the bad news and doomsday prophecies, and if you only focus on the negative aspects of life on Earth right now, it’s easy to get depressed and down. There are those who believe they can’t be happy because of all the negative trends that are happening right now.

“How are you feeling?” I asked an acquaintance. “Well, I’m fine, but with climate change, I can’t be happy,” he said.

Can’t you? Shouldn’t you try to find something purple to look at instead? Yes, but many would argue that if you do, you’ll be accused of being unrealistic and unworldly.

The sunshine realms of the mind

Are you unrealistic when you chose to look the other way? No, because it’s not good to walk around feeling down and depressed, because it breaks down your health. Martinus addresses this in the article “Unnatural Fatigue”, where he writes:

“It is dangerous to wander for too long in depression. Depression is the same as a disease of the thinking ability. The depressed person has lost the ability to see life in its normal appearance. He can only see it in a black mental light. He constantly wanders in the shadow regions of the thought world. It is as if he cannot find his way out of these shadow regions and into the sunshine realms of the thought world.”  (Martinus: “Unnatural Fatigue”, Chapter 2, Booklet no. 16 “The Principle of Reincarnation”).

“The sunshine realms of the mind or thought world” – what a wonderful concept Martinus introduces here. But why exactly do we need to wander into these sunshine realms of the mind? Because it is only with sunshine in our minds that we can maintain our natural bodily health. On this interesting aspect, Martinus says:

“Since all thoughts are a radiant force that not only flows through and is channelled through the brain, but also flows through the atomic or micro-structure of the blood, muscles and nerves, it is of importance which types of thoughts thus pass through the organism’s micro life and organs. Since happy thoughts constitute the normal life force in the animal organic structure, this life force is thus damaged to the same degree as the human being is filled with thoughts of anger, depression or martyrdom.” (Ibid. chapter 9).

Happy thoughts constitute the normal life force

Notice that Martinus writes that happy thoughts constitute the normal life force in the organism. If we focus for a long time on the negative aspects of life on Earth right now, we undermine our life force. The human organism is designed to function optimally only when happy thoughts permeate its micro-structure. So that’s how we’re wired: we need to think happy thoughts in order to maintain our normal health. With depression and negative thinking, we undermine our health. Our thoughts are a far more significant factor in our health than most people realise. Martinus goes so far as to say that our thoughts are the biggest factor in our health – more important than genes, lifestyle, heredity and environment.

Martinus states: “As we have touched on here, thoughts thus constitute the same as the life force of the individual and are thus the main factor in determining the individual’s health and illness, both physical and spiritual.” (Bisættelse, ch. 48).

But what should we do to avoid getting depressed in the face of climate change, terrorism and war?

There’s only one thing to do: use our ability to focus. Don’t focus on all the things you don’t like and make you sad, downcast and miserable

Well, I can’t do that, most people will probably argue, because I’m confronted with all the bad stuff every day.

 Your consciousness is the holiest place in your body

Yes, you can become sad, if you choose to watch the news all the time. But you can choose not to do that.

In general, it’s a good idea to be much more picky about what you feed into your consciousness than many people are. You have to remember that your consciousness is your “holy of holiest” – it’s the seat of your thoughts, and when you uncritically let sadness, violence and death in, you’re actually polluting not only your thoughts but also your entire body. So you should actually be extremely careful not to let in any negativity.

But then you think: It would be much better if there wasn’t terrorism, climate change and war. If only those things were gone, then I could be happy. I can only be happy when the world gets better. Ok, but then you’ll have to be prepared to wait a very long time. Or accept that you’re undermining your health with your sad thoughts. Or you can choose a different strategy: practice focusing on what you like, learn to look for the colour purple and be grateful for the wonderful people and things in your life.

An attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is a great place to start if you want to move away from negative thinking. Everyone has something to be grateful for. It can just be a small thing like a good cup of coffee, a smile, a good friend, a hot meal, etc.

But what if my thoughts have become “stuck in the groove” and I can’t get away from thinking negatively? Well, then you can practise using and strengthening your ability to focus. You could say: well, I have millions of possible thoughts at my disposal. Just as I can change the channel on my radio receiver, if I don’t like what they’re broadcasting on 103.4 FM, I can also ´change the channel´ for my thoughts.

Change channels

If the thought you’re thinking right now is making you sad, then ´change the channel´! You are the one with your ´finger on the channel selector button´. It’s not your husband or your mother. There is no reason whatsoever to dwell on sad and negative thoughts. They just ruin your health. Find a happy and positive thought to think. There are millions of them out there, so choose the ones you love the most.

Don’t expect the world to magically change so you can be happy. The only guaranteed way to find lasting happiness is to become good at focusing on what makes you happy. And once you’ve become good at that, you’ve deprived the world and everyone else of the ability to make you sad and ´decide´ in your mind. Then you are sovereign, because you are the only one who decides what thoughts are being thought inside your head.

All is well

But what about the world situation and all the terrible things that are happening? In this context, we should remember that Martinus says that “all is well”.

The situation here on Earth is just as it should be, considering our and the planet’s stage of evolution. We are still unfinished humans, “wounded refugees between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom”, and a myriad of unfinished manifestations are taking place all the time.

But a good way to look at these manifestations is to see them as experience building, as lessons we need to learn in order to become finished human beings who cannot shoot, cheat, hurt and kill.

Life itself is teaching us all the time, and right now the huge lesson is this: we must respect the Earth and other living beings and not pollute, kill and wage war. When we do not respect other living beings (the Earth is also a living being) we will reap a world situation as the one we are witnessing right now.  Waves of karma are rolling over the planet, and this karma may have been sown many years or incarnations ago. But karma is not a punishment, but a loving instruction with only one aim: to make us experience the effects of our past actions and teach us important lessons. Karma has only one aim: to teach us and to help us build up our experience bank, so that we can stop sowing what we would not like to reap.

We are on an evolutionary journey from primitive to advanced humans, and every single life is a step towards a peaceful world. In our next life, we will be a better version of ourselves, because all the lessons we have learned are stored in our supra-consciousness and they accompany us from life to life.

The unripe apples

Right now, we are like unripe apples on the apple tree, and the Earth is still unripe too. But as certain as it is that the apples will eventually ripen, it is just as certain that we and the Earth will eventually ripen. When that happens, a world of peace will emerge.

We ´just´ need to remember that we live in a world that is not yet fully developed or finished. And so it is clear that there will be manifestations here of an immature and imperfect nature. Seen in the larger perspective, we have nothing to fear and nothing to be sad about. Death is an illusion and our consciousness (a field of energy) survives every time we lose a physical body.

We are eternal beings, and even if things sometimes look bleak, we know from Martinus’ analyses that the outcome is a given: In 300-500 years, the last war will be fought on this planet, and from then on it will go forward in giant steps. In about 3000 years, the evolution of the Earth will be finalised, and then the real human kingdom will become a reality. But long before that, Earth’s humanity will begin to create a better world with peace, co-operation, an equal distribution of the planet’s resources and the eradication of the killing principle.

Until that happens, it’s just a matter of stopping up to take time to smell the roses, to enter the sunshine realm of the mind and focus on the colour purple,

Read more about the power of thought in Else Byskov’s book “The Law of Attraction”, which you can find here:


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