The Creation of World Peace

A lot of people are wondering about the future of the planet. There has been talk about Armageddon and Ragnarok, about never-ending wars and unrest, so it may seem that world peace is an unattainable utopia. And the question is: will we ever have world peace? A lot of states seem to think that we can create peace with war, and that a constant armament will be the foundation for peace.

Can we create peace with war?

But peace can never be created with war. War simply generates more war. It does, because one of the fundamental laws of life is the law of karma, which decrees that we reap as we sow. This means, that when we sow war, we will reap it. The more war we sow, the more war will we reap. The only way to reap peace is to sow it.

The sowing of peace

But where can we sow peace? The first and most important place to sow peace is in our own hearts. When we have peace in our hearts, we have become members of the growing army of peacemakers on this planet. When this army reaches critical mass and outgrows the army of the warmongers, then the road to world peace is right ahead of us and unmissable.

How to create peace in our own hearts? Well, a lot of people on this planet are already peace cells. They go to disaster zones to help and alleviate the sufferings of others. They work in hospitals and refugee camps to make life better for others, and they only want to live in friendship and understanding with their neighbours. When a lot of people have reached this point, it is because they have reaped a lot of experiences and suffering in past lives, and these have recreated them into amiable, compassionate, tolerant, considerate, and all-loving beings. Shortly I will discuss how to work on becoming a peace cell.

The goal of our evolutionary journey

We are all on a journey of evolution and this journey only has one goal: to become real, finished human beings or, as it is said in the Bible, to become Man in the image and likeness of God. According to Martinus, this sentence is the most important one in the Bible, where God says: “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us”. (Genesis 1:26-28 (New Living Translation)).

This creation of human beings is not one that takes place overnight or with one stroke of a magic wand. It is a process that spans thousands of incarnations in which we gradually evolve towards a humane, humanitarian, altruistic and all-loving stage from a stage where we are primitive, selfish and unloving. We have evolved a lot over the last 2000 years in a more humanitarian direction, which is evidenced by todays´ hospitals, care homes, schools, orphanages, aid organisations, the Red Cross, the world health organization etc. 2000 years ago we fed humans to the lions in the arenas in Rome. We have come a long way since then.

This again underlines the total impossibility of understanding our fate, our present situation, and the state of the world without the concept of reincarnation. The one-life perspective offers no solution to the mystery of life, no answer to where we are coming from and where we are going. The one-life theory can tell us nothing about the future of humankind.

The future of humankind

The future of humankind is bright and beautiful because of the end goal of our evolutionary journey. There is not even the slightest chance or risk that we will not all, one fine day, reach the high goal of becoming real, finished human beings that can only emanate love.  This will happen because the law of karma: you reap as you sow, recreates us in an imperceptible way into becoming finished human beings that can only sow love.

 The law of karma

The law of karma is not a punishment, but a loving instruction that teaches us where we went wrong, and points us in the direction of only sowing what we would be happy to reap. It is life´s supreme pedagogic. Once we have learned a lesson, no more instruction is necessary, and whatever karma we may still have in that specific field will be erased from our karmic ´account book´.

It pays to be good

A very significant point in our own evolution is when we have realized that it pays to be good, and when we know that sowing dark karma will only bring us unhappiness. Once we have an intellectual understanding of this, we can start to cooperate consciously in our own transformation. We can stop being intolerant towards others, we can stop being judgemental and proud, we can stop gossiping, slandering and talking badly about others, we can stop being greedy and selfish and we can stop participating in killings via our diet of meat. And we can practice forgiveness and ´turning the other cheek´.

The most decisive step

There is a lot we can achieve, when we start actively improving our attitudes and reactions, our morals, ethics and diet. I know I have said this before, but eliminating meat from our diet is probably the biggest step towards the goal. We have all been hunters and meat eaters over thousands of lives, and these killings have created a lot of dark karma for us – not only in the shape of our own premature deaths, but also in the shape of illnesses. Most of the severe illnesses that humankind is suffering from today are a direct result of meat-eating: cancers, heart diseases, circulatory diseases, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, embolism, and tumors . The eating of meat creates war in our body because it is a daily struggle to digest the meat, whose vibration is way too high for our body to deal with. When we eat meat on a daily basis, we undermine our health slowly but surely. The moment we go plant-based we improve not only our health, but also our karma immediately. It is the most decisive step we can take towards creating peace in our body and in our hearts. It has more far-reaching effects than most people think. If you do not believe me, then please read “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Greger.

When we have achieved peace in our body and in our heart, then there is one warmonger less on this planet and one peace cell more. And it is beyond doubt that this process is already going on and that it will continue until world peace has become a reality.

A policy of altruism

Martinus says that in 500 years the last war will be fought on this planet, and from then on the peace lovers will have taken over the government of the globe, and wars will only be something that future man can read about in the history books. By then war is over, and a policy of altruism, equality for all, equal distribution of wealth and tolerance, generosity and love will rule the world.

World peace is an unavoidable consequence of our reaping of karma and of our own collaboration in our transformation from animal to human.

The school of life and the perfect stage

Let me end this post with a quote from Martinus: “Life is thus the most important school of them all. It is the very book of books. It is the very source from which all wisdom stems. And as nobody can exist without their life being identical to a ´reading´ of this book, nobody can exist without being ´taught´ by the same book. But as being ´taught´ by this book is the same as being perfected, everybody is thus subject to perfection”. Martinus: Logic (introduction).

This perfect stage will come, whether we believe it or not, whether we works towards it or not, because it is the goal of our evolution. We can go there slowly with our head under our arm or we can speed up our arrival there by taking steps in the right direction. The choice is yours.

One final quote from Martinus: “Many people go around fearing a coming war, but I must underline that there is no reason to fear any type of war if one works at removing war from one´s own domain. If one tries, with one´s thoughts and actions, to create peace and understanding in the surrounding atmosphere, then one is working for the future of all of humankind, for a new world culture, where the joy and desire of everybody is to live to serve others.” (Martinus: article: The Sheep and the Goats).





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