New book by Else Byskov: The Earth, the Universe and God in a Cosmic Perspective The True Theory of Everything Based on the Spiritual Science of Martinus

I have just finished my 11th book in English about aspects of the spiritual science of Martinus – my great passion in life. This is my most ambitious work to date due to its all-encompassing perspective: The Universe and God.

The book reveals the tremendously big picture, so big that it makes your head spin and makes you ecstatic to be alive in this eternal, vast, beautiful, mind-blowing and magical universe. We are tiny quanta of this living, conscious universe, and it is there for us to experience in all its amazing glory: through thick and thin, through light and darkness, through love and unlove, through happiness and misery, though the everlasting realms of the cosmic God.

It does not get bigger than this, and this book will truly expand your vision of life and its meaning. It will make you realize without a shadow of a doubt that we are eternal beings and that life is not something that we can lose. We are always alive in our spiritual body, our energy body which is identical to our consciousness. Death is an illusion – the biggest illusion that exists.

Back cover text:

Why are we here? Do our lives have any meaning? Where are we coming from and where are we going? Is this the only life we live? Is there life after death? How can we create a happy fate? Will we always have wars and misery? How can we create a peaceful planet? What is going on here? Are we alone in the Universe? How was the universe created? What will the future bring? Are we on the road to self-destruction?  How can we become free from illnesses and pain? Is there a God?

The answers to these, and many more questions, are the subject of this book.

Belief will become knowledge. We are not supposed to go on being believers about the spiritual world, the universe and God. At a certain point in time we will KNOW. This point in time is now.

How will we know? We will know when enlightened beings reveal their insight to us.

The most enlightened being that has reincarnated on Earth in recent times is Martinus, the still little-known Danish visionary and mystic. Martinus achieved cosmic consciousness at the age of 30 and he spent the next 60 years of his life revealing his spiritual science.

The magnitude of Martinus´ work will only gradually dawn on us, but there is no doubt that it constitutes the most complete revelation of spiritual insight ever to have been revealed to humankind. There is nothing comparable. It is complete, intelligent, logical and full of love. Everything is there: a revelation of the mystery of life, presenting answers to the big questions with a level of insight that will change the way we look upon the world.

 Editorial Review for The Earth, the Universe and God:

When I first came across Death is an Illusion by Else Byskov, several years ago, I knew I had stumbled upon a fount of wisdom like no other. I have been reading spiritual material for over 30 years, and despite reading all the ‘big’ names out there, I still had so many questions that remained unanswered.

Else’s first book gave me insights that could not be argued with,

and answered so many of those questions.

I immediately bought all her other books, and was astonished by the depth of wisdom and knowledge she shared in them. Now I’m excited and delighted to see the publication of her latest book, The Earth, the Universe and God in a Cosmic Perspective.

Having read all her previous books, and some of the original source material, I was curious to know what new spiritual wisdom I would learn from this one. And I was not disappointed. Whilst some of the concepts will be familiar to readers of her work, there are a lot of new insights that are just jaw-dropping.

In this one, she shares much more details about the Eternal World Picture, supported by detailed explanations of the astonishing symbols Martinus provided to supplement our understanding of the World, the Universe and God.

The breadth and scope of this work is utterly fascinating, and deserves to be read, studied, and absorbed.

Who has not worried about wars, and the sorrow they bring, and the endless asking of ‘why do these wars have to happen?’ And will there ever be peace on earth?

Who has not wondered about evil, and why it exists? And how can God allow such evil to happen? Are you not burning to know the real answer to that question? I know I was!

Who really understands the forces of good and evil, at a level that you simply cannot argue with?

Who has ever understood gravity as ‘the earth’s will’?

Who understands the cosmic radiance of the earth?

Who understands that the earth is a living being, and that climate change is part of the process of the earth regulating its temperature?

Who has not worried about the extinction of animal species, and felt sad every time they think about it?

What if there were another explanation that makes total sense out of all this?

You will find that explanation in this book.

These questions, and so many more, are beautifully answered here! This is a work of extraordinary insight, and indeed, spiritual nourishment for the soul, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Maria McMahon, Author and co-author of the Spiritual Nutshell Series


I, Else Byskov, am perfectly aware that most people think that one day our earthly sciences are going to come up with the answers to the mystery of life and the universe.

 I am also aware that a lot of modern humans cringe when they see or hear the word God.

 But please consider this:

 At our present state of evolution Science is only studying physical matter. It does not really acknowledge the existence of spiritual matter and a spiritual level of existence. So, how would they be able to come up with the solution to the mystery of life when they are not looking in the direction of where that solution lies?

It is very popular to be an atheist and I know – I was one myself. And let me underline that the cosmic God is not identical to the God a lot of people refuse to believe in.

And, once you start really observing the wonders we are surrounded with in nature and in our own bodies, it becomes clear that there is such superior intelligence at work that the mainstream explanation, viz: that it is all a result of chance, random mutations and luck becomes harder and harder to swallow for modern, intelligent humans.

 The German theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg expressed it like this: The first sip from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.

 In the long run we cannot get away from the fact that behind the universe there is a creator with extreme, superior intelligence.

 There is a plan with our existence that only enlightened beings like Martinus can reveal.

 So, find out what the plan is by reading this book, which you can find here:




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