The fate of dictators

How we create our fate

One of the most important aspects of the work of Martinus is his revelation of how we create our fate. Most people have no idea about how their fate is created and think that it is all random, that chance rules what happens to them. But that is a huge mistake. Our fate is ruled by eternal laws and the law that rules our fate is the law of karma.

The law of karma is a very strict law and it decrees in all its simplicity that we reap as we sow. This means that what we do (sow) to other living beings will come back to us (reap) as our fate.

The law of karma is the fundamental pedagogic tool of the universe. It shows us in no uncertain terms what we once did to others. By others is not only understood other humans, but all other living beings, including animals. In this amazing universe all life-forms are sacred and must be treated with respect.

The karma we have sown comes back to us in the same shape as it was sown: when we lie, we will be lied to, when we cheat, we will be cheated, when we are egoistic, we will be treated in the same egoistic way, when we are greedy, we will be subject to greed, when we show disdain and disrespect for others, we will be treated the same way, when we hurt and harm others, we will be hurt and harmed, when we let others starve, we will be starved, when we shoot at others, we will be shot at, when we kill, we will be killed etc.

An example

A prison official in Ukraine used to be hard on criminals and when they were caught, he used to put a sack over their heads and throw them down some stairs into a large prison or dungeon.  When the Russians invaded Ukraine the same official was taken prisoner and he was treated in exactly the same way: a sack was put over his head and he was thrown into the dungeon where he stayed for a few months until he was liberated. Subsequently, he was interviewed and talked about what had happened to him. Among the  things he said was this: “I was treated in exactly the same way I as used to treat others. It was really strange. I never thought the same thing would happen to me.”

And that is the point: we don´t think that what we do to others will come back to us. But it does. It does as soon as the circumstances are ripe for it to happen.

In the case of the above-mentioned officer it happened within a few years, soon enough for him to notice and register it. But in some cases, especially when we are talking about dark karma such as murder, the karmic arc of fate may only come back to the person in a later life.

And here we have another big impediment for the understanding of the law of karma: the firm belief by many people in the never-proved one-life theory. The majority of people in the Western world still thinks that they only live once and when they die, it is lights out forever. But that is another huge mistake. Our consciousness (a field of indestructible energy) survives every time we lose a physical body, and we live on in the spiritual world for a good long rest until it is time for us to reincarnate again. And it is when we are back on the physical plane that our karma from a past life can reach us. It is then that we will reap what we once sowed.

When the karmic arc comes back to us we will suffer in exactly the same way as we made others suffer before. As long as our mindset stays the same, we will reap exactly what we once sowed. No exception. It also means that nobody can understand his or her fate seen in a one-life perspective.

The dictators of this world are sowing an incredibly dark fate for themselves in this or future lives

According to the latest democracy index, only 21 countries of the world are full democracies, 52 are flawed democracies, 33 are so-called hybrid regimes and 58 are authoritarian regimes, led by dictators.

(Source :

This means that more than one third of the world´s 167 countries are ruled by dictators. That is a lot of dictators. And one thing that the dictators have in common is their total ignorance about the law of karma. This ignorance is the most fateful and dangerous ignorance that exists. Indeed, the ignorance about the workings of the law of karma is the real reason behind greed, power-hunger, wars and killings. It is a terrible thing to be ignorant about. For that reason Martinus says that becoming knowledgeable about the workings of the law of karma is the greatest challenge facing humankind.

It is the greatest challenge because how can we create a peaceful world when we do not know how? We must sow peace before we can reap it. We cannot create peace with war.

As long as we believe in the one-life theory and think that no matter how badly and ruthlessly we treat other living beings, we will go scott free, we are too ignorant for our own good. It is an ignorance that will cost us dearly, it is an ignorance that we will regret having, it is the worst ignorance there is.

The dictator will, if his karma does not reach him in his present incarnation, in his future incarnations reap exactly what he once did to others: he will be separated from his family, interrogated, hurt, harmed, imprisoned for his beliefs, used as cannon fodder, tortured, maimed, shot, killed, murdered, assassinated, sent to labour camps, and all the time believe that he is treated unfairly. It is only when he is lying in the mud, wounded, bleeding, freezing, suffering great pain and wishing to die, that he is susceptible to ´hearing´ the lesson he is being taught.

Martinus puts it like this:

“The being who, as a robber and assailant, attacks and murders or mutilates a peaceful human being merely in order to steal his gold watch, wallet or other inanimate object of value, and can rejoice in this possession, would be shocked with horror if he were to acquire cosmic clairvoyance for even one small second, and thus be able to see what terrible sabotage he has wrought on his future or future destiny by this deed. He will then see how, by his covetousness and lack of neighbourly love, which is the same as a lack of love for Providence or the Godhead, he has deprived his own body, his own experience of life, from all protection on dark roads and in dangerous situations, theatres of war and battlefields”. (Martinus: The Longing for the Light, article M1488, my underlining added).

If the dictators or other wrongdoers could, just for one second, achieve cosmic clairvoyance and see what their acts against others will do to their own future fates, they would be horrified.

Indeed, the dictator is like the fool that “rushes in where angels fear to tread.

The role of suffering

Martinus is the only enlightened being who has explained the meaning of darkness and suffering to us in detail. Our own suffering will, over time, transform us from primitive, greedy, power-hungry, selfish, trigger-happy, murderous and unloving beings to the opposite: kind, respectful, compassionate, helpful, tolerant and all-loving beings. This process spans many incarnations and it is only when we ourselves have suffered that we can feel the suffering of others when we see it.

In this way we can see what a powerful instrument the law of karma is in transforming us from primitive and egoistic to advanced and altruistic beings.

The law of karma is not a punishment, but a loving instruction teaching us to love and respect all other living beings.

The future of the planet

Despite the present darkness that has descended on the world due to the acts of dictators, our future looks bright and beautiful. It does, because we are all on an evolutionary journey towards becoming real, finished human beings that can only emanate love. We are not there yet, but we are well on our way and Martinus estimates that right now, half of the world  population has become peaceful, altruistic and compassionate. (See the Martinus symbol no. 81 )

This means that the time where the peaceful humans reach critical mass and become the majority is very near.  And then, the peace lovers will gradually become the ones who rule the world and wars will become a thing of the past.

How can we all help?

We can all contribute to a better understanding of what rules our fate by spreading information about the law of karma. Please share this blog-post on your pages on social media, tell your family and friends about the law of karma and always remember to sow only what you would like to reap.

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