The greatest challenge facing Humankind

When we look at the world, there are obviously many challenges: wars, terrorism, school shootings, climate change, cybercrimes, paedophilia, poverty etc. but Martinus was very clear about one challenge that was above them all. And that was to become knowledgeable about the workings of the law of karma.

Why is this so important? It is more important than ever because at the end of the day the secret to our dark or happy fates lies with the law of karma.

The law of karma decrees that you reap as you sow, or put in another way: what you do to others, you eventually do to yourself. It works like this because there is no straight line in the universe, so all the energy we release via our actions will eventually come back to us. It will come full circle in the same form as we sent it out.

Very few people expect to reap carrots when they sow seeds of thistle, but when it comes to their actions, many people seem to think that they can sow whatever and reap roses. No matter what they sow, they still expect to reap roses. But that is not how things work.

We reap as we sow

So, when we kill other living beings (including animals), maim them, hurt them, steal from them, cheat on them, hate them, lie to them, gossip about them or shout at them, then all that will come back to our own life as our fate. We cannot create a happy fate for ourselves, as long as we sow misery for others. It is quite simple, really: Do to others, what you would like others to do to you.

We need to learn this: when we go out and kill other living beings, we will be killed, when we steal, we will be stolen from, when we cheat, we will be cheated, when we lie, we will be lied to, when we hurt others, we will be hurt, when we are angry and shout at other people, we will be shouted at, when we are unkind, we will be treated unkindly etc. Knowing this should have a sobering effect on our behaviour, because once we really get it, there is a high probability that we will think twice before we shout, steal, lie, hurt and kill. And we will ask ourselves: Is that really what I want to reap? Do I want this to come back to my own life?

We cannot understand our fate seen in a one-life perspective

Ah, you may now say: That is not how things work, because I once knew a man who killed his brother, and nothing happened to him. He died of old age. To that it must be said that nobody can understand his or her fate seen in a one-life perspective.  We do not just live one life, but an endless sequence of lives. We come back to the physical plane life after life. And whatever karma we have sown will come back to us, as soon as the circumstances are right and the possibility presents itself. It can come back in the same incarnation as it was sown, or it may come back in a future incarnation. So, what we sow in one life, can come back to us in a later life. And we can be absolutely certain that it will come back to us, because that is how we create our fate. The law of karma is so fine-tuned, that every little thing comes back. We live in an attraction-based universe, so we will attract the same as what we sent out. We have to understand that we will not just go scott free. Whatever we have sown will come back sooner or later.

It is also important to realize that karma is not a punishment from God or the universe, as most people seem to think. Karma is a loving instruction from Providence, showing us how things work. It is first and foremost a lesson in good behaviour, a lesson in how the universe works. It is the superior pedagogic tool of the universe. Without karma nobody would ever improve and advance in their evolution towards becoming real, finished human beings.  Without karma nobody would improve.

It is when we get our karma back, that we realize what we once did to others. It is when we get our karma back that we suffer the consequences of whatever we once did, and in this way we gradually evolve from primitive to advanced, compassionate and altruistic human beings.

I think most people would like to be advanced, compassionate and altruistic human beings, but the thing is that reaching that goal is not something that we can study. We cannot go to university and study how to become compassionate and all-loving. Only life itself can teach us that. And it teaches us via our own experiences over many incarnations. The result is infallibly this: After having reaped the dark actions we once sowed over many lives, the outcome is that we emerge as real, humane and humanitarian beings that can only sow love. There is no other outcome possible, because evolution can only go forwards, and due to the workings of the law of karma even the worst dictator will one day become an all-loving human beings.

Obviously not everybody is standing at the same evolutionary level, and it is clear to see that some have come further than others in this process. The most loving, humanitarian and helpful persons are those who are the most evolved, and the most egoistic, self-important, narcissistic persons are the less evolved. They can think of nobody but themselves.

Is it a good idea to kill?

So, it is about time that people realize that when they run around killing other people in wars or terrorist attacks, then that is not the best way to create a bright and shining future for themselves. What they did to others will come back as their own fate. That is the whole point: you create your fate through your behaviour towards others and through your acts.

So, is it a good idea to go around shooting other people? Bombing them? Stealing from them? Cheating them? Being disrespectful towards them? Being greedy? Envious? Judgemental? Hateful? Well, it is, if that is what we want to reap in the future.

Sow kindness

But then, that is probably not what a whole lot of people want to reap. And the recipe for avoiding that is very simple. Sow kindness, and it is kindness that you will reap, sow friendship, and it is friendship that you will reap, sow love and it is love that you will reap. Treat other people with respect, and it is respect that you will reap. In that way you will have prepared a really shining future for yourself.

You are the only person responsible for your life

So, take responsibility for your own life and stop blaming others. If you are not happy with your life, sow a different kind of seed.

Becoming knowledgeable about the workings of the law of karma is the biggest challenge facing humankind today. You can read more about the law of karma in my book (co-authored with Maria McMahon) “Fate and karma in a Nutshell. How to understand your fate and change it for the better”.

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