The Greatest Teacher of them All – Life itself

I am sure that many people are wondering, who is the greatest spiritual teacher of them all. Is it Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Brahman, Abraham, Martinus or somebody else?  Yes, who indeed? Actually, it is none of them. Life itself is the greatest teacher.

This is what Martinus says: “Life is thus the greatest real school of existence. It is the very book of books. It is the very source from which all wisdom invariably springs. And as nobody can exist without their life being identical to “reading” in this book, nobody can exist without being “taught” by the same book. But as this “being taught” by this “book” is the same as being perfected, everybody is thus subject to a process of perfection”. Martinus, (Logic, introduction).

Life Itself Will Show Us

The ultimate consequence of this is that we do not need any religion or any belief system. All we have to do is look at what life itself shows us. We will all eventually become perfect human beings through the teachings that we receive from life itself. And how does life teach us? It does through showing us the consequences of our own actions. It does by letting us reap what we have sown. This process of reaping and sowing takes place over many, many incarnations, and nobody can understand his or her fate seen in a one-life perspective. Actions sown in one life can take various lives to come back to us as fate. So, when we want to understand how we create our fate, we have to look at life in a much larger perspective than one life. One life is only a single note in the song the soul sings, and nobody can make any sense of a melody with only one note.

The Role of Religions

But why do we have religions then, when they are not really necessary? We do because they can be a great help through our long journey on the physical plane. The religions can give us fortitude to go through the often dire and cumbersome human existence filled with suffering and hardships. The religions can give us hope, where there is none, they can give us strength where we feel we do not have enough of it, and they can give us meaning where we see none. The religions are there to strengthen us on our long journey on the physical plane. But they are not a ´sine qua none´. We can do without all types of religion and God is not angry with us if we do. God is not a judgemental figure sitting up in heaven pointing his finger at us if we are nonbelievers or atheists. God is the ultimate source of love, and he does not judge anybody. He knows better than anybody what hardships we must go through on the physical plane, and he is full of understanding and compassion for what we have to experience.

The Need for Contrast

Why, then, did he send us down here to go through suffering and hardship? Why can´t we stay on the spiritual plane and enjoy life up there? We cannot do that because we are eternal beings and tiny parts of God. God or the universe is an eternal entity and because we are small quanta of God, we are eternal too. An eternal existence requires a structure that will allow the beings alive in it to always be able to experience things. If we lived forever in the bliss and light of the spiritual plane, then, after having experienced the same happy scenario for millions of years, it would start to lose its meaning. If we had looked at a white wall for millions of years, then in the end, we would be unable to see anything. In order for the universe to exist eternally, it needs contrast. When we have white, we also need black, when we have bliss, we also need hardship and suffering, and when we have love we also need unlove.

The physical plane is where we experience the contrast to the bliss of the spiritual plane and Martinus calls it ´the unpleasant good` as opposed to the spiritual plane which he calls ´the pleasant good´. Both are good and equally necessary.

When we are passing through the ´unpleasant good´, which is what we are doing right now, then we may be so pissed off with God that we feel he should just go away. But he never does. No matter how hard we are cursing him, no matter how much we deny his existence and wished he would go away, he is always there with us. He is there with us because we are a small part of him, and he understands and empathises with our sufferings and cursing. There is no way that God will be angry with us or turn his back to us. He has designed our journey, so how could he not empathise with what we are going through?

Becoming Man in the Image and Likeness of God

And there is more: Our journey is one in which we go from being a primitive being to becoming an advanced being. It says in the Bible that we are going to become “Man in the image and likeness of God”. What does that mean? It means that we will eventually become like God, being able to distinguish between good and evil. In order to learn this, we have to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, and we do that every day, when we go about our daily business. Whatever we sow, we will reap. If we sow lying, we will be lied to, if we sow cheating, we will be cheated, if we sow stealing, we will be stolen from, if we sow killing, we will be killed, if we sow hatred, we will be hated and if we sow love, we will be loved. Whatever we sow, we will reap… in this life or in a future life. This is called the law of karma and it is one of the greatest laws of the universe.

Our most important teachers are our mistakes. We all make mistakes all the time. We very often curse our mistakes and are ashamed that we committed them. But there is actually no need for that, because we should really recognize our mistakes as our greatest teachers. When we have committed a huge mistake and felt its consequences in our own life and fate, then we are not going to repeat that mistake. The bigger the mistake, the more painful the karma and the greater the lesson. All lessons lead to wisdom. It is through our mistakes that we grow wise. And there is no reason to beat ourselves up for making mistakes, because nobody can act on an experience that s/he has not yet had. It is as simple as that.

Eating from the Tree of Knowledge

When we eat from the tree of Knowledge or read the Book of Life, then we become wiser. Every time we reap an unpleasant karmic effect of something we have sown, then we learn that this was not a good idea. This learning is added to our fate element, which is a part of our supraconsciousness, where all our experiences are stored. We take our stored experiences with us from life to life and no experience is lost. We may not be able to remember the actual event that made us wiser, but the essence and lesson of the experience will be with us in lives to come. This means that the next time we are faced with a situation that resembled one we were in previously, and which resulted in our own suffering, we will abstain from doing the action again. A bell of warning will ring in our consciousness and we will hear it. We will shy away from the situation and not repeat the mistake.

Our Process of Perfection

In this way, we are all subject to a process of perfection, and for each life we live, we become wiser, more moral, more forgiving, more tolerant, more altruistic, more empathetic and more all-loving. This happens whether we have a religion or not. All living beings are on this journey of perfection, whether they know it or not, whether they are believers or atheist, whether they are aware of the ´school´ they are in or not.

The role of the religions is to offer mental support on this journey, but the journey takes place notwithstanding. And the end goal of this journey is to become perfect, all-loving human beings that can do no evil and can only sow love.

The work of Martinus can be a huge help for us when we have evolved to the point when we are no longer able to believe in the religions. Many people today have reached this point and the churches are getting emptier every day. Today people are looking for a logical explanation to the mystery of life and this is what Martinus offers. The work of Martinus is spiritual nourishment for people living in modern societies with a scientific outlook. It gives us a deep understanding of life and it can help us become better ´pupils´ in the school of life and even make us jump a few classes. Because once we see what our journey is all about, we can understand the lessons we are taught much better and we can be co-creators in our own process of perfection.

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