The Law of Attraction (LoA) is the most powerful natural law at work in the universe, but very few people know this. The LoA became well known in 2006 when the video The Secret was published. The famous secret in life is simply the LoA. It is a huge advantage for all of us to know how the LoA works so that we can use this knowledge in our lives and start manifesting what we want.

Martinus wrote about the LoA in the 1930s and in the second volume of his main work The Book of Life (Livets Bog) he writes extensively about the LoA, and here I’d like to list the main benefits of being knowledgeable about the LoA.

The Law of attraction

Now, first of all, what does the LoA decree? The LoA decrees that energies on similar wavelenghts attract each other and that energies on dissimilar wavelengths repel each other. We simply live in an attraction-based universe. In this connection it is important to understand that everything is energy. The energy of all physical stuff vibrates on a specific wavelength that is particular to that specific type of matter. But also invisible energy has vibration and wavelenghts, so all types of energy are influenced by the LoA.

The most important aspect for us is this: our thoughts are also energy. This is easy to ascertain because medical science has demonstrated that when we put electrodes on the head of a human being, we can measure thought activity. It can be measured because it is a type of energy.

The energy of our thoughts sits around our body in the shape of our aura. Our aura is a field of energy and it is with the vibration of this field of energy that we attract and repel. The vibration of the aura is defined by the type of thoughts we think. This is hugely important to know.

The energy of our aura has a certain magnetism. Magnetism means attraction. This means that our thoughts/aura attract other energies that are on wavelength with our own thoughts. This simple fact has huge repercussions in our lives.

This would be a simple example: If you are angry and dissatisfied, you will attract anger and dissatisfaction from your surroundings. Unknown people will shout at you, you will be treated impolitely in shops and bars, you will be unlucky in everything you do, and there seems to be no joy in anything. There is no moral judgement in this, it is simply how the LoA works through the attraction that similar wavelenghts have on each other.

The example also illustrates how important it is to keep an eye on where you have your thoughts. In this connection it should be mentioned that YOU control your thoughts! Your thoughts do not control you! If it seems that they do, it is high time that you take control of them by consciously becoming aware that you are KING in your thought sphere. Nobody else is. Take the scepter in your hand and sit on the throne of your mental sphere and once and for all tell the thoughts who is boss here.

Once you have established your sovereignty, you can start making the LoA work for you. The LoA is always working whether you are aware of it or not. And once you become aware of the enormous power of this law in connection with your conscious use of it, your life will change. Guaranteed! You will stop attracting unwanted conditions and undesired people in your life.

Your health

Let us first look at our health. Our health is the most important factor in our lives. If we do not have a healthy body, we cannot experience a good life. Martinus says that THE GREATEST FACTOR in our health is our thoughts.

All illnesses have their origin in our thought sphere. With our thoughts we magnetize our blood, and because our blood circulates to all parts of our body, its magnetization is of supreme importance. Happy, content, grateful, positive, kind, helpful, optimistic, compassionate and loving thoughts magnetize the blood positively and create good health, whereas hateful, envious, revengeful, melancholy, sad, judgemental, fearful, dark, worrisome, negative and disappointed thoughts magnetize the blood negatively and create illnesses. Martinus clearly points out that the human body has been designed in the way that it only functions optimally with positive and happy thoughts.

But not only that. When we focus on an illness with fear and trepidation on a daily basis we cannot avoid attracting the same illness, because this is ruled by the strongest natural law of the universe: the law of attraction. You cannot focus on a specific illness every day and at the same time attract good health.

If you want to attract good health, you must focus on healthy thoughts, that express optimism, joy, gratitude, friendship and love. When you, with your will, have practiced only allowing positive thoughts to reign in your thought sphere, you have paved the way for permanent good health. It really is that simple. And when you master exclusively having positive thoughts, and have become good at disallowing negative thinking, the LoA will bring you, not only good health, but a positive and optimistic outlook on life. Learning to love your neighbour is the most health-bringing thought climate that exists. When you can do that, you have mastered your life and illnesses will be a thing of the past.

Your finances

A lot of people are short of money and would like to have more. They focus with dissatisfaction and anger on their lack of money, and guess what! With this kind of thinking they attract more lack. You cannot focus on the lack of something on a daily basis and at the same time attract its opposite. The LoA disallows it. In order to attract more money you must focus on abundance, on plenty, on enough for everybody.

I lived in poverty consciousness for decades and could not stop focusing on “not enough”. With this mindset it was impossible to attract abundance. This changed completely for me the day I realized that it was my mindset that was preventing abundance to flow to me. Once I started thinking: the Earth is a very abundant place, every day more riches are being created and there is nothing that prevents some of this abundance from flowing to me except my focused attention to the lack of it, everything changed. It was such an obvious turnaround that it really surprised me. The moment I started to focus on abundance and a constant flow of money coming to me, abundance came. This is now over 20 years ago, and it is still working. Just try.

Here is a sentence I learned: The only thing that keeps me from getting what I want is my focused attention to the lack of it. When your focus changes, so does what flows to you. “Mind the gap” it says on many train stations, but in this connection the gap is between what you want and what you get. The more you can minimize the gap between your wishes and your reality, the faster will your wishes be fulfilled. You minimize the gap by focusing and visualizing that your wishes have already come true.

Your other wishes

The same goes for a whole number of other aspects in your life. You cannot attract the man of your dreams when you focus on his absence. You want to find him, but instead of focusing on his arrival at your doorstep, you keep saying: Where is he? Why is he not coming? This is not the right mindset with which to attract your ideal partner. You must focus on the wonderful feeling you will have when he tells you he loves you, on how fantastic you will feel when he holds you in his arms, how happy you will be together etc. Focus on all the positive sides to your relationship and never, ever dwell on the lack. When you can focus with joy on having already found what you want, you have summoned the strongest natural law in the universe to help you.

Many couples today have problems conceiving a child and they constantly focus on the lack of the wanted conception. They focus on temperature curves, ovulation days, sperm count, fertile periods etc., and  in general overthink this natural process with trepidation and doubt. In this way, they cannot attract conception. Actually, the less we think about conception, the better. Just relax, enjoy and let nature take its course.

In many cases the situation becomes so bad, that the couple gives up and adopts a child. But once the adopted child is in their arms, there is no more lack to focus on, and more often than not the adopted child will have a sibling within 9 months.

Your fate

Your fate is ruled by the law of karma which decrees that you reap as you sow. In the past we have all sown a lot of karma which is waiting in queue outside our aura to affect our lives.

But the moment the vibration of our aura changes, so does its attraction. When we can focus on being kind, optimistic, compassionate and loving, on helping others and being a joy and blessing for others, the vibration of the aura changes so much that it can no longer attract our old dark karma. The waves of old, dark karma will then simply dissolve outside our aura and will never affect our fate.

This has huge implications for our present and future lives. If we want to eliminate old dark karma all we have to do is fill our thought sphere (our consciousness) with kind, helpful, loving thoughts.

Loving thoughts will improve our health, our circumstances and our fate. Stuffing our thought sphere with a loving attitude is the best we can do to ourselves.

To learn more about the LoA I invite you to read my best-selling book: The Art of Attraction.

To learn more about fate and karma, I invite you to read this insightful book: Fate and Karma in a Nutshell:



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