The Meaning of Life

One of the biggest questions that we have been asking since the dawn of time must be: What is the meaning of life? Is there a meaning or is it all random and meaningless? This question has been answered by Martinus in a very meticulous way, so let us have a look at his mind-blowing answer.

The Two Perspectives

      The answer to what the meaning of life is can be viewed from two perspectives. It can be viewed from the cosmic or universal perspective, or it can be viewed from a more limited perspective, i.e. from the human or more local perspective.

The Local Perspective

Let us look at the local perspective first. In order to understand any of the big questions the first prerequisite is that we realize that we do not only live one life. The one-life theory is something that has been invented by humans with a very limited perception of life. The one-life theory is based on cosmic ignorance and superstition. It is based on the idea that we are identical to our physical body and that we die when the physical body stops functioning. But that is a completely false perception, because our I, or the core of who we are, cannot die. We are identical to our consciousness or spirit, and as our consciousness / spirit consists of energy, which forms a field around the body (our aura), then it is this energy field that survives the death of the physical body. This means that the death, that so many people go around fearing, does not exist. It is an illusion.  This means that we are exactly the same whether we have a physical body or not. Our consciousness with our supraconsciousness and our fate element survives the death of the body. We are NOT our body, we ARE our consciousness.

Once we have come to terms with the fact that we are identical to our consciousness and we have realized that this field of energy cannot be destroyed, we begin to realize that we are eternal beings.  We are always alive. We are primarily spiritual beings and as such we are on an eternal journey. Getting to know the details of this eternal journey is a prerequisite for understanding the meaning of life.

In our eternal journey we move in cycles that then move upwards into a spiral. Around and around and up and up it goes. One cycle consists of two parts: a spiritual part and a physical part.  Right now, we are in the physical part of the cycle and we are passing the darkest part: the animal kingdom. In order for the universe to have a structure that can guarantee its eternal existence it has to have contrast, and the contrast to the light and love of the spiritual plane can be found in the animal kingdom on the physical plane, where we have hatred, revenge, wars, intolerance, vanity, persecution, a lust for power, lying, stealing, cheating, selfishness and greed.  These traits stem from the egoism that is necessary for the animal to survive in a hostile world, but as we evolve, we have to unlearn these traits and move towards becoming real human beings. A real human being cannot hate, kill and steal… it can only emanate universal love and serve others. Right now, we have reached a place in our physical journey where we are somewhere between the egoistic predator and the real human being. For each life we live we move forward towards the real human kingdom, but none of us has reached it yet. We probably all have residues in our mentality of the above-mentioned traits: selfishness, intolerance, a tendency to judge others, vanity, lust for power, a need for control over others, a lack of consideration for other living beings (such as the animals we eat) and greed, greed, greed…

Our daily lives can be likened to a schoolroom, and when we wake up in the morning it is useful to realize that the teacher (God) is already standing at the blackboard and the lesson is about to being. Every day we are exposed to lessons because we are receiving impulses back from the universe of the actions that we ourselves have sown. The law of karma decrees that we reap as we sow, and every day we go around reaping the effects of actions that we have sown ourselves. It is through this reaping that we are taught right from wrong, that we are eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

So, the meaning of life right now is to learn to become a real human being, who can only do good, who only emanates universal love and lives to serve his neighbour. Such a real human being would never participate in the killing of other living beings and for that reason he lives entirely on a vegan diet. He looks with horror at the maltreatment and unlove that we earthlings expose our domestic animals to, and he realizes that it is an expression of primitive barbarianism.  When we sow killings, we reap killings, so stopping the slaughter and exploitation of animals is a prerequisite for creating a happy fate for ourselves. The law of karma is the greatest teacher that is pushing us in the direction of become real, all-loving humans. We are exposed to a loving instruction from the divine level of existence every day, and the better we become at noticing that a lesson is going on, the better pupils will we become.

Right now, a lot of reaping of dark karma is going on on the planet, and it is of paramount importance to stop the sowing of more dark karma, if we want to create a peaceful world. We cannot change the world, we can only change ourselves. So, start contributing to a better world by changing yourself by moving away from the killing principle. Stop eating meat. Stop being greedy. Realize that we are alive in a very abundant world and that there is enough for everybody. Be kind, helpful and respectful for all life forms. The ultimate goal is to become being that can only sow and emanate love. Unconditional love is the ultimate goal.

The Cosmic Perspective

Seen in the cosmic perspective the meaning of life is to experience it. Now, why is that? The reason for that is that we are all quanta of God.  Our physical bodies are a very small part of God´s physical body and our consciousness and I (the core of who we are) are a part of God´s consciousness and I.

The whole universe is God. Or said in another way: God has the physical part of the universe as his physical body and the spiritual part (the space between the physical particles, which is full of thoughts) of the universe as his consciousness. God is everything. There is nothing outside or beyond God. This means that God lives in majestic solitude. There is nothing outside of him that he can experience. This means that God experiences life inwardly, via the quanta of this body. This means that when we experience things, happenings, sadness and happiness, God does too.

So, in order for God to experience life, we need to experience it. The experience of life is of paramount importance, because what would there be to do, if we could not experience life?

This means that we have two meanings of life: the small meaning where we practice to become real human beings and the grand meaning where we help God experience life.

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