Text on illustration: The law of life: We must love each other – “Elsker hverandre!”

The present global crisis is basically due to our spiritual ignorance

What is spiritual ignorance exactly? Well, it is ignorance about the laws of life. Are there laws of life on this unruly and messy planet, you may now ask. Yes, there are, lots of them, but we seem to have forgotten about them or simply never realized that they exist.

The laws

There are laws that define how physical matter reacts, and these laws are what the science of physics has been studying ever since it was established as a science. We know a lot about these laws and we take them into account when we  build bridges, roads, houses, skyscrapers and so on, because if we do not respect the laws of how matter reacts, the bridges will collapse, the houses will fall down, the skyscrapers will topple and the roads will cave in.

In other words: our entire culture would collapse without a profound knowledge of the laws that rule how physical matter reacts.

Just as there are laws that govern how physical matter reacts, there are also rules for how spiritual matter reacts. Spiritual matter is basically ‘just’ energy. It is a type of matter that is invisible to our physical senses, but nevertheless it is more important than physical matter, because it is the type of matter that our thoughts are made of. And in this world everything was a thought before it became a physical expression. It is always thought first. A whole head of thoughts is identical to our consciousness, which is a field of indestructible energy. Our consciousness is who we really are. The energy field of our consciousness survives each and every time we lose a physical body. Thoughts are energy and as energy is everywhere in ´empty space´ we are alive in a conscious universe.

It is from this conscious universe that all rules of life have sprung. We are alive in an orderly universe ruled by laws. Cosmos means the ordered universe and cosmos, not chaos, rules.

Does chance rule our fate?

Still, a lot of people believe that everything is ruled by chance. They think that it is chance that rules our fate, and seem to have forgotten about the law of cause and effect. They seriously believe that our fate has nothing to do with how we act ourselves, and that random, uncontrollable events rule what happens to us. This, I think, is the worst and most dangerous effect of the widespread ignorance about one of the most important rules of life: the law of karma.

The dangerous cocktail

An ignorance about the law of karma together with another huge expression of spiritual ignorance is the most dangerous cocktail, and that cocktail is basically responsible for the deplorable way the world looks today.

The other huge expression of spiritual ignorance is the firm conviction that we are identical to our physical body and that we only live one life. This ignorance is so deeply rooted that those who adhere to it will deem everybody, who does not support this idea, as naïve, as religious fanatics, as uninformed believers and new-age freaks.

And yet, today I can safely say that it is the other way round: it is the believers in the never-proved one-life theory that are uninformed, naïve and ignorant. Right now there is so much evidence for the survival of human consciousness after the death of the physical body, that it is only a question of very little time before the knowledge that death is an illusion becomes the mainstream narrative. When it does, the erroneous one-life theory will be ditched as the completely false idea that it is.

The effects of the dangerous cocktail are responsible for the present crazy state of the world

Look at the world: Only 24 countries out of 199 are deemed real democracies. The rest are either flawed democracies or dictatorships. Selfish, paranoid narcissists lead over 60 countries today, and they only have one thought in their minds: power and riches for me and death to my enemies. Greed is at the steering wheel of the planet, and what we were once taught in school about helping and forgiving our neighbours has been long forgotten.

Now it is only me, me and me. Decency and respect for the lives of others has been forgotten, so we have random shootings at schools and shopping centres, we have suicide bombers who take the lives of by-standers together with their own, we have presidents that lie, cheat, arrest their opponents, torture and kill them in obscure prisons. Terrible wars are fought in more and more places with only one aim: to kill the enemy and remain in power. Dreadful weapons are being mass produced and used to secure the triumph of the dictators, so that they will be remembered and admired for all posterity.

Will the dictators be admired in the future?

No, they will not. In their megalomanic delusion they think they will, but they will not. They will, like Hitler, be remembered only for the hell they generated on Earth.

Their personal future fate is also dire. It is dark, dire and doomed. It is, because the fate that they sowed for others will become their own. They will reap as they sowed.

We will all reap what we sowed, because that is the essence of the law of karma: what you do to others, you eventually do to yourself.

You may not reap what you once did to others in your present incarnation, but what you sowed will come back as your fate in a later life. That is why the one-life theory totally distorts your outlook. You look at dictators who die before their get their karma back, and as you think you only live once, you erroneously think that they got away with it. But they did not. Their future fates will be as grim, painful and as full of sufferings as their sowing was.

What if?

What if we all knew about the law of karma and the falseness of the one-life theory? Would we then go on sowing greed, terror, hatred, wars, killings, shootings, torture, lies, stealing and  bombings? Would we knowingly create such a future fate for ourselves?

Probably not. Once we really internalize the idea of karma and the illusion of death, odds are that we would be honest, generous, kind, helpful, altruistic, solidaric, forgiving, all-loving and decent human beings.

We can do a lot to further this process in ourselves and work on deleting the more primitive sides to ourselves. And when we do, we can erase a lot of dark karma that is waiting for us in our “karmic account book”. Dark karma can be erased because karma is not a punishment, but a loving instruction, and when we, via our behaviour, demonstrate that we have learned the lesson, no more instruction is needed and the karma dissolved.

But if we do nothing to improve ourselves and continue in our egoistic, power-hungry and greedy way, we will have to learn the hard way on our own body in a future life.

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