The Protein Lie

It is a deeply rooted belief that we humans need a lot of protein to live and it’s this: The protein we need has to come from an animal. This means that we need to eat the flesh of animals to survive and if we don´t, we will perish ourselves. For that reason, we have industrialized meat production that, from an ethical and humanitarian point of view, is not pretty.

But is it actually a fact that we need protein from animals to survive? Do we have solid scientific proof that it is actually so? No, no and no. We have no scientific proof for the claim that meat is indispensable in our diet. On the contrary, the latest research from renowned universities in Europe and the USA clearly states that the human body does not need a large amount of protein to survive. The needed protein in the human diet is no more than 30-40 gr. per day and this does not have to come from animals. Valuable sources of protein can be found in vegetables and pulses, so there is no real need for the consumption of animal protein.

However, despite the research into the ideal nutrition for humans, which has been available for the last 2-3 decades, the superstition about our indispensable need for animal protein is still widespread. The results from the nutrition research have not reached the general population and many people still eat meat 2-3 times a day and believe that this diet will make them healthy and strong. But it will not. On the contrary, it will make them ill.

It is now becoming clear that a diet rich in animal protein will increase our risk of suffering from a whole range of illnesses such as cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. There is no improved health to be found in the consumption of meat. Some doctors have compared the risk of a high intake of animal protein to that of smoking.

It is becoming more and more obvious that eating meat is

  1. Not necessary

  2. Not a healthy dietary choice

  3. Increasing our risk of getting a number of illnesses

  4. Not ethical and humane because of the way the animals we eat are treated in meat production and modern factory farming.

So why are we still eating meat? Why are we still subject to the misinformation about an alleged need for animal protein? Why are we not waking up to the fact that we can simply skip the whole production of meat and in that way improve our health and the health of the planet?

It must have something to do with old superstition, as it has no support from science. The science around the value of a plant-based diet is solid. There is no uncertainty about this. It is an irrefutable fact that meat is unnecessary and furthermore a serious health risk.

So the answer must lie in tradition, old habits and ignorance. But we cannot go on living in ignorance about what type of diet is best for us. We must spread the word about this.

The Danish visionary and mystic Martinus also strongly recommends a plant-based diet. He points out that

  1. The digestion of meat puts a huge strain on the body because the meat that we eat is at the same vibrational level as our own body. Everything is vibration and when we put meat into our body, our body has to overcome the vibration in the meat in order to digest it. Meat is muscle fibre. As a large part of our body is also muscle fibre, our body is on a vibrational level similar to that of the meat. This means that the body has practically no vibrational surplus margin with which to digest the meat. Consequently, the digestion of the meat puts a huge strain on the body, which loses force in the process. This loss of force is very unhealthy for the body and in the long run it will undermine its general health.

  2. The vibration of meat is on wavelength with a number of unwanted cells in the body, such as cancer cells and cells in boils and inflammations. When we eat meat, we nourish these unwanted cells on a vibrational level and help them flourish and grow. We nourish cancer cells when we eat meat.

  3. As we evolve, we refine our mentality. We are no longer the wild beast in the jungle or the bloodthirsty Viking or the revengeful warlord of old. Many of us have evolved into being peace-loving, humanitarian and altruistic humans.  When we evolve and refine our mentality, our bodies follow suit. The body must follow the mentality as it is always thought first. To the wild predator in the jungle, meat was what fitted its mentality and body.  But to the degree that our mentality has moved away from that of the beast, to the same degree is meat unsuitable for us. For a refined, humanitarian, compassionate mentality, eating the blood and flesh of another living being is simply not fitful. There is a discrepancy between the mentality and the diet that can only lead to bad health. The evolved human being lives only on a plant-based diet as this diet fits his/her humanitarian mental set-up. I can also put it like this: if you cannot find it in your heart to kill the animal yourself, then you should not eat meat.

  4. The animals we eat are on an evolutionary path just as we are. They are also evolving, and their level of evolution is not very far below our own. When we slaughter, cut up, cook and eat those highly evolved beings, we create a dark karma for ourselves. We all reap as we sow, and sowing a killing karma is not the best way to create a happy fate for ourselves. It makes no difference if we did not kill the animal ourselves. Demanding and eating meat makes us accomplices in the killing and in that way we have created a dark karma for ourselves which means that we will be unprotected in a lot of situations such as accidents of all sorts, especially traffic accidents. Eating meat is not recommended if we want to create a happy and secure fate for ourselves.

Let us stop the unethical production of meat, the slaughter and the unnecessary killing of our fellow living beings.  Let us stop the depletion of our natural resources and the pollution.  Let us realize that we don´t need animal protein. Let us become healthier on a plant-based diet and at the same time heal the Planet. What are we waiting for?

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