The Real Cause of War – and what could end it

Now, in addition to the war in Ukraine,  we have another violent, grim and nasty war in the Middle East, and it seems that there is no end or solution to the conflict in sight.

Both parties are accusing and blaming each other, and as in so many other conflicts the answer does not lie in finding a physical, materialistic way to solve the conflict, but to look for a spiritual answer.

One of Martinus´ most quoted phrases is this: Where ignorance is removed, the so-called evil ceases to exist. 

Now, which kind of ignorance does Martinus talk about here?

He talks about ignorance of the laws of life.

The spiritual answer

There are two important laws of life that are totally ignored at this time of human history: the law of reincarnation and the law of karma.

There are many other spiritual laws of life, but in the case of ending wars these two are the most relevant.

Let us look at why these laws are so important:

Today the mainstream narrative wants us to accept that we only live once and that this claim has been proved by medical science. We only have this one life to live – full stop.

But seen in a cosmic perspective this claim is ludicrous, for several reasons:

  1. It ignores all spiritual wisdom from mystics, sages and world redeemers that unanimously say that death is an illusion.
  2. The one-life theory has never been proved – nobody has ever been able to prove that nothing survives the death of the physical body.
  3. It postulates that we are identical to our physical body and that only what is physical is real.
  4. It ignores all the recent evidence obtained via research that our consciousness exists independently of the physical body. This has been validated in thousands of cases of near-death experiences due to the expanded use of the defibrillator. More and more people come back from having been clinically dead and claim that they were very much alive in another dimension of great beauty and love.
  5. It ignores recent research about children who remember past lives, especially carried out at the University of Virginia, by Jim Tucker, whose latest book: “Before” reveals dozens of cases of children who know what they did in their most recent past life and can reveal details from that life.
  6. It ignores the huge research done by Michael Newton of the Newton Institute of patients that have been healed from life-impeding traumas – both mental and physical – via regression therapy. This type of healing has taken place for decades now, and still it is being ignored by the mainstream scientists.

Now, there is much more evidence for the survival of human consciousness after the death of the physical body, but these are the most important.

The evidence reveals that: We are NOT identical to our physical body, but to our consciousness. Our consciousness is a field of energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed according to the law of conservation of energy.

Our physical body is merely an instrument for our sojourn on the physical plane. It is the hardware or shell we use on the physical plane, but “we” are the software in the shape of our consciousness, and this software is who we really are. We are exactly the same whether we have a physical body or not. Our consciousness is identical to what has traditionally been called the soul, and it survives each and every time we lose a physical body. No exception.

It is in this fact that we can find half of the answer to what can stop all war. The other half of the answer lies in the law of karma. This law defines our fate, and in all its simplicity it decrees: we reap as we sow. When we sow misery for others, we reap misery for ourselves. When we cheat, we will be cheated, then we steal, we will be stolen from and most importantly: when we kill we will be killed.

In the universe all energies move in cycles, and when we perform an act, the act forms a small field of energy. This energy moves away from its source (the person who committed the act) and performs a cyclic movement through the universe. Depending on the seriousness of the act, the cycle can be big or small. Small acts can come back to its origin quickly, but major acts such as killings, torture or murder, may travel for a long time through the universe and only come back to its origin several incarnations after it was sent out.  This means that a murder we committed, say, four lives ago, can come back and affect us in our present life. But make no mistake: all our acts come back to us and in this way we create our fate.

We create our own fate in the way we treat others. So, when we go to war and kill, persecute, terrorize and abuse others, it is our own future fate we are creating.

More wars and killings can never end war. They can only perpetuate war endlessly.

Now, both parties in the current conflict vow to eradicate each other from the face of the Earth, and, excuse me, this idea is so megalomanic and ill-advised that one would think it impossible for supposedly intelligent humans.

It is like thinking that we can eradicate the famous many-headed monster in Greek mythology called “The Learnean Hydra”.  Every time one of its many heads was cut off, two new heads would appear.

With the huge number of diasporas that both warring parties have all over the planet, it is unbelievable that they could simply be eradicated. Two new heads will simply grow out, where one is cut off. More anger and desires for revenge are generated by this kind of thinking.

Let us remove the ignorance

Once we realise that we do not only live once and that it is our own future fate we are creating, when we go to war, it would be a likely outcome that we would stop waging war.  No intelligent person would knowingly create a grim, painful, miserable and wretched fate full of suffering for himself.

It is this insight that is necessary to end war. The one-life theory together with ignorance of the law of karma prevents the ill-informed from seeing the solution.

The two warring parties play the blame game and think of themselves as innocent victims of the evil of the other party. They see themselves as martyrs that have done nothing to deserve the evil fate they are living. But the dark fate they are reaping is their own doing, because nobody can reap a fate which he has not sown himself.

The law of karma ensures that nobody suffers an unjust fate. And it is not as if we have not been told. Two thousand years ago Jesus said to his disciples: Put your sword back into its place, because he who kills by the sword, will die by the sword.  But we did not listen and we still do not listen. We still have not realized that those words spoken all those years ago are still valid. What we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves.


With this in mind, it should be easy to forgive our so-called enemies. They are not the cause of our miserable fate – we are the cause ourselves. Our “enemies” are simply being used by Providence as instruments to show us what we once did to others.

On the cross Jesus said the famous words: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing. His executioners did not know that it was their own future fate they were creating when they nailed him to the cross.

It is the removal of this kind of ignorance that will end war eventually. We cannot create peace with war. We can only create peace with friendship, forgiveness and love.

And then, over time, all evil will cease to exist.

Once we realise that we have only ourselves to blame for our evil fate, it will be easy to forgive others. It is easy because it was not their fault – it was our own.

And once we can bless and forgive all those we may not like, a brilliant path has been forged for our own road to enlightenment and the opening of cosmic consciousness in our own mentality.

Martinus says: “If mankind had reached the point of being able to forgive their neighbour – not just seven times a day, but up to seventy times seven times a day, which is to say, the fulfilment of the greatest commandment of life: Thou shalt love thy God above all things and thy neighbour as thyself, all war, revenge and punishment, all enmity, all dishonesty or deceit, and every form of living high at the expense of one’s neighbour would be an impossibility on earth” (Martinus: Livets Bog, volume 7, paragraph 2449, my underlining added.)

So, let us all wake up from our slumber and see the bigger picture, because therein lies the end of war.

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