The solution to the mystery of life

Why are we here? What are we doing here? Is there a meaning to our existence? Life is such a mystery. What is the solution to the mystery of life?

I know that a lot of people are asking this question and we are so lucky that Martinus has answered it in a convincing way.

There are in particular 5 points that are essential to our understanding of what we are doing here and what the solution to the mystery of life is.

  1. The first is that we do not only live one life. We are never going to find out why we are here as long as we think that this is the only life we live. We are all on a journey of evolution and this journey spans thousands of physical lives. We come from the animal kingdom and we are on our way to becoming real, finished human beings. We are, however, not there yet. We are standing in the middle of a process of growth and behind us we have many lives in which we were less developed than we are today and before us we have many lives in which we will become more and more developed and be more humane, humanitarian, and all-loving. For each life we live, we become a better and better version of ourselves, we become more moral, more insightful and wise, more compassionate and all-loving. We have come a long way from the wild beast in the jungle, but we have not yet reached the point at which we have become real, finished human beings. We will only become finished human beings when we can no longer lie, steal, cheat, hurt, harm, and kill. When we are no longer greedy and power-hungry, egoistic, intolerant and inconsiderate towards others then we are real humans. A real human is one who loves all other beings unconditionally and who wants to serve and help others.
  2. We are all on this journey, but we have not all come equally far. Some are already very humane and humanitarian. They want to help others in need, and they are quick to volunteer when there are humanitarian crisis in the world. It is unbearable for them to witness the misery of others, and they are always compassionate and sympathetic. They have come a long way towards becoming real human beings. But many others have not come so far, so they can still cheat, lie and steal. They think only of themselves, and they think nothing about being greedy and selfish. If others are in their way, they use all kinds of dirty tricks to get rid of them, and because they think they only live once, they are completely unaware of the karmic debt they are thus building up. The reason why people are not standing at the same level of evolution is that they did not all start on our present cycle at the same time. But no matter where a person is today on the ladder of evolution, s/he will reach the goal one day of becoming a real, finished human being. It is just a matter of time. The purpose of life right now is to work on our own evolution towards becoming real, all-loving human beings.
  3. One of the really important things to learn is that everything we do creates karma. It is also important to realize that nobody can understand his or her fate seen in a one-life perspective. The law of karma decrees that we reap as we sow. If what we have sown did not come back to us in the same life as it was sown, it will come back in a later life. When the karma comes back, we will feel on our own body what we once did to others. If we cheated on our spouse, we will be cheated on, if we stole, we will be stolen from, if we lied, we will be lied to, if we killed, we will be killed etc. Whatever we did to others, will become our own fate. There is a cosmic responsibility at work in the universe and we will all, no exception, be made accountable for our actions. Today, due to the firm belief in the never-proved one-life theory, a lot of people are only thinking about themselves and about grabbing as much riches as possible. Because they believe they only live once, their aim is to grab money, power and influence for themselves and they do not think there will be consequences. In this process they do not think at all about the people they have hurt, harmed, and killed on their way to the peak of society. They have no idea about the very dark karma they have sown for themselves in a future life. Just think of all the dictators that kill their opponents indiscriminately. They are sowing the worst possible karma for themselves to reap in future lives. Or think about the industry magnates that exploit workers and pay them miserable salaries. They will themselves have to work under the same conditions in a future life. Or think about those who produce harmful products and send them on the market only to make profit with no thought about how they can harm their customers. Believing in the one-life theory is very detrimental to the future lives of a lot of people, because they have no idea that there is a cosmic justice at work in the universe that is very fine-tuned. “Even the hairs on your head are numbered” is how Jesus expressed the accuracy of the law of karma. According to Martinus becoming knowledgeable about the workings of the law of karma is the greatest challenge facing humankind today. For that reason we should bear in mind that whatever we sow, whichever way we treat others, will become our own fate.
  4. Reincarnation is a fact. All life forms reincarnate. We were once animals and then primitive humans, and from having a very selfish mentality we have evolved, over thousands of lives, into the modern, advanced human that we are today. Because we have reaped a lot of experiences and sufferings, we have reached the point where we are today. For each life we live, we grow in insight and wisdom, we become more moral, more compassionate, and all-loving, and we begin to feel that there are a lot of things we can no longer find it in our hearts to do to others. Among those there is the way we treat the animals we eat. They are kept in small sties and only kept alive until they have become fat enough to be slaughtered and eaten. This is an unbearable way to treat other living beings that are also, just as we are, on the ladder of evolution and that are not all that far below ourselves. So, those who cannot bear the thought of this inhumane treatment of domestic animals become vegetarian and live only on a plant based diet. Our treatment of animals creates karma for those who do it in exactly the same way as our treatment of other humans does. “Thou shall not kill” is valid for all living beings.
  5. We are all a part of the living universe or God. We are all tiny quanta of God, and it is through us that God experiences life. We are tiny contributors to the renewal of God´s consciousness. We are of importance to the whole no matter how primitive or advanced we are, and nobody is forgotten or rejected by God. There is an eternal connection between each and every living being and God. This connection cannot be severed. But when we are passing the dark part of the cycle, as we are right now in the kingdom of the unfinished human being, we think that God has abandoned us or simply that God is dead, because we do not understand how a loving God can let us suffer and live through wars and unrest. But these dark fates are necessary because in an eternal universe there has to be contrast. Because there is love and light in the spiritual worlds, there has to be a place in the universe where we can experience the contrast to this light. This necessary contrast can only be experienced on a physical planet during our passage of the animal kingdom and that of the unfinished human being. But the darkness is in reality ´an unpleasant good` because without it we cannot live eternally. We have to understand that we are tiny quanta of God and that we are alive inside God´s body – the universe. This means that our existence is of importance to God and that we are all one. We are one with the living, conscious universe and our existence has a purpose. We are like the dots in an old-fashioned newspaper photo. All the dots make up the whole and if one dot is missing, there will be a hole in the photo. We are all needed, important and loved.

Obviously, there is a lot more to say about the solution to the mystery of life, but the points just mentioned should open the door to a deeper understanding. You can read more about reincarnation and karma in the first two books in the Spiritual Nutshell Series: Reincarnation in a Nutshell and Fate and Karma in a Nutshell.

Links to the books:

I also invite you to read my introduction to the spiritual science of Martinus: Death is an Illusion.








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