Martinus is the first person to offer a sound explanation to what is going on with our sexuality and why more and more people experience gender uncertainty and sexual attraction to their own sex. Martinus explains that what he terms ´the transformation of our sexual poles´ is a totally natural process that we are all undergoing on our evolutionary journey.

The transformation of our sexual poles

Let us first define what a sexual pole is. A sexual pole is an inner ´device´ that holds our sexual identity. We can envisage it as an invisible test tube that holds our gender affiliation. In the animal kingdom the beings are very clearly either male or female. We can say that for the males, their masculine test tube is full and their female test tube is empty. The same goes for the females: their feminine  test tube is full and their masculine test tube is empty. The interesting thing here is that both sexes have a test tube for the opposite sex. The male has a female test tube but in the animal kingdom this tube is empty. The male animal is 100% male. In the same way the masculine test tube of the female animal is empty.

But this state is not a permanent one. As we evolve away from the animal state towards the human state the levels of the test tubes begin to vary. Gradually, over many lives, the feminine test tube of the males begins to be filled and the masculine  test tube of the females begins to be filled.

The Third Sex

This means that the males will acquire female characteristics and the females will acquire male characteristics. This process started in the animal kingdom when we started to walk upright, and as this event lies hundreds of thousands of years behind us, it becomes clear that this process has been going on in our inner selves for a very long time indeed.

The aim of this process is for the two poles to reach a balance point. When that happens we are no longer male or female but double-poled, as Martinus calls it. At that point, a third sex has arisen: the non-gender, real human being: an androgenous being with his/her masculine and feminine sides in balance: not male, not female, but a real gender-neutral human being.

Cosmic consciousness

At the time when our sexual poles reach the balance point we are no longer unfinished human beings as we are today, but real, finished human beings, that can only manifest universal love. At that point we achieve cosmic consciousness and become enlightened. Martinus was such an enlightened being with cosmic consciousness and so was Jesus. They had their sexual poles in balance and even though they appeared on Earth as men, they were double-poled. They had to reincarnate into male bodies on Earth because the finished double-poled body did not exist on Earth at the time they were here.

Martinus refers to the point when we achieve cosmic consciousness as ´the great birth´. It is the point in time when we are born as finished humans that can only manifest love.

The various stages of the one-poled state

Today we have come a long way towards the double-poled state, but we are not there yet. However, this enlightened state is only 2-3000 years away, some 10-15 incarnations, so it is very close for a lot of Earthlings.

As the unfinished persons we still are, we can still manifest unfinished behaviour, such as lying, cheating, stealing, being intolerant and greedy, being unkind and angry, beings selfish and egocentric AND being able to take the lives of other humans and animals.

It is these unfinished sides to our character that we will outgrow over the next millennia, and for each life we live, we move a few steps closer to the goal.

The law of karma

Now, what mechanism will transform us from unfinished to finished human beings? Is there a pedagogic tool somewhere that will gradually eliminate our unfinished sides? Yes, there is: the law of karma. This law decrees that we reap as we sow, so when we manifest unfinished actions such as cheating, stealing or killing, then we will, in the same or in a later life, become the victims of the same actions as the ones we once did to others. When we thus reap as we have sown, we will suffer and in this way we will over time change our ways. Karma is not a punishment, but a pedagogic tool, a loving instruction showing us how to treat others. To learn more please read:

Gender uncertainty and same sex relations are results of the transformation of the poles

Now, the process from one-poled to double-poled has, as I said, been going on for thousands of years and today it has reached a point at which this transformation has broken through ´the sound barrier´ in the sense that its manifestations are becoming clear for all to see. It is clear to see when some people are in doubt about what gender they belong to. They may have been born in the body of a man but deep down feel like a woman and vice versa. This state is very confusing and because way too little is known about the transformation of our sexual poles, these people often feel outcast, confused about their  true identity and are often very unhappy. This is a sad state of affairs,  because this uncertainty state is a perfectly normal effect of the transformation that we are all undergoing.

There is not one human alive today that has not reached an advanced level of his/her sexual transformation towards the androgynous state.  It is clear to see in those who feel sexually attracted to their own sex and it is clear to see in the transvestites, drag queens, transsexual and gender queer. The effects of the transformation of the sexual poles are multiple but they are all normal.

Even those who have their original gender identity intact today have come a long way towards the balance point of the poles and once we understand this process of transformation there will be unfinished expressions of intolerance and even hatred towards those whose sexual transformation is obvious. These expressions of intolerance do, more often than not, come from very one-poled persons who think that their own sexual expression as either male or female is the only normal one. But it is not. The transformation from one-poled to double-poled has many stages and expressions and they are all 100% normal.

So, let us embrace our pole- transformation and rejoice that we are on our way to becoming real, finished human beings with our male and female poles in balance.  And most importantly: let us look at people who have same sex relations or are transgender with a new level of understanding i.e. with tolerance and acceptance.

To learn more please read my book: The Downfall of Marriage in which I explain this process in depth:

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