When I tell people that I occupy myself with the evidence for life after death and reincarnation they look at me as if I need to see a shrink and get my head examined. Most people really believe that death is the end and that we only live one life. They are so convinced about this that they think it has been proved scientifically that our life is simply extinguished when we die. But it has not! Nobody has ever been able to prove that nothing survives the death of the physical body.

As you can imagine I am getting rather tired of this reaction because after having studied this subject for 26 years I KNOW what I am talking about and I KNOW that our consciousness survives the death of the body and that we ARE our consciousness. We are NOT our physical body, which is only an instrument for our consciousness forces.

The Bigelow contest

Now, fortunately, there are people other than me  who are also curious to learn about the survival of consciousness and among them is Robert Bigelow, the US millionaire and space explorer. In February 2021 he issued an essay competition with the title: What is the best available evidence for the survival of human consciousness after permanent bodily death. The deadline for presenting the essay was August 1st and the 14 winners will be revealed on November 1st 2021 – in less than 2 weeks. The rules stated that the essay must have no more than 25.000 words and must be written in English. The guidelines can be seen here:


Needless to say I was over the moon about this contest because FINALLY somebody with media muscles had the courage and curiosity to allow us to present the evidence and talk about this  subject that has been taboo for way too long. As I am writing this, the winners have still not been announced but we shall soon know who they are. As soon as the winners have been announced I shall publish my essay in a short book in English, Danish and Spanish.

The first great revelation

It can come as no surprise to those who are acquainted with my work that I am convinced that death is an illusion and that our consciousness survives the death of our physical body. We have all lived innumerable lives before this and what we understand as death is no real death, if understood as a cessation of life experience. It is only an exchange of bodies. Death is only an imagined contrast to life because we are always alive whether we have a physical body or not. Every time we have lost a physical body in the past, our consciousness has survived and after a good rest on the spiritual plane we reincarnate into a new and more advanced physical body and continue our evolutionary journey. In each new body we become a better and wiser version of ourselves, and we take the essence of all the lessons we have learned in our former lives with us into our new body. No lesson or experience is lost. The person we are today is the sum of all the lessons we have learned and the wisdom we have acquired through innumerable former incarnations.

This is the first great revelation: we cannot die. I look forward to a time when we can talk openly about this and stop looking at death as a tragedy and the final end. Death is an illusion and the sooner we realize this the better, because this understanding has a huge importance for how we live our lives.

The second great revelation

One of the most ignored laws of life is the law of karma that in all its simplicity decrees: you reap as you sow. Jesus, obviously, knew about this law and he mentioned it when he said: Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword”. (Matthew 26:52). He also said: “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again”. (Matthew 7:1,2 – both quotes from King James´ version)

Now, these words were expressed by Jesus more than 2000 years ago and although Christianity is the largest religion in the world with 3.4 billion followers, this simple rule has not sunk in on a large scale. The Christian countries are among the most war mongering countries in the world and it seems that they have forgotten or simply not grasped the idea of reaping as you sow. When you sow war, you reap war. You cannot create peace with bullets, bombs and destruction of your so-called enemy. You can only sow peace with “turning the other cheek” and not taking revenge.

Now, it is becoming clear that words don´t teach. We may have heard those words a hundred times but we have not understood their implications. And when we will not listen, we must feel in our own bodies what those words mean. And this is exactly what we are experiencing right now: we are reaping the effects of what we once sowed in the shape of wars, terrorist attacks, accidents, pandemics, illnesses, refugee camps, natural disasters and unlove.

The cause of the effects that we sowed may lie in a former life, but as long as we have not changed our ways, we will reap those effects in a later life. When we kill, we will be killed, when we cheat, we will be cheated, when we lie, we will be lied to, when we steal, we will be stolen from etc. That is the law of karma, but it is not a punishment from an angry God, but the greatest pedagogic tool at work in the universe. It is a loving instruction teaching us how to treat others.

Now, realizing, understanding, grasping, and coming to grips with the law of karma is THE GREATEST CHALLENGE facing humankind today. How can we create happiness as long as we think we can treat others in any bad way and not reap the effects? We simply have to realize that what we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves.

So, if we want to create a happy fate for ourselves in this life and in our future lives we must learn to ONLY sow what we would be happy to reap. This means: honesty in everything we do, no killing of any other living being (in other words: stop eating meat), no cheating on our spouses, no stealing and lying, no greed, selfishness and hatred, no enemies, no slander and gossip, no bitterness and blaming others. Our fate is our own doing and there is nobody else to blame. We have created our own fate – nobody else has.

Once we get this and can practice it, the road to a happy fate lies wide open.

So, what can we do? There is only one thing we can do: PRACTISE!!! It takes time, indeed many incarnations, to unlearn old ideas and habits but the good news is that as eternal beings we have all the time in the world and with practise we will all eventually succeed.

Imagine a world where the law of karma has been profoundly understood: everybody will be eager to be kind and helpful to others, there will be no bloodshed and cruelty, no greed and selfishness, no intolerance and hatred.

This may still lie some hundred years in the future, but the sooner we understand the profound implications of the law of karma, the sooner can we start practicing and create a happy fate for us all.

To learn more about how reincarnation takes place, how the law of karma works and what we do on the spiritual plane between physical lives, Maria McMahon and I have written 3 books in the Spiritual Nutshell Series: Reincarnation in a Nutshell, Fate and Karma in a Nutshell and Life after Death in a Nutshell. All three are based on the extraordinary insight of Martinus, the Danish visionary and intuitive.

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