The unripe or sour stage of humanity

Martinus is so far the only person to have presented an overview of our evolutionary path and where it is leading us. It is generally known that humans have evolved from the apes and that we have, over tens of thousands of years, reached the stage we are at today. But where are we heading? What lies ahead? Can we know anything about the future?

Our existence is important to the whole

In order to understand our evolutionary journey, the first prerequisite is to realize that we do not only live this one life that we are living right now. We are eternal beings and tiny quanta of the eternal universe. Our presence here is needed and part of a greater plan. Our existence is important to the whole, as important as the dots in an old fashioned newspaper photo are to the whole picture. We are here by design and wish from a higher being. It does not matter what we call this higher being, but keeping his/her existence in mind is a prerequisite to our understanding of our present stage in evolution.

Not so many centuries ago, we were ferocious warriors and some still are, but the majority today can be said to be cultured, sensible people who are tolerant towards others and have a reasonably high set of morals. When we look back over history it is clear that we have evolved away from very primitive, aggressive stages and that many people today shy away from violence, attacks and killings.

It is also clear that not everybody is standing at the same stage of evolution. Some are still warlords and will do anything to grab as many riches and as much power for themselves, and if there is loss of lives in the process, they could not care less. They are the less evolved.

Others are very humanitarian, they are ready to go and help others wherever there is conflict, they gladly give up the comfort of their homes to go to war-zones to alleviate suffering where they can. They work tirelessly to assist, help, heal, cure and comfort others. They are the most evolved.

In between those two extremes we have a whole range of in-between stages of people who stand on different levels of their evolution.

The aim of our evolution

The aim of our evolution is to become “man in the image and likeness of God” as it is said in the Bible. And what is such a ´man´? A ´man´ in the image and likeness of God is a person who cannot kill, maim, hurt, harm, lie, steal, brag, boast, show off, gossip, slander, and judge. It is a person who is not greedy, not jealous and envious, not selfish and egoistic, not proud and narcissistic, not a self-worshipper or a dictator.

A person in the image and likeness of God always thinks of others before he/she thinks of him/her self, it is a person who lives to serve others, who is willing to sacrifice his /her own life to save others and who is wise, generous, compassionate, merciful, humane and humanitarian, lenient and sympathetic, kind and all-loving.

Reaching this high stage of evolution is the aim of our long journey and we are all on this journey. Some have progressed more than others, but one thing is certain: we will all reach the goal sooner or later. Nobody is lost on the journey although it may sometimes seem so. And for each life we live, we progress a little bit  (and sometimes a lot) each time. No life is wasted or unproductive – there is always progress  – be it big or small. And there is no hurry, because eternity is our playground and we have all the time in the world to get things right.

The pedagogic tool of the journey

It is obvious that when we are on a journey of evolution towards a goal, there has to be a mechanism of sorts that sees to it that we learn things, and that we progress and become wiser. And that tool is karma. The law of karma simply decrees that we reap as we sow, or: what we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves.

So, when we go out into the world with a desire to conquer it and become kings and emperors, then we will, in the process, take the lives of other men and women, because they stand in our way to power and riches. We kill, maim, harm and hurt others on our way to the pinnacle of our own desires. But because we reap as we sow, we will, in the same life or in a later life, be the victim of our own behaviour. We will be killed, maimed, hurt and harmed. We will taste our own medicine and we will suffer in the process. Because we have sown this type of behaviour, we have to reap it. That is the law of karma.

But suffering brings in its wake the greatest gift: our ability to feel compassion, pity and tolerance. It brings us, little by little, our ability to love other beings as we love ourselves. It is of no importance if this journey takes thousands of lives or hundreds of lives, because in an eternal universe time is not a factor, and we are free to spend as long as we want on getting to the goal.

Over a long series of lives, we are shaped by life itself from greedy warriors to compassionate Samaritans. There is no other way. The journey takes us unfailingly along this route. There is no other route, no other path to choose, because by design from the higher being this is our journey.

The apples on the tree

Martinus compares the stages that humanity is on to the apples on the apple tree: some are quite unripe – they are hard, sour and unpleasant to eat. Others are riper, not as hard, not as sour, and more pleasant to eat. And some are ripe, sweet, and a joy to eat. The latter are the finished product from the apple tree.

It is important to underline that the apple should not be judged by its sour stage, and in the same way we should not judge humanity by its present sour stage. It is just a stage and it will be overcome because just as all the apples will reach the ripe and sweet stage eventually, so will all the people on the planet reach the ripe and sweet stage eventually. This process cannot fail.

Our present situation

Right now, in 2020, we are still on the unripe and sour stage. When we look out over the world, it is easy to see that we have not reached the finished stage yet. We still have wars, killings (of humans and animals), we have terrorism, greed, power-hunger, pollution, selfishness, intolerance, anger, hatred, disrespect for the lives of others, fear and misery.

But this is just a stage and the creation of the finished, ripe human being is a work of art in progress. For each life we live, we move one step further towards the goal. It does not matter if we lose our life in the process, because death is an illusion and we are NOT identical to all those physicals bodies that we have lost along the way.  We are identical to our consciousness, which is a field of energy, and the fact that energy cannot be created or destroyed accounts for our eternal existence. In our supra-consciousness we have a storage ´room´ called our fate element and here we store the essence of all the lessons we have learned over our many many lives. For each life we live, we add lessons, experiences and wisdom to our fate element and in this way, we grow in insight, in morals and in our ability to express universal love.

Our journey has only one destination: becoming real human beings that can only emanate universal love, or becoming “man in the image and likeness of God”. When we reach that point, a kingdom of real humans will become a reality on this planet and it will, according to Martinus, arise in 2-3000 years. There is NO WAY that this aim will not be reached, because it is God´s plan. And when it is God´s plan, what power can prevent it from becoming a reality?

So, let us not, in these times of corona virus, despair. This is just a phase, an accelerated learning process, a time to reflect on our mistakes and take actions to correct them, it is a huge karmic lesson in humanitarianism, tolerance and brotherly love on our way forwards.

To get the full picture of the workings of the law of karma I invite you to read the second book in the Spiritual Nutshell Series. “Fate and karma in a Nutshell. How to understand your fate and change it for the better.”   Here you have a link to the book:


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