The world´s scariest theory

Now, what can the world´s scariest theory be? Is it the Big Bang theory? Darwin’s theory of natural selection? Einstein´s theory of relativity? Or???

No, it is none of these. The world´s scariest theory is the one-life theory. This theory claims that the death of the body implies the extinction of our self or I. It claims that when the body stops working, we cease to exist. It claims that we are identical to our physical body and that it is ´lights out forever´ when the body dies. It claims that our existence can end and that when we die, we stop experiencing life. Is that not scary?

Now, as most people living in the western world seem to be 100% convinced about the veracity of this theory, it would be logical to assume that it had actually been proved. But it has not. It has absolutely not been proved. Nobody has ever been able to come up with hard-core scientific proof that our consciousness is extinguished at death and that nothing survives the death of the physical body.

So, this idea is an unproved theory, indeed a fallacy. And those who adhere to it are believers of the worst kind: they believe in something that has never been proved.

The one-life theory is a fallacy based on the erroneous idea that only what can be seen and touched is real. But in this modern world it has already been proved over a century ago that invisible `stuff´ exists in the shape of electromagnetic radiation or energy. We use this energy to speak on our mobile phones, listen to radio, watch TV, send messages, download large amounts of data, use GPS etc., so claiming that invisible matter does not exist is ludicrous. It is totally out of touch with the reality we are all living in.

Today we know for certain that invisible energy exists and that it is very useful in our lives. And the fact is, that our consciousness also consists of energy and this field of energy survives every time we lose a physical body.

How can I be so sure? I can because the evidence for the survival of our consciousness is growing every day. Indeed, there would be no logic in the world if the one-life theory were true, and when you look at the bigger picture there is no room whatsoever for such a depressing theory.

We are NOT identical to our physical body, but to our consciousness, which is a field of energy

It is becoming clear that our consciousness survives the death of the body. This is being confirmed by scientific research, but most importantly is has been revealed by Martinus, whose spiritual science is the most profound revelation of spiritual truths ever to have been disclosed to humankind.

Our consciousness is a field of energy, and as energy cannot be created or destroyed, this field is unbreakable. It survives every time we lose a physical body. It is an eternal entity and it means that we are eternal beings. The center of who we are, our “I” or self, cannot be destroyed. It means that we have a body consisting of electromagnetic radiation stuffed with information in addition to our physical body.

When the physical body becomes useless due to injury, illness or old age, the consciousness  / energy field pulls out and moves on to the spiritual plane for a good long rest. When it is ready, it reincarnates and creates a new physical body based on the information stored it its consciousness. When it is born, it continues its evolution towards enlightenment at exactly the place where it stopped the last time it died.

The Evidence

With modern defibrillators, a lot of people are brought back from the brink of death and about 50% of those have reported experiences of seeing an otherworldly landscape, of meeting old, deceased friends or family members, of meeting a being of light, and of being told that it is not their time yet, so they must return to physical life. They do so very reluctantly. The latest research has been published in Bruce Greyson´s book: “After”. Bruce Greyson is professor at the University of Virginia, USA.

A large number of young children tell their stunned parents that they are somebody else, that they have a wife and children of their own, that they want to go back to their old family, that they died under such and such circumstances etc. The latest research on children who remember past lives has been published in Jim Tucker´s book: “Before”. Jim Tucker, M.D. works and researches at the University of Virginia, USA.

A large number of people have been cured from life-impeding physical or mental traumas via regression therapy.  This has been studied for decades by Michael Newton who founded “The Newton Institute” to facilitate research into the afterlife.

These are just a few examples of the ever-growing evidence that our consciousness survives the death of the physical body.

Now, the question is, when will this evidence become so known that it can make the scary one-life theory tumble? It is just a matter of time.

I think that NOW is the time to discard this never-proved, horrible theory and once and for all realize that death is an illusion and that the threat of death that hangs over most people is merely an expression of spiritual ignorance.

This spiritual ignorance is so severe and dangerous that it has led to the critical world situation we are witnessing right now. It is a world situation that reflects the severe effects of egoism, megalomania and greed.

A scary and dangerous theory

When you are a firm believer in the one-life theory, you become very selfish. You think along these lines: I only live once, so I am going to make as much of my one life as I possibly can. I am going to grab all the riches I can for myself and will have no consideration for the well-being of others. I will cheat, lie and spread fake news until I get my way – the truth does not matter. I will persecute all those who want to take my possessions from me, because nobody else matters other than me. I will go to war and kill a lot of young soldiers to expand my area of influence. When I have amassed a lot of riches, I am going to show them off to the world. I will parade my riches with diamond studded, golden chains around my neck, expensive designer clothes, fur coats, smart fancy cars and trophy wives dressed to the nines. I will give brilliant parties so that the guests can see how rich and glamorous I am, I will eat only lobsters, oysters, foie gras and caviar and only drink champagne, vintage wines and fine spirits, and should somebody cross me, I swear I will kill that person, because I am all that matters. If my business activities harm others, pollute the environment with poison and venom, I don´t care, and I will bribe the politicians to allow me to do it. I have so much money that I can buy any politician, policeman and anybody who gets in my way. I will live my one life to the full, I will have as many women as I want, I will be admired and bowed to due to my money and power, and when I die, people will remember me, be jealous and think what a hell of a guy I was. My reputation will immortalize me.  

Unfathomable ignorance

Now, this way of thinking is worthy of megalomaniacs, narcissists and inflated egos. It is an expression of extreme ignorance about the laws of life and the spiritual level. It is an ignorance that is going to hurt a lot and be very painful.

Why will this ignorance hurt? It will because of the law of cause and effect. This universal law specifically states that every single action in the universe produces a reaction, no matter what. In spiritual terms this law is called the law of karma and in all its simplicity it decrees that we reap as we sow. Or put in another way: What we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves. In this life or in a future life.

When our karma comes back

What we have done to others, will come back to us as our own fate. We will reap as we once sowed, and believing that there will be no consequences to our heartless, egoistic behaviour only shows spiritual ignorance and a firm belief in the one-life theory.

However, karma is not a punishment, but a loving instruction showing us where we went wrong and did not take the well-being of others into consideration. There is nothing more sobering than realizing that we create our own fate when we abuse, maim, hurt and kill others.

Suffering and its effects

The effect of the workings of the law of karma is simply this: the egoist with no respect for the lives of others will reap on his / her own body exactly what s/he did to others. It will hurt and it will not be pleasant. It will entail a lot of suffering.

But we must also look at the effects of all this suffering. The dark karma and suffering belong to a zone in which we are taught what is right and what is wrong. When we suffer, our compassion and humanity are awoken, and the final effect of all suffering is an altruistic attitude towards everything and the ability to express universal love. Indeed, to love all other living beings as I love myself.

When enough of us have reached the point at which we always chose to do good, to help and support, to be a joy and a blessing for all others, we have turned the world situation towards better times, and once insight into the spiritual laws of life has reached critical mass and is adhered to by the majority, then the one-life theory will die and a bright new dawn will break on a world ruled by universal love.

The shortcomings of the one-life theory are many: it hasn’t been proved, it cannot explain the growing amount of evidence for post-mortem survival, it cannot explain where our talents and morals come from, it cannot explain our fates and why some people live happy lives whereas others live in misery, it cannot explain how embryo genesis takes place, it cannot explain where we are coming from and where we are going, it cannot explain the mystery of life and it certainly cannot explain the meaning of it all. It will not do as an explanatory model for the future. In other words: it must be abandoned as the old superstition it is.

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