Our thoughts are the most important factor in our health. With our thoughts, we magnetize the blood, and as the blood circulates in every corner of our body, it is essential to our health, how the blood is magnetized. With negative thoughts, our blood is negatively magnetized, and illnesses of all sorts can arise.

The effects of positive versus negative thoughts

With positive thoughts, the blood is positively magnetized and good health follows. Martinus says that the human body only functions optimally with happy thoughts. Every negative, depressed, sad, bad, hateful, fearful and pissed off thought that we think has a negative effect on our health. We cannot think a negative thought without affecting our health in a negative way.

Illnesses have two phases

Illnesses have two phases: a mental phase and a physical phase. The physical phase only becomes apparent after the mental phase has been developing for some time. By the time the physical phase is apparent, it is often too late to cure the person. And, unfortunately, it is only then that most people start getting medical treatment. The medical treatment will often just be able to treat the symptoms, and not the cause, because the cause is not apparent. But in all cases the cause is on the mental level. Depression, fear, feelings of inferiority, unhappiness and many other similar mental states will eventually lead to illness. This shows that our mental health is of paramount importance to our bodily well-being. So thinking positive thoughts is much more important than most people think.

Start by living in gratitude

So, think positive thoughts! That may be easier said than done, and it may take some practice, but the results are amazing. I always say that the best way to begin thinking positive thoughts is by starting to live in gratitude. First find small things to be grateful for and work your way up. As you do, you will see how your health improves and you will also see how you attract more things to be grateful for. Once thinking positively has become a habit, you will see how magical your life gets.

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